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Imposter's syndrome and Graduate School applications.

Something that many students of color deal with when they begin higher education is imposters syndrome, this concept is defined as “individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a ‘fraud’.” When I first started school at UCLA the imposter’s syndrome was REAL. 661 more words


UNAVCO - Geoscience Student Spotlight: Fatima Niazy

New video that I created for UNAVCO!

The Geoscience Student Spotlight highlights undergraduate students currently pursuing a degree in a geoscience. In this video, we chat with Fatima Niazy, a student at Tufts University, about her path into the geological sciences.


The Life of a Graduate

If you had told me my life would be so different after graduating from university, I wouldn’t have believed you.
For those who have followed my blog and read my ramblings and rants about student life over the past three years, you’ll be pleased to find out I graduated with a 2nd class BA (Hons) in Creative and Professional Writing back in September. 380 more words


Notes on 'Phenomonology, Hermeneutics, Reception Theory' from Eagleton's 'Literary Theory'

Edmund Husserl:

Phenomenology ‘back to the things themselves’ seeks to explore ‘human consciousness’ believing that through this we can study universal aspects of ‘phenomena’. Phenomena only exist as parts of consciousness, but phenomenology attempts to study their universal essence. 282 more words


Issue Review: The Quarry, 2017 Issue

The Quarry 2017 Issue

St. Olaf College Literary & Fine Arts Magazine
Annual Publication
Review by Sarah Bluett

     The front cover of the 2017 issue of The Quarry immediately captures one’s attention into its almost cotton candy-like world. 966 more words

Journal Spotlight

Issue Review: The Tower

The Tower
University of Minnesota
May 2017
Review by Ricardo Johnson III

     The Tower is an undergraduate magazine run by students from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. 890 more words

Journal Spotlight

Mert Tati, packaging design for men’s soap set, 2017.