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To Here, From Where: Elements of Progress

Reflection is a powerful tool. Too understand if I am heading in the direction I want to go, I must look at where I have been. 479 more words

Who Am I?

Why Don't My Inner Voices Like Me?

“An inner voice always used to be an outer voice.”

“We internalized the unhelpful voices because in certain key moments in the past they sounded compelling.”

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The Seeker's Tale

The Seeker’s Tale

First born, a creative mind that constantly explored worlds beyond what the eyes could see. Magician, adventurer, knight, thief, explorer, space-pirate, Jedi. With each passing word the mind dug deeper, dove through page upon page, upon page. 382 more words


All in a moment...

Argh! I seriously wonder if men allow women to define them in the same way we women sometimes do. As I’m sure any reader of my blog will know, Little Miss Independent here has declared UDI on romantic love and is going it alone from here on in. 510 more words


Living in the moment

A year ago something happened which meant I had to give up my permanent, seemingly secure, senior  (and well paid) position in a local University. It was at this time I realised that nothing is “permanent”, much less “secure” so I decided to have a go at contracting. 547 more words

Basic Approach

3 tips that will transform the people you attract, and alter the way you behave in relationships.

What happens when you withdraw money from your bank account, faster than you put in? I guess your reserves would run out real fast. And what happens when you keep receiving, and receiving from your partner in the relationship, rather than giving? 1,627 more words

Make your progress a record

No matter what it is I’m doing I find it always helps me to make a record of the journey I am on so I can record my progress. 153 more words

Basic Approach