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How Are You Using Your Water Buckets?

You’ve heard us talk about “water buckets.” It’s even in the name of the website. But have you ever wondered what we’re talking about when we refer to them? 602 more words

Catching Raindrops

What is Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets?

As we approach the sixth year anniversary of the start of Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets, I want to revisit its beginning. It’s interesting how things seem to work in a cycle. 795 more words

Catching Raindrops

Whole lotta nothing going on

Why work here? I don’t like it. They don’t like me. We’re in a state of relatively amicable disinterest. Which is fine for them. But it doesn’t support me in much. 432 more words


MTV Series

@mtv não é só sobre musica!! 📺💙
Aqui vai uma lista das series da desse canal maravilhoso. Infelizmente todas já foram canceladas ou finalizadas (exceto Scream que irá para sua terceira temporada), mas mesmo assim indico todas essas porque de verdade, amei muito elas e gostaria que tivessem continuado. 14 more words

A new way of seeing it

It’s a lovely snowy day and I’m supposed to be paying attention to the sermon, but I’m going to update here: I’ve been meaning to do it for a week. 619 more words


my lot in life

It’s all I can think about.

What is my fate? What am I supposed to DO?

No, really. What in fuck’s name am I going to DO. 168 more words

Is there a word for the class of jobs


You are paid to wait for things to happen

To react to things

To not do work