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6 Days Later...Stasis

I’m leaning more towards definition 1 than 2 – although I can make a case for the second definition. I know I am supposed to be keeping a journal entry a day. 842 more words

...But Sometimes, Like Right Now, it DOES have Me.

I hate to use the word constantly because this is definitely an exaggeration. Since I have MS and the official date of my 10 year anniversary is fast approaching and I belong to several online MS Communities, I get to see this one phrase over and over again. 424 more words

Facing Fears

The Calm After the Storm

I’ve re-read yesterday’s post so many times. I’ve considered deleting it many times. I won’t though. I didn’t rage on my son. I did my duties – maybe not cheerfully, but nothing hurtful, spiteful, or misdirected towards people who are in my care spewed from my lips in an angry vomit spray. 1,001 more words

Facing Fears

Unexpected Directional Shift

{Afraid – The Neighbourhood Lyrics are used throughout this post – I take no credit for these. I’m only taking the lyrics that play on a near constant loop in my skull right now} 847 more words

Facing Fears

Wonders Of Life

No long-winded intro to this one. Happy Columbus day to all of my U.S. readers and wishes for a great and safe weekend for everyone. 91 more words

Jack Downing

A message for understanding

I wish more people in the world understood anxiety or mental illness. It is not something you can help. When you have been through a traumatic even it is hard to not think of it. 267 more words


My Adult ADHD: Part 1 (The DSM-5 and Me)

WARNING: This initial post is rather lengthy and I suppose the purpose of this is to, a) help myself organize my symptoms and process my diagnosis, and b) help others understand what ADHD is in terms of the DSM-V criteria. 2,279 more words