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A Girl and Her Dog (the Walking Mishap gets a dog...)

*Note: This post has been in the works for ages, and I’ve been slow to get it posted, but my little dude deserves his due. He’s currently curled up next to me, snoozing the day away… spoiled little bastard that he is. 915 more words

This Actually Happened.

Morning Musings...

First of all, I’m 4 views away from 6k page views here. Holy shit, is all I have to say. Considering the fact that I’m less than consistent with making sure I update even on a semi-regular basis, that’s more than I expected. 683 more words

Underrated, If You Ask Me


I’m taking a break from the normal shenanigans around here to address something I feel very passionately about. As a child, pre-teen, and teen, I was very heavily involved in the music program in Upper Darby School District. 1,071 more words

This Actually Happened.

It's About to Get Girly as Fuck in Here.

I think I’ve admitted this before… I’m a closet girly-girl. And I don’t really care what people think of that.

Give me eye shadows in a multitude of colors, give me a mani/pedi with a hot-stone calf massage, give me a day of having my hair cut/colored/conditioned. 538 more words


Things I'm Wicked Bad At (Shocking, right?)

I know, I know. You’d think I would be good at everything and anything I attempt. Truth is, there are a few things I’m simply AWFUL at. 801 more words

This Actually Happened.

I Have a Problem (But it's so, so delicious)

First of all, HAPPY NATIONAL ORGASM DAY!! That’s right, National Orgasm Day is a real thing. So, my darling readers, don’t forget to takeĀ  care of your special someone today (or yourself, if you’re unattached – everyone deserves a Big O today). 559 more words


Like Water Off a Duck's Back (The Walking Mishap's Guide to a Bad Day)

“Had a bad day, don’t talk to me, gonna ride this one out…” -Unwritten Law

We all have them on occasion. Those days when you simply wake up in a shitty, rotten mood; you can’t pinpoint the rhyme or reason behind it and often times, it’s a bitch to shake. 718 more words