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Underemployment..the new trend sweeping the nation

Well, the good news is that I have work, the bad news is I have become on of those sad tales where I am getting less than twenty hours a week and this does not help with the paying of car bills, insurance, and oh yeah that lovely little thing called rent.   524 more words

This seemed more fun when Kristen Bell was Lifeguard

Perhaps it was a byproduct of watching too many indie films on Netflix, but I had always tended to glamorize the idea of failure, which seemed real and gritty and interesting in a way that a successful, mainstream existence lacked.   428 more words


Unemployed vs Underemployed - The Struggle

Over the past five years the terms, “unemployed” and “underemployed” have unfortunately become common place. Even if unemployment hasn’t impacted you directly, chances are it has affected someone close to you. 551 more words

Will Work for Food...

Who the hell placed this level of ambition inside of me? Where the hell did all this fire come from because when I find it I want to kill it so I can live a life of complacency. 482 more words

My Worst Self-Employed Nightmare Just Came True

You may have noticed by now that this post is being published later than usual…

I’m sorry for that but it’s because I have some bad news: I got a job again…at the same major bank that I just left a couple months ago. 777 more words

Life Lesson


I have been working since I was 14 years old. I had a minimum wage janitorial position at an elementary school in my hometown. It was through the wonderful summer job program, which provided employment for teens at various locations around the city. 702 more words


To Uber or Not to Uber...

That was the question I was facing. During my quest to turn unemployment to self-employment, the first idea I came across was the wonderful opportunity of Uber. 513 more words