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The holomovement is a key concept in Holectics and for overall worldview. It brings together the holistic principle of “undivided wholeness” with the idea that everything is in a state of process or becoming (or “universal flux”). 1,398 more words


I am me, I am who I’m ment to be, I am my past, my present,  and who I want to be. …

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I hate that a pretty face is just an image & a nice smile can be superficial & spoken words can be enticing  & at the face of it all, we don’t realize the semblance of the person that…
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The Underlying theme

Keep it lean. Remember that constraints is what can push you to creativity.

It’s not necessary to dwell on "nice-to-haves" while you better think about the shortest way to get your work out there. 24 more words

Day 5

/CL trades

Original June short strangle (30.5 put, 62 call) opened on March 23.

– Adjusted by selling another put (43 strike) on April 16 during the large rally. 60 more words


A Story Of Sacrifice

This is a story that began when stars were formed from dust;
It is the history that speaks of sacrifice of love and not lust. 392 more words


/ZB Short Strangle closing trade & new /ZB Short Strangle

/ZB Opening trade setup

Closed the trade on Apr 25.
Profit (after commissions) = $256.70

Opened Short Strangle in /ZB on Apr 28

SOLD -2 STRANGLE /ZBU5 1/1000 JUL 15 /OZBN5 175/148 CALL/PUT @0”21