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Shall We Begin?

Oh my golly goodness, I have found myself starting a blog! Before any other posts are written, perhaps a little introduction and context would be beneficial. 578 more words


A Month Before...


There is about a month until university starts and it has been a week since A level results day. I want to talk about a few things in the chapter(?) so I think the most logical place to start would be the week just gone. 270 more words

From Barack Obama to Beckham

Volume 2, issue 2 of the open-access undergraduate journal Lifespans and Styles has now emerged, and three of the contributions are by Manchester undergraduate students! 119 more words


Get ready to return to University.

It may be August but sure enough that remaining time will fly by. Are you ready for the challenges of the year ahead? 430 more words


10 Essential Items Every Fresher Needs to Pack

I know it is still the middle of summer but no doubt your mind is already drifting towards September and the exciting experience of starting university. 737 more words


Preparing for Success in High School

There a lot of people that have no idea what they want to do for their jobs or careers after High School. But there are also a lot of people who know, or think they know, what they want to do for their jobs or careers after High School. 531 more words

High School

How Does Psychology Relate?

One of the main questions I have been asked is how does a degree in Psychology actually relate to project management? Before I started at Exco InTouch I questioned this myself but now it is coming up to my 1st month at Exco I am still surprised by how much the job actually relates to my course. 284 more words