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How To Spot The Undercover Cop At Your High School!

He uses hand sanitizer after he comes out of the restroom.

He uses the term “Righteous” or “Narly”

He wears jeans that are neither skinny nor sagging. 153 more words


Star Wars #15: Adventures in Babysitting

Star Wars #15 (Marvel, 2015) 

YES, I know, I’m stuck on the comics at the moment. And YES, that is actually Obi-Wan’s flowing mane that is waving its way over the Star Wars logo above. 3,094 more words

Obi-Wan Loves Anakin

Interesting People Do Look At Explosions

The bad guys’ headquarters exploded, a perfect example of Michael Bay’s Theory Of Story Structure And Emotional Subtext.

‘Woah, what is that?’ said Jack Nitro. 346 more words

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