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From Underemployed to Uber

Last week my sister sent me a picture of her text book and had captioned it “I found the official name of your current situation.”  The picture was a definition out of her textbook for the term “underemployment” and is as follows: “People seeking full-time paid employment who work only part-time or are employed at jobs below their capability.” I had no idea there was a term for my situation, but underemployment seems to capture exactly where I am, and I know there are many who can relate. 719 more words


University education, post-secondary education – education in general as a means to an end. Yet when that end reaches us, how are we to actually achieve our goals if the end is not the desired outcome, but rather an empty void filled with lies and talk. 372 more words


this and that

So I tweeted the hell out of that company that asked my age on a job assessment test. And I had friends who re tweeted my tweets. 360 more words


Will Work 4 Food: Top 10 States with Lowest Unemployment Rates

The likelihood of finding work in a state where things are bad more a lot of people in the employment game is slim. According to the… 26 more words


"For you, Every Day is Friday"

This morning as I handed my Mother her coffee, lunch, and breakfast she says: “TGIF…Oh but for you, every day is Friday.”  And then walks out the door in a cloud of superiority. 1,485 more words

Living Life

the age thing

I’m starting to see more and more job app sights ask for a ball park figure for my age.

What in high holy hell? Age discrimination much? 112 more words


the pit of my stomach

I’m off today and while it’s gorgeous out, I knew I needed to spend a few hours on the computer job hunting, updating my job thingy spreadsheet and well, the usual figuring out what the hell is going on. 206 more words