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Echoes of a Past Friend...Presently Missing and Missed

This is simple…and complicated like most meaningful things in life. My sister introduced me to this cover of Simon & Garfunkle’s Sound of Silence. Like all good songs this particular version unleashed so many emotions and memories, and raised a spectre of something that I was only partially aware of how much my heart ached for a missing person in my present. 837 more words


I Deserve Success And So Do You!

Hello all, my name is Starn and I am writing this blog because the world has changed but many of us have not changed with it, myself included. 470 more words


What if I Just Didn't Get Up?

An object at rest tends to stay at rest

I don’ think that this is the depression talking. I got out of bed really late this morning.

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The Lost Art of Being Unwell

A  long time ago I read an article  – turns out it was 3 years ago, but I guess in recent years that is considered possibly ancient. 414 more words

Thoughts To Screen

6 Days Later...Stasis

I’m leaning more towards definition 1 than 2 – although I can make a case for the second definition. I know I am supposed to be keeping a journal entry a day. 842 more words

...But Sometimes, Like Right Now, it DOES have Me.

I hate to use the word constantly because this is definitely an exaggeration. Since I have MS and the official date of my 10 year anniversary is fast approaching and I belong to several online MS Communities, I get to see this one phrase over and over again. 424 more words

Facing Fears

The Calm After the Storm

I’ve re-read yesterday’s post so many times. I’ve considered deleting it many times. I won’t though. I didn’t rage on my son. I did my duties – maybe not cheerfully, but nothing hurtful, spiteful, or misdirected towards people who are in my care spewed from my lips in an angry vomit spray. 1,001 more words

Facing Fears