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The traveler

In a small park in the center of the city on a bench he finds himself. He opens his eyes.
The smell of exhaust is still faintly present in the cold air, the trees do what they can. 319 more words

Understanding Self

The Reasons for Reading

A few days ago while browsing Facebook, I saw a post one of my friends had shared. It asked why “Fifty Shades of Grey” is such a bad book for people to be reading. 586 more words

Understanding Self

There's Nothing You Can Do About Me Loving You

I’ve got a bone to pick.

I, as my own sovereign being, have my very own feelings.  Feelings that I get to feel for no other reason than that they exist. 698 more words

Misc Awesomeness


The sense of perception given from the book Perfume, the tragedy of not knowing scent of ones self, the words of the Prophet in the Garden calms my heart. 37 more words

Understanding Self

War Of One - Pissing In The Past

I wrote something yesterday, but with a click of a button I made it disappear. I didn’t want to read my own drivel, which is pretty par for the course. 1,413 more words

The Breakdown on the Break-Through

The breakdown on the break-through is that even knowing all the good, amazing things about life, universe (starting to know is the breakdown), people……

Its all a change in every direction. 667 more words


Why we avoid new guidance or do not really apply new information to ourselves

I did a video on this but do not think I have blogged about it.

We avoid any new information, some of us listen to it and think oh yeah that makes sense or thats true, but still find ourselves avoiding it because of habits. 496 more words