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Popcorn and fruits, a match made in textureland

I forget how jokes work, but I hate fruit. Those things are uncorrelated. But, you know…

Hi! I like most fruits(within reason) and don’t normally remember how jokes work either. 300 more words

Life And Likes

Bella Thorne Taklukkan 2015

Tulisan ini diterbitkan di Majalah GADIS Edisi 07 tahun 2015

Featured in GADIS Magazine 07/2015

By Mayseeta

GADIS Magazine


“A destruição é uma forma de criação, é intrínseco à humanidade”.

“Sempre explorei muito diferentes suportes, o material é um desafio, não é uma limitação. E gosto de subverter a lógica das artes, gosto de usar materiais que não são nobres, aquilo que a cidade expele, retrabalhá-los e recontextualizá-los, isso é algo que me interessa.”

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Doing What the Cross-Country Team Does

My son’s high school cross-country team always cheers loudly … for the last runners coming in. So I have an idea.

In my last post… 86 more words

Body Life

"What's the buzz, tell me what's happening?"

The Bees by Laline Paull

Writing a novel with animals as your characters is a daring thing. You have to tread a fine line between anthropomorphism and the nature of the beast. 645 more words

Title Begins With B

Prayer in Orange and Blue - Poem

In the wake of a lot of exciting sports news and moments over the past two weeks, here’s a poem about sports and fan followings. Although the title and picture implicates a specific team, any person that has supported a person or team hailed as “the underdogs” will certainly experience the feels. 263 more words


Bournment F.C. - Can they survive the Premiership.

The Cherries just earned there second promotion in 3 years. There first promotion was from finishing second in League one during the 2012-13 season. This comeback story 274 more words