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Graduation 2016

This week, over a hundred LEL undergraduate students received their degrees in a stiflingly hot but nevertheless good-spirited Whitworth Hall. At Wednesday’s 4:45 ceremony, LEL’s Professor Kersti B√∂rjars was officiating in full presidential regalia, with George Walkden reading out the names. 125 more words


Dear Diary...When It Doesn't Work Out

At this point in life we, most of us, have experienced some form of mild disappointment. Whether it be from the boy or girl you found on Tinder that didn’t turn out to be as promising as what their profile suggested, when you thought you had a granola bar left but it turned out you were too lazy to throw out the empty box, when you get to the gym and your favourite treadmill is in use by someone that is, clearly, going to be there for awhile or when you risk being late to class to grab a coffee but drop it on the way there, none of us are immune. 704 more words



I decided to start up journaling again.

Well, I say again, I never actually got very far with it in the first place which seems to be a habit of mine. 202 more words

Pre Graduation Nerves

Tomorrow, after 3 years of reading, tears, late nights, hungover mornings, trying to stay awake in lectures, essays, library days and trips to the pub, university will be over. 203 more words


research vibes

medical school is ruthless. as an undergraduate student, it’s hard to fit in time to study and have a social life, but throw in pre-med requirements and you have a whole different ball game. 352 more words



These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of nerves and excitement, good food and great company. As nervous as I was to be graduating last month, with the impending doom of adulthood and responsibility ahead of me, the celebrations and memories I made have made me less apprehensive and more ready to take on what the future brings! 948 more words