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David 3.0

I just decided to write a blog.  I suppose that is what you would call it because I am planning to post it online to anyone that would want to read it.   654 more words

Starting Over

The Relinquishment of Gain

My spirit was bothered last night as I slept. I’d had a talk with hubby about the future, and the future of our family — specifically, our economic future. 651 more words

The Five Things I Learned Making Coffee For Strangers

I spent the last 18 months making coffee for strangers, and even though it wasn’t where I thought I would be after graduation, I learned some really awesome lessons. 741 more words

Hello world!

My name is Champ Cox. Yes, that is my given birth name. No, I am not a porn star.

What I am is overeducated and underemployed. 927 more words

Post Grad: Day in the Life of the Unemployed

I’ve got the unemployment blues. Last week I quit my job at the Gap because management wasn’t the best and my hours kept getting cut due to lack of customers. 1,272 more words

Post Grad

The green candle of hope

Had a great Skype interview today. I was super anxious about it ahead of time because I *REALLY* want this job. My wife lit a green candle for it, which is our family’s way of sending good energy. 277 more words

Person To Self

Labor Supply Revealed

Exciting news! The Labor Market Information Center (LMIC) is now releasing a more detailed labor supply section on their website! If this news makes you squeal like a little girl, I feel you. 399 more words