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Mercury in the 8th house: Cutting Edge

If you have Mercury located in your 8th house you know words and ideas hold great power.

You are highly sensitive and aware of the importance of thoughts in shaping our world. 1,344 more words


The 12h house: What is Wrong with the World

When a planet sits in the 12ht house of a natal chart it can be both a beautiful and difficult experience, often at the same time. 959 more words


Venus in the 7th house: Messengers of Love

Key: People who come with a social message of the divine in us all, love, beauty and goodness prevailing no matter what.

Types: Peaceful Hippie, (dangerous) cult leader, romantic filmmaker, the marriage counselor. 1,062 more words

Understanding Astrology

Taking Care of your Mercury

In your natal chart, the planet Mercury might be overlooked in relation to your emotional well-being, but what can be more important than being able to connect with the world? 890 more words