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On the question, is community enough?

As I am currently an un(der)employed new resident of the city, I have frequently been asked by new and old acquaintances alike, why Chicago? My motivation for moving to Chicago, simply stated, is that people I love live here.  461 more words

How Far is Too Far??

You’re probably thinking “oh no, another feminist post”. No. This has got nothing to do with feminism.

This post is about the reality of entry level/junior jobs in this part of the world. 394 more words



I’m so tired. I wish I could drive home. I don’t even remember what I was thinking… My head hurts, my chest hurts, my back hurts, my feet hurt. 655 more words

Beyonce and other thoughts

1.) How should I format these posts? The titles even – capitalize the first letter of each word, or let them flow like sentences?

2.) Lol I made my username my email account, but it didn’t take. 633 more words

Following my Dream Path

Hello!  Just an update from my original Blog Post.  I am no longer in the job that I hated!  I’m off the phones and am currently training as a Instructional Developer, (Tech Writer). 332 more words


Melancholy life

This is my most melancholic life ever!!

I don’t have stable job ever since I’ve graduated. I thought my life will change when I studied at branded school since elementary to college, I have complete education that were financially supported but still I don’t have job that can support myself even saleslady have regular wage that can buy whatever they want, on my case I’m one the fortunate person who doesn’t have financial problem but my status is worse than underemployed!!  132 more words


We, The Generation of us

This is the generation that is now setting the standard for what is next. It is the advent of the Millennials after the Exes. It might seem strange to think that this generation is any different from the past but as we look at it closely I would have to say it is. 705 more words