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Have You Ever Wondered.... Where Would I Be...

Have you ever wondered, where would I be if I followed that path instead of this path?  What would I be doing if I didn’t start “that” when I was younger?   586 more words

College Degree

Je Suis Fatigué...

Yesterday, I graduated from university a year ago. It was a happy night, and I had so much faith in my abilities and future.

A year later, I feel slightly defeated. 302 more words

Stress From Being Underemployed??

A recent 2015 Gallup survey still shows nearly 1 in 6 working citizens of the United States are underemployed.  The percentage is even higher when looking at people with full-time work but feel underpaid or feel their status is too low. 357 more words


honda heaven and beyond

My 1996 Honda Accord gave up the ghost, so to speak, and left for Honda Heaven earlier this month. I bought it six years ago after my 2000 Corolla (which I’d bought brand new in 1999) was totaled. 721 more words


David 3.0

I just decided to write a blog.  I suppose that is what you would call it because I am planning to post it online to anyone that would want to read it.   654 more words

Starting Over

The Relinquishment of Gain

My spirit was bothered last night as I slept. I’d had a talk with hubby about the future, and the future of our family — specifically, our economic future. 651 more words

The Five Things I Learned Making Coffee For Strangers

I spent the last 18 months making coffee for strangers, and even though it wasn’t where I thought I would be after graduation, I learned some really awesome lessons. 741 more words