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Spy (2015) vs. The Spy (2013)

Okay, I get it. Spy: Susan Cooper Undercover (2015) is NOT a remake of The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013). But don’t tell me that this is a mere coincidence:

Daniel Henney

Kink and Romance: Undercover

I slid the cloth over the counter, my eyes not bent on my task, but on the man sitting at the end of the bar. His fingers tapped idly against the glass as he took a drag from his cigarette. 593 more words

Jen Bradlee


It’s been two months since we have heard from him; his last contact had been short but to the point. He told us he was going behind enemy lines and would be out of contact for about a month. 467 more words


Undercover: Le Carre Trips on His Own Tricks (02/17/80)

In order to discuss John Le Carre’s sixth spy novel, Smiley’s People (Knopf, 374 pp., $10.95), I am going to have to give away the ending. 888 more words

Greil Marcus

First Things First...

This is all starting as some stupid self-awareness lesson assigned by, you guessed it, my therapist. Now, I could obviously pull the whole “let’s not and say I did” bullshit (since, of course, no one is ever going to know the true identity of yours truly, who would know the difference), but despite my I-hate-the-world attitude, I sort of want to fix myself. 456 more words


Donnie Brasco

Viewed – 19 April 2015  Netflix

Sometimes there is a reason you don’t get around to watching a particular movie.  Maybe it’s just passed you by, other movies have caught your interest more … or something is trying to tell you, it’s not really as good as you’ve heard.  349 more words