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Class Trip 'The German Hercules': Martin Luther and Germany

Blog written by Ffion Bailey

Our intrepid historical adventurers set off from St Andrews bright and early on a fine Thursday morning for a few days of Lutheran fun, neither ‘celebrating’ the ‘jubilee’ of the beginning of the Reformation in 1517, nor embarking on a pilgrimage to buy Lutheran relics (or Playmobil figurines), but commencing an exploration of the places that were key to Luther’s Reformation. 690 more words


Re-imagining library spaces at the University of Cambridge

Take a look at ‘The Tracker Project’ report by Furturelib! Students using the Chemistry Library wore eyetracking devices while finding books and other items – with fascinating results. 28 more words

Library Space

UQ Fire's undergraduates students research outcome

Outcomes of a comprehensive data analysis on full-scale open floor plan enclosure fire tests were recently published at Fire Safety Journal. This was only possible thanks to the hard work of UQ Fire’s undergraduate students. 60 more words


‘Students shouldn’t worry about graduate employment’? Are you kidding me?

Whilst sifting through this week’s employability news, the MDXworks team spat out our tea in shock while reading this controversial headline in the Telegraph: ‘ 987 more words

Middlesex University

Being more than archaeologists

After our short tour of the village of Malton and our meeting with the volunteers  of the museum, we found an avalanche of ideas that had emerged from our brainstorming. 279 more words

Want to work in your room but need an app which is only on University computers?

Use DS-Remote!

DS-Remote is a service exclusively for the use of University of Cambridge students to aid in access to Windows applications outside of the MCS for use on a device, having installed a remote desktop client.

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