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The Right to Education; a Path to Understanding Islam.

All praises and adoration be to Allah, The Lord who had made knowledge a discriminable factor among men. May His Benedictions on the Prophet and all those who follow his footstep till the day of Requital. 2,094 more words

Islam And Education

Understanding Islam and Muslims

In March, I travelled to the gorgeous and welcoming city of Memphis, Tennessee, where I gave a speech. Here is that speech. Please sit back, relax, pop some corn, and enjoy “An invitation to Understanding Islam and the Muslims”. 119 more words

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These days many of us know a smattering of words or phrases from other languages. Yes, the miracle of Quran is in Arabic, and we know how finicky translations can be in the multiplicity of modern day dialogue, but the message remains the same. 203 more words


Understanding Islam - Reflection #8

Women and Moral Justification for Colonialism

After several weeks’ examination of the various authority structures in Islam, including the Shi’i Imamate, Sunni Caliphate and Ulama, and Sufi Shaykhhood, Dr. 401 more words