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The Sagas of Study Abroad

Who knew figuring out how and when to go abroad in undergrad would be so difficult?

The past year, my plans have been distorted and pushed back one semester after the next. 517 more words

Through the eyes of an undergraduate student: I was part of ManyBabies, an international collaboration project

Guest post by Meghan Mastroberardino, third year undergraduate student in Psychology at Concordia University

So, you think you might want to have a career in psychology? 751 more words

Student Volunteering Week – Monday 19 to Sunday 25 February

Student Volunteering Week is a week-long celebration of everything to do with student volunteering! This national event offers you the chance to find out more about the wide range of volunteering opportunities available whilst at University. 247 more words

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Grow Outside Your Ignorance: EBT

The world would be a better place, if you:

  1.  Minded your business, as needed
  2. Learned to be empathetic

Recently read the news about  SNAP benefits being cut in 2019 and giving families’ food boxes instead. 844 more words

Is University what it’s made out to be?

University is where you make lifelong friends. First year is the best time of your life. These were things I’d come so accustomed to hearing that I couldn’t fathom anything less than that. 722 more words


How to Stay Healthy at University

Stress, stress, stress! With a hectic daily schedule of deadlines and part-time work, it can often feel like there’s no time left for looking after your health. 454 more words

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And Breeeeathe!

That was it then – the first exam period I’ve lived through since I sat my nursing finals in 1985.

I’m quite surprised to find I did live through it; there were days when I thought I would just STOP and give it all up. 404 more words

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