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Kindle World's Shadow Ops Series for CJ Lyons

NYT Bestselling Author CJ Lyons​’ Kindle World’s popular Shadow Ops Series is now LIVE. Included is a trilogy I wrote for the Shadow Ops world. 177 more words


The Thing I Like About ...

FBI Files: the times when the agents being interviewed have to be disguised.

FBI Files discusses cases, some from a really long time ago, others from just a little while ago. 718 more words

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Undercover: The Thriller Memorandum, Part VIII (09/06/79)

The strongest book I’ve read this summer is Ronald Fraser’s Blood of Spain: An Oral History of the Spanish Civil War (Pantheon, 628 pp., $15.95). While many writers use the tape recorder to avoid serious scholarship and serious thought, Fraser has used it as an opening, combining hundreds of interviews, many threaded throughout the narrative, into an account that, perhaps for the first time, makes human, political and prosaic sense of one of the most complex and interesting struggles of this century. 727 more words

Greil Marcus

Undercover: The Thriller Memorandum, Part VII (06/29/78)

The premise of Geoffrey Household’s Hostage: London (Penguin, 240 pp., $1.95 paperback) is that old bugaboo of arms-control propaganda: what if a band of terrorists came into possession of an atom bomb? 843 more words

Greil Marcus

Undercover: The Thriller Memorandum, Part VI (03/23/78)

I read thrillers for kicks, for escape; but I also read thrillers to heighten my sense of a world in which violence is so commonplace it seems to have come loose from motive and purpose. 1,014 more words

Greil Marcus