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A Mind of its Own

Chegamos à Galeria Underdogs e quando descemos um pequeno degrau para entrar deparamo-nos com uma explosão de balões coloridos espalhados pelo chão. É deste modo que Maria Imaginário recebe todos os que visitam a sua última exposição, “A Mind of its Own”. 97 more words

Gaithersburg Davids Crush McLean Goliaths on It's Academic

Gaithersburg, Maryland is a “New Jersey” sort of town — always having to defend itself, no matter how well it does. It suffers the stigma of being a bedroom community to a large metropolis, nestled between more affluent neighbors, who scrunch up their noses at the thought of living a few miles north or east of their hoity-toity communities. 884 more words

Life As I See It

Daddy’s Home: Alpha Vs Beta/ Step-Dad Vs Father

Daddy’s Home is a hilarious comedy that I think everyone should see. The scene at the NBA game is priceless and worth every penny alone. Anyways, this film presented a rather comical look at our modern cultures make-up of the dynamics between women and men, and how what we are seeing today in domestic relationships is an example of a long history of environmental changes that has caused this dynamic. 502 more words



Gordon Korman
Balzer + Bray
August 2012

When impulsive middle schooler and underachiever Donovan Curtis accidentally causes thousands of dollars in damage to his school’s gym, he needs a place to hide from the superintendent bent on bringing him to justice. 462 more words

Book Review


The Golden State Warriors lost last night. To the Denver Nuggets. That’s right. The NUGGETS. Without Draymond Green. Because I guess they wanted to see if taking the beating heart out of their offense and defense would have an adverse effect. 730 more words


Game Day

Yes, I am an Arizona Cardinals fan.  I have been rooting for the Cardinals since the days of Jim Hart, Mel Gray, Otis Anderson, Terry Metcalf, and Jackie Smith.   106 more words


David Bowie, hero of the underdogs

It feels pretty strange to be so sad about the death of someone you’ve never met and didn’t know. Perhaps it’s a white middle class thing where nothing awful has happened in my life so it’s easy to get affected by distant things, but Bowie’s death felt like something much more than that. 1,009 more words