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Studs & The Greatest

I hear it’s better late than never.

Thanks to WFMT Chicago & The Studs Terkel Radio Archive, you can now hear two absolute all-star American heroes—oral historian with the heart of gold, Studs Terkel, and the one and only fighter-poet Muhammad Ali—hashing it out on the radio in 1975. 308 more words


My nonchalant failures have kept me humble.
Humiliation rides on the back of my anxiety, crashing down on me in the most destructive waves.
I’m built like a low-tide sand castle always anticipating an epic wipe-out come high tide. 37 more words



Scribe is mostly visible in the streets and alleys of Montreal as a graffiti writer, but he is also a great figurative artist who does canvas work and has a few murals on his résumé. 637 more words


Murray's long wait to reach pinnacle of tennis is over

Earlier this year, in June, Paris witnessed Novak Djokovic fulfil a lifetime’s ambition winning the elusive Coupe des Mousquetaires at Roland Garros and in the process achieve the career slam. 822 more words


Another Underdog Story the World Won't Get Over

I am not a Cubs fan, despite residing in their home state all my life.  I’m not even a sports fan.  While I can watch a game and appreciate the strategy and athleticism that goes into it, I can walk away completely detached.   372 more words

the village children's project

Most people told them it would never work. The rest shook their heads and said nothing. “At least they are staying out of trouble,” was muttered thrice a day. 118 more words