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My Adult ADHD: Part 1 (The DSM-5 and Me)

WARNING: This initial post is rather lengthy and I suppose the purpose of this is to, a) help myself organize my symptoms and process my diagnosis, and b) help others understand what ADHD is in terms of the DSM-V criteria. 2,279 more words


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

Losing myself

There are times, when I look in the mirror, that I do not recognize myself. There is a picture in my mind, and it doesn’t always match reality.  550 more words

Life Lessons

Ignorance is bliss...

Sometimes knowledge can be limiting

As I’ve mentioned, I just celebrated the big 5-0. The sky didn’t fall, I’m still breathing, and I actually didn’t have a nervous breakdown. 656 more words

Understanding Me

Love is thicker than water...

We are family

I was adopted at birth, and raised as an only child, therefore, I do not come from a large family, but a small, … 602 more words

Understanding Me

It has begun...

You don’t get older, you get better

Birthday Week officially begins today; tomorrow starts a month long celebration (there are tons of June birthdays in our group). 459 more words

Life Lessons

In the space where I can breathe...

There is magic in music

For me there are two things that can pull up memories like nothing else, smells and music. I have found that smells are often random, sometimes a certain smell will remind me of something specific, and then other times it is just simply a smell. 317 more words

Understanding Me

The best part of waking up...

I should do nothing bc

Now I realize that most of you see ‘bc’ and think ‘Before Christ‘, and although I totally agree with that statement as well, when I say “it was bc” or “I shouldn’t do that bc”, I’m saying before coffee. 577 more words

Understanding Me