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Eurozone growth slows to 20-month low: survey

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Eurozone economic growth has slowed to its weakest pace since January 2015, a closely watched survey showed Friday.

Data monitoring company IHS Markit said its September report was “disappointing,” with the underlying performance sluggish and the authorities needing to do more to bolster activity. 278 more words

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How To (Not) Blow Yourself Up With A “Weapon Of Mass Destruction” ETF

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This article was first published by Truewealth Publishing.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For example: … 1,248 more words

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Another transgender poem

How memory is not in an old man’s fingers

What the fingers remember most is not

their own skin, nor the items they’ve held:

cigarettes, matches, cups of coffee. 464 more words

Top French court makes initial ruling to suspend burkini ban

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

PARIS: France’s highest administrative court on Friday suspended a ban on full-body burkini swimsuits that has outraged Muslims and opened divisions within the government, pending a definitive ruling, the court said in a statement. 78 more words

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The Best Sid Meier Video Games

(Source: thebests.kotaku.com)

Veteran designer Sid Meier has over the years been behind—or at least lent his name to—some of the greatest games of our age. 747 more words


3 Underlying Issues That Keep Newbies From Investing Success (& How to Conquer Them)

Bad credit, debts, and your job holding you back from real estate? Deal with them and super-charge your financial health & real-estate trajectory. View the full article: 3 Underlying Issues That Keep Newbies From Investing Success (& How to Conquer Them) on on The BiggerPockets Blog. 14 more words

The Fascinating History Underlying The Discovery of Modern LCD Tech

Today, many people find imagining a world without the convenience of widespread LCD display technology difficult to envision. Modern people owe much to the pioneering work of a Victorian Era German physicist, Otto Lehmann. 93 more words