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Black Sails: How has the power dynamic changed now that Rackham and Anne have the Spanish gold?

Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz) and Anne Bonny (Clara Paget) aren’t exactly on top of the world on the second season of Black Sails. They’re both shamefully without a crew and barely clinging to a brothel they don’t have much business running. 661 more words


Hull United: Chapter One - A New Beginning

Finding a save has been somewhat difficult for me in recent weeks. I always seem to start a new save and a few days later getting bored and started again. 539 more words


Cute of the Week: Baby... bats????

Look, everyone knows I love a cute underdog, and what’s more of an underdog than a lowly bat!  Frequent carriers of rabies, dwellers of caves and other dank places, suspected vampires, I mean these guys do not have the cutest reputation. 66 more words


Puppies In The Park Event

This past weekend, Underdogs Rescue House hosted their “Puppies in the Park” event. The event took place in Central Park from 10:00am-5:00pm and brought out hundreds of people. 229 more words


Shave Anyway

People will tell you that shaving is expensive.

They will say that beards are never going out of style and shaving is harmful to your skin, that you are dragging a sharp 5 blade razor across it and you’re damaging it, that you will get nicks, cuts weepers and scrapes. 250 more words



National Journal — There’s no true GOP front-runner—but that doesn’t mean the primary playing field is level.

Another political analyst and I recently decided just for fun to write down what percentage chance we would give the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. 114 more words