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Review: Jockey Wicking Skimmies

It’s ironic that this is my first post, as it has nothing to do with bras or booze.  But it does have to do with having essentials that allow you to be body positive.  1,052 more words

Being A Babe

The Psychological Underpinnings of This Strange Political Summer

(Source: hbr.org)

Neils Bohr, the eminent quantum physicist, once noted that it is very difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. The last few months have seen many failed political predictions on both sides of the Atlantic, from the Brexit referendum to the rise of Donald Trump. 1,065 more words


Death Doesn't Feel So Bad

I’m guessing that being dead feels like nothing. And my thoughts on this aren’t necessarily educated. They really only stem from the fact that I fainted once. 123 more words


18th Century Stays Update – Changes are inevitable

The one major thing I’ve learned throughout my years of historical costuming (or any sewing, really) is that no project goes precisely as expected. Some stick close to the original plans, and others end up diverging widely (or wildly, as the case may be). 1,068 more words

The never-ending 18th century stays

Yeesh, these things just keep going. My 1780s-90s stays are I’d say about 75-80 percent done. All the boning is in, all the eyelets are sewn, and I’m in the process of attaching the back panels to the side panels. 325 more words

1780s-1790s Stays: progress report

For my Chemise a la Reine/a la Oberkampf, I’m making a pair of late 18th century stays from Corsets and Crinolines by Norah Waugh. It’s the 1790s stay pattern on page 44. 1,100 more words

Chemise a la Reine ensemble: the undergarments

Because I like to procrastinate while I gather more information than I could ever possibly use for a project so that I feel like an informed person before I start, I decided to hold off on mocking up the 1790s stays. 1,320 more words