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Grad School Series: Organizing a Paper

In my last post I talked about my method for active reading. For those who haven’t read that I will quickly sum up. I circle the page number in the upper left hand corner or I draw a circle in the upper right hand corner if there is no page number present. 505 more words


Important information on applying for financial aid that you might not know

When I first started out my college applications, I wont lie…I was pretty damn naive. It wasn’t so much about me underestimating the numerous steps to the process or the web of forms or even the sometimes ridiculous essays, it was how little I really understood about financial aid and I feel like I’m not alone. 1,032 more words

Key tips to increasing your chance of getting into the school of your dreams

For a lot of students, once they hit send on that last school on their Common App, they think that their ability to influence their college decision is gone… but I wouldn’t quite say that’s the case. 649 more words

The truth about 3 intangible factors that can effect your admission to a top college

For all the students looking to get into top schools, and when I say top schools you know exactly what I mean. When you look at all those ranking lists, these are the same schools that you see in the, Ill say, top 50s. 1,091 more words

The Biggest Thing I Wish I Knew When Deciding on an Undergraduate University

For most of my senior year of high school I was clueless about where I wanted to go to college. My grades and ACT score told me that I could get into most colleges besides the Ivy League schools. 1,141 more words


Two More

 I have two more semesters left of my undergrad program at UNLV. I feel weird about it. I think it has to do with the fact that I have to face the big ass unknown that awaits me once I walk across that stage. 129 more words

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You dream of your career each and every day. You can’t wait until you walk into the job that you know that you will love. Reality; however, might ruin your plans. 289 more words