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Overwhelmed Undergrad

I could do a million more Pinterest searches and would still have no idea how to start my first blog post. Lets be honest here, I am a recent graduate and I most likely have a lot of the same thoughts as the other thousands of girls who are inspired to start a blog about their life after college, when they go into the world and- keyword, attempt- to become a productive and successful member of society. 269 more words


Seeking Adventure: On The Ski Hill

Being a full time student, applying for Medical school, and studying for the MCAT have put a damper on my wanderlust urges. But my nomadic ways can only be squelched for so long before I must embark on another adventure. 267 more words


DML - SP16 - Pandora's Timeline

Pandora is an internet radio commerce platform, that allows internet users to access some of their most popular music on a variety of stations. With the free option advertisements and another option for a monthly subscription of $4.99 for music without advertisements. 189 more words


Study Abroad 2013 - Greece

Over the last month or so I’ve been thinking a lot about my study abroad semester in Paros, Greece.

These photos make me remind me of all the wonderful things I was able to experience and I miss each and every moment. 44 more words


My last few months as an Undergraduate!

The BIG question!! – What’s next after uni?

As we approach the end of our degrees, for most final year students we often ask ourselves and each other what will we do once uni is finished. 343 more words

Note-Taking for Different Lecture Styles

So, when I entered college, I was amazed at how many different lecture styles professors could have. Some used PowerPoints, some used the white board and some just talked at you and expected you to learn that way. 1,478 more words

Grad School

The "Final Leg" of Stage 1 - Education

I figured since I have a blog for one of my class I might as well use it for my career in education this far and maybe even after this stage – who knows what the future holds? 311 more words