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Underrated Book Pleasures - Claude's Confession

Henceforth I’m going to tag as Underrated Book Pleasures those books that, despite their amazingness, have serious low ratings on GR.

Let’s start with a little known Classic of 19th Century French Literature by the Father of Naturalism, Emile Zola. 408 more words

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Liam's Library Recommends: Underrated Books

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve decided to do another recommendations post to continue this mini-series.

As readers I’m sure you know how important book recommendations are to find that next favourite you never would’ve picked up if it wasn’t for a suggestion from someone. 902 more words


Underrated Book Recommendations

Hi everyone, it’s Angela!

I’ve been thinking lately about book hype and decided to show some love to my favorite underrated books. For this post, I considered books with under 10,000 ratings on Goodreads to be underrated. 272 more words

Underrated Books

Hello everyone! I originally saw this over on TheOrangutanLibrarian’s blog and thought it was cool. I feel like we don’t talk enough about underrated books on our blogs, so I am going to make it into a tag- just share with us your top underrated books. 1,264 more words


Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 2

The best books you may never have heard of…

Okay, welcome to Part 2 of my list. I hope you enjoyed the Part 1- and if you haven’t seen it you can check it out… 795 more words


Top 20 Underrated Books: Part 1

Books you’ve probably never heard of…

So I thought for ages that I didn’t read underhyped books. Every time this question came up, I just thought “I don’t read any of those and if I do I don’t enjoy them”. 726 more words