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The last post I wrote, was after a good 10 minute sob sesh on our new couch we purchased this summer from an online retailer, Article. 629 more words


"Feast or Famine" -Twitter Experiment with a Poem

This work is about the problem that many of us face when we have money, and then all of a sudden, we do not have money. 680 more words

Working Class Ignorance

I went to a class today called Bridges Out of Poverty. I learned a heck of a lot and the presenter was amazing. I also was shocked, ashamed and embarrassed by people I work with and their ignorance. 588 more words

Foster Care

The Long Drop from the Podium

On the 2nd July 2015 I clipped my way across the graduation podiumĀ in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, received my diploma and the customary tap on the head from the Principal, and clipped back down the stairs. 481 more words


Therapy Thoughts

The big monkey on my back for this past year has been my inability to get a full-time job. I am finally working part-time as a day-to-day substitute, but the full-time job still eludes me, and it’s freaking me out. 550 more words


experimentation fail

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea.

I may have mentioned that my husband and a couple of friends had suggested that I start fibbing on my resume about having a degree. 200 more words


the stuck in a moment thing

“I’m not afraid of anything in this world
There’s nothing you can throw at me
That I haven’t already heard
I’m just trying to find a decent melody… 596 more words