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The New Rulers of the World - A Summary

The New Rulers of the World (2001) by John Pilger provides a good example of a Dependency Theory analysis of the consequences of neoliberal globalisation, focusing on Indonesia as a case study. 2,803 more words

Global Development

​Tell-tale Signs of Underdevelopment

​Tell-tale Signs of Underdevelopment

By Simon Kolawole

We were stuck in traffic along Lagos-Ibadan road. Then we started hearing a familiar wailing — a police van had decided to announce its importance by blaring its siren at full volume. 1,850 more words

Free All Plantation Capitalism Prisoners


in Curacao, the rest of the Caribbean and worldwide.

Poverty, violence and underdevelopment: tracing the history of India’s Naxalite conflict

India’s Naxalite insurgency has been waged in remote central and eastern parts of the world’s second-most populous country for more than five decades, with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once describing it as India’s… 1,943 more words



mangroves adrift of kick

hanging like monkeys

in rainy cheek

lament the torment of crude

the swamps stretching nowhere

affording us Nmpkuru, Omii, Ikiriko

wails sake abortion of her schools… 163 more words


Poor leadership cause of Africa's underdevelopment

In his book ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ Walter Rodney contends that Western capitalist nations developed through a process that under developed African nations. It is true that the relationship between the colonies and their colonizers was nothing but parasitic. 1,174 more words



They call you many things
Name-calling is a game of stones
Hydra-headed mad woman chattering away
Away noisily to the sea – come to me, let me be… 111 more words