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Beneath The Surface

I’ve always found images depicting a cross section of the skin fascinating. I’m not a science whiz or anyone close to that actually – I’m a communications person – but, from the first time I saw a cross section of the skin I was enthralled. 903 more words


Why I Choose Life Over Death

Because life honors Me, while death insults Me.

Because I am sane.

Because I have already been dead, and will always be dead, in ways you are too stupid and inferior to understand. 56 more words


Co-Dependency Defined

co·de·pend·en·cy (noun)

               1. excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness or addiction.

I am not sure I’ve mentioned this before or not, my mother was also attending USF for a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. 905 more words


What Lies Between You and Your Perfect Body?

So I have been MIA in the last week and I get it that nobody cares. I had easily bailed on my last week’s blog post which would be very lazy on my part but I am back now with the promised blog post. 926 more words

To Here, From Where: Elements of Progress

Reflection is a powerful tool. Too understand if I am heading in the direction I want to go, I must look at where I have been. 479 more words

Who Am I?

Why Don't My Inner Voices Like Me?

“An inner voice always used to be an outer voice.”

“We internalized the unhelpful voices because in certain key moments in the past they sounded compelling.”

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The Seeker's Tale

The Seeker’s Tale

First born, a creative mind that constantly explored worlds beyond what the eyes could see. Magician, adventurer, knight, thief, explorer, space-pirate, Jedi. With each passing word the mind dug deeper, dove through page upon page, upon page. 382 more words