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22 Months on T

And 8 months post op!

I took this picture the other day, and I have to say that I’m really happy with the way I look now. 859 more words


On Being a College Graduate Working a Part-time Job

I can still remember the moment I was standing at the bakery counter this summer chatting with a coworker and I realized that she was 10 years younger than me. 993 more words


Rant From This Morning

I can’t stand the rat race, the hierarchy, the unapologetic arrogance of the white supremacist military industrial complex. Even sitting here delivering cookies on a goddamn bike in 5 degree weather I can’t help but notice, this leads me to feel anger, frustration and shame. 189 more words


Odd Jobs

Here is a list of every single *paying* job I have ever held.

  1. Babysitter
  2. Nanny (yes, there is a difference between babysitter and nanny, thank you very much)
  3. 779 more words

Every day

Every single day, I feel like a complete failure.

I have a college degree. But, I work for 30 hours/week as a retail cashier making $9.50/hour. 281 more words



What does it mean to “fear” the Lord? The “fear of the Lord”, a phrase of the Old Testament piety, meaning reverential trust with hatred of evil. 749 more words

You're only unique until compared

I chose communications because of its vast spectrum of opportunities. I thought that this would open up doors that would have otherwise been closed. While employers do require employees to have excellent communication skills, they want someone with more meat—capable of more than just talking their way out of situations. 366 more words

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