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He started at 14 years old and since then never stopped. This Chilean street artist/”frustrated astronaut” uses the Kusillo (a clown from the Bolivian culture) as his main figure throughout all of his murals. 84 more words



When  you add a bar of chocolate to your shopping cart…..as an afterthought. Like you add a pack of bubblegum to your luggage…..as an afterthought. But what if there are people who are “afterthoughts”? 177 more words

Someone Has to Lose

It’s Major League Baseball playoff season. I would understand if you don’t know that or don’t care. The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians are both trying to make it to the World Series – two teams who aren’t known for inspiring confidence in their abilities to win in recent years. 415 more words


Suited Up

“Wait! That’s Rodney!?”

When I was a little Doc, my dad and I watched college ball together. The Lions weren’t much to look at so, likely out of his self-preservation, we watched Big Ten football. 407 more words


Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride: Why I’m Rooting For Dusty Baker

I’m rooting for Dusty Baker to win.  Not because I like the Washington Nationals or I don’t like the LA Dodgers, but because I like the little guys and the small fries and the also rans and the ones that got away. 325 more words


Underdogs are now a thing of the past

I haven’t met too many people to this day that don’t love a good underdog story. Tales of the little guy fighting against the giant resonate across the entire world. 792 more words