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Great stories do not present us with anything new; they present us with what is familiar to us and then they make it unfamiliar and weird and crazy. 796 more words

Photographer or Picture Taker?

I’ve noticed that my language has changed since I took that manual exposure class last summer.  Some are obvious:  shutter speed, white balance, histogram, aperture. Others…not so obvious.   637 more words


Week 7: 68 Miles

I’m a member of Leicester Forest Cycling Club, and Sunday saw one of the club’s most popular events of the year. Each February we run an audax from Leicester, out around the rolling hills of Rutland, England’s smallest county.  632 more words


One Thousand Photo Challenge: 004 - Glasses // 005 - Underexposed

Cut crystal glasses, a 21st gift from my Grandparents. Underexposed because no tripod. (Rumour has it Santa is aware of the situation.)

One Thousand Photo Challenge

Oops! Underexposed

I took this photo on the train going to work. The earring of the woman in front of me glittered and sparkled in the brilliant sunshine that streamed through the window to my right. 57 more words



Going along with last week’s post about exposure, this time I’m going to dial in a bit on a particularly helpful tool for getting exposure right on a DSLR (apologies to you film nuts out there!). 380 more words

Week #33 – Fomapan 400

I think the digitaltruth development table might be a bit off, since the film is underdeveloped. Didn’t help that it was underexposed as well. I tried to digitally rescue as much as I could, but as a result the images look flat. 87 more words

The 52 Rolls Of 2015