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Get inspired by Armani the underdog

I witnessed an incredible race over the weekend – a 5K neck-and-neck duel between a Yorkshire terrier and a husky mix and their respective humans. … 474 more words

Favorite or Underdog, What’s Better?

Being a Habs fan you hear several clichés as the season progresses. The most popular being “The Habs always beat the good teams, and lose to the bad ones.” Thinking this was wrong and tired of arguing against it, I ran the numbers. 351 more words


The best and most influential gallery in Lisbon turns 4!

AKA Corleone next to Tings Lisbon as seen from down town

AKA Corleone next to Tings Lisbon as seen from the food of our miradouro… 324 more words

Art & Culture

Shangri-La Plaza lights up the silver screen with the third Argentine Film Festival

Sports fans all over the world know that football is Argentina’s greatest and most widespread passion. The sport is at the heart of this Latin country’s culture and is an enormous source of pride. 488 more words


To Everything a Purpose

I gotta be honest with you guys – I have always had a hard time leaving behind the underdogs. I can’t turn my back on a runt, or the ones who need to be saved. 422 more words

Everyday Musings

Howard's Way

Yesterday evening I attended a movie premiere in Leeds city centre. It’s the first red carpet event I’ve ever been involved in, unless you count last month when I clumsily knocking over a full bottle of rioja on the living room floor. 739 more words