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I Graduated College. Now What?

It has now been one month and 3 weeks since graduation. If you’d like a quick run down of my undergraduate journey, I suggest you refer to¬† 535 more words


A Reflection on Year 2

There is now just one year to go before I graduate with a degree in philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Isn’t that strange?

Time does sometimes seem to go slowly and quickly all at once, and I am currently feeling like it’s very much going on the quick side – as finishing exams on Monday of this week landed me suddenly at the end of another year. 737 more words

I Graduated From My University, Not My Program

This week, I graduated from my undergrad in Media Production. Like a lot of immigrant families with dreams for their children to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers, my parents still ask me what my major is because it falls in none of the above. 1,015 more words


The Drag

My first ever blog post and I’ll have to admit making a page has proven to be way more tedious than actually sharing my thoughts so step 1 completed! 493 more words


Hong Kong University Student Union article on Matthew Evans

I provide translation of an article published by Jason Tsui in Undergrad, HKUSU. The views represented are not mine, however the overall sentiment of this article agrees with my personal view of what a… 2,494 more words


How College is like the Ultimate "Reset Button"

With summer upon us, this one is for all the incoming freshmen out there. This is for the recent high-school grads, and the up and coming high-school seniors. 1,071 more words


Hello, World!

Hello and welcome to Dorm Room Champions!

This is, obviously, our first post so no one is probably reading this yet, but we are very excited all the same! 288 more words