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[R] is for Research Interests - Part I

In addition to my field of study, my research interests have evolved since the beginning of my post-secondary ‘career’. Originally enrolled at the University of Ottawa in Environmental Studies (the artsy version of Environmental Sciences), I realized at a young age that the domain of traditional science isn’t for me. 265 more words


Science Classes to Make-You-Go-Mad.

So.. I’m back. Why, Yes.. Back again. Heck- tell a friend.

I stole that from the great Eminem. Just call me skittle.

In all seriousness, I am back. 611 more words

Diversifying Psychology Visit Day!

Department of Psychology, University of Virginia

This event is for research-oriented, junior and senior undergraduate students (and recent graduates) from underrepresented groups (e.g., students who identify as an ethnic/racial minority or who are the first in their family to attend college) who want to learn more about psychology graduate school and the Psychology Department at UVA ( 222 more words


2017 Yale Mind and Development Lab Summer Internship

The Yale Mind and Development Lab, under the direction of Dr. Paul Bloom, is accepting applications for our annual Summer Internship Program. Our research explores how children and adults understand the physical and social world, including topics such as morality, religion, free will, and the nature of the self. 141 more words


Full-Time Research Assistant / Lab Manager position

The Language Learning Laboratory at Boston College (L3@BC), directed by Dr. Joshua Hartshorne, seeks a full-time lab manager to assist with developing and implementing ambitious, large-scale experiments utilizing cutting-edge technology. 311 more words

Job Opportunity

Research job openings - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Post-bachelor through PhD.

Dr. Sarah Keim, Principal Investigator at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, has several new research positions opening in her lab between now and mid-summer. It’s a great next opportunity in research for  motivated individuals from recent undergrad degree through recent PhD. 453 more words


The First Year Tribute - Part II: How to Get to Varsity, and Not Know What the Hell You're Doing, Or; Changing Degrees, Twice.

Okay, it’s a little delayed, but here goes the second part of my first year review. With the update on my new love out of the way first, because I mean duh, that’s the most exciting thing, I wanna talk now about what we’re all actually coming to university to do. 3,858 more words