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A Note to Graduating Seniors


A word many of us have already heard or hope to hear in the next few weeks/months as we graduate and move on to the next step in our lives. 1,182 more words


A Love Letter to the Past Four Years

To the past four years and everything you held;

Over the past four years, I have grown into the person I am today. I have learned many lessons, text book and real life. 623 more words

The Reference Life Saver: Mendeley

As a student (and student researcher) I know all about the collective hatred towards creating references and writing out citations. So when one of my TA’s told me about Mendeley, I fell in love. 320 more words


Baccalaureate (Or, Things College has Taught Me)

It’s my last week of college. I’ve finished all undergrad classes and I only have three finals separating me from the all-encompassing void that is life after graduation. 1,543 more words

My Sophomore Year of College Taught Me

So much y’all, so much. I cannot believe I’m halfway done with my undergraduate degree. It honestly doesn’t feel, mostly because I still feel like a child in many ways. 1,663 more words


My Favourite Medical Reads

Over the years, I have read a few medical novels that I have loved. Since many of you have the common goal of attending medical school, I would love to share the books I have enjoyed throughout my undergrad. 143 more words



The postgrad lifestyle probably appears to be more glamorous than the undergrad routine of staying up all night studying and eating from a vending machine on the second floor of the library, but according to recent college graduate students, this theory could possibly be proven different. 462 more words