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Lemons and the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia

This is in the Journal of Economic History:

In this article, we study the rise of the Sicilian mafia using a unique dataset from the end of the nineteenth century.

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Africa´s four deficits

It would be good if the industrialized countries could, for instance, cancel the external debt of our countries, or massively finance carefully designed infrastructure programs with good economic return. 1,433 more words

Walter Rodney`s `How Europe Underdeveloped Africa` - A Classic Text

Forty five years ago, a young Guyanese historian called Walter Rodney published a remarkable and ground-breaking book. `How Europe underdeveloped Africa` is now a classic text without which any attempt to understand what black history is would be incomplete. 1,671 more words

Balochistan: Seven Decades of Insurgency in Pakistan’s Restive South

Next year will signal 70 years since the beginning of a fierce separatist insurgency fought in Pakistan’s troubled southern province of Balochistan. Over much of the last seven decades the conflict has rumbled on at a relatively low intensity, punctuated by five distinct periods of heightened violence. 990 more words


In search of a new development model between Western and Far Eastern one

Development itself is such a western term that emerged after post world-wars to recover what the European countries had enjoyed before the breakouts. During the next 60 years nations have seek their development under the westernised paradigm which considers capitalistic growth and progress as a synonym of development.  1,888 more words

The Daily Prompt - Substandard

It is very depressing to think about the kind of life people are exposed to in some underdeveloped and even developing nations of the world. The provision of a standard means of livelihood by the government of these countries is only a mirage. 171 more words


Into the dead of the night

Say hello.


I am at the bus terminal.

Finally, I’ve received my posting for NYSC- the retrogressive and utterly stupid program for the service of the fatherland. 676 more words

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