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'Music brought me closer to that amalgam of confusion, self-pity and nostalgia' - Anne Goodwin

My guest this week has a novel about a woman who has kept her past identity hidden. The novel is its reckoning, of course, and its author had a challenge in evoking the many colours of her protagonist’s progress from child to woman. 59 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

What the French taught me about sex (and writing it)

It’s nearly a week since my debut novel Paris Mon Amour came out and I’ll be writing about that incredible experience very soon…

But in the meantime – and because I was way too busy to post this week – here are some of the pieces I’ve written elsewhere to coincide with the release.   255 more words


'Writing this novel has left me less guarded' - Isabel Costello

Who changes in the course of a novel? We hope the characters do. Sometimes the author does too. My guest this week feels that writing her novel became an act of emotional honesty that left her in a new place. 43 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

'Music to fill my mind but not fight the words' - Glyn Harper

My guest this week says he is much concerned with reinvention. He’s spent his life setting himself challenges to embrace new careers, lifestyles, places to live – and the latest of those reinventions is being a novelist. 74 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

'Freedom, broken ties and love outside of marriage' - Diana Stevan

My guest this week delved into personal experiences to write her novel. In the 1970s she was working on a psychiatric ward where electric shock treatment was taking place. 82 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

'When I feel like a storm is raging' - Stephanie Carroll

My guest this week grew up in the Mojave desert where rain was a rarity. So a key for her creative space is the sound of wild, wet weather. 102 more words

Undercover Soundtrack

'The journey is more important than the destination' - Toni Davidson

My guest this week describes music as ‘a portable environment’. His work patterns have taken him all over the world and he might find himself writing anywhere from a station waiting room to a hotel lobby or a scorching beach. 61 more words

Undercover Soundtrack