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as we shift - going now-here ~ October 24, 2016

Beautiful, just a beautiful post from Sophia Love that shares the good news we have all been waiting for! Yes…YOU are the One, I AM the ONE, and each of is the ONE we have been waiting for! 624 more words

Understanding . . .

My packet of salt and vinegar crisps tells me that its manufacturers have been perfecting the fresh taste of their product since 1948.

Here is a company, I suspect, which understands self-development, self-awareness, feedback and reflection!


Performance Styles and Why you should care

There are so many models out there to help us understand human behavior better. My research took me through close to a hundred assessments based on several models.   260 more words

Performance Styles

Is it Better to Be ProActive or ReActive?

I am very Proactive.  This is according to my Performance Style Analysis.  It is very accurate.  I am actually very proactive.  So I am bias to being proactive. 443 more words

Understanding Self

Informed choice

It’s good that the conversation with my current psychiatrist is actually a proper dialogue. We talk about what matters – to both of us. I’ve made it clear that I’d like the normality of knowing a little more about his role and life experience, about how that informs his practice. 341 more words

Mental Health

Little miracle pays it forward

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”e6c49d45b08badc1a0ed26426454187c”,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/e6c49d45b08badc1a0ed26426454187c”},”originId”:”cde89a90-4f00-11e6-9d6c-4ffada8ad958″,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Little miracle pays it forward”,”subtitle”:”Norman Park mother Sarah Hillier takes on Gabba Stadium Stomp for Mater Little Miracles”,”description”:”

A MOTHER whose \u201clittle miracle\u201d remains strong 10 years on is raising money to support other children in intensive care. 2,939 more words

QN Southeast News

The Giants can’t win it this year: Maclure

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THE common wisdom is that there are five, or maybe six, true premiership contenders left. 5,748 more words

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