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Bitterness and Darkness: Accept Duality in All Things 

I have a very dear friend I’ve known for over a decade, since we were teenagers. She actually helped to trigger my spiritual awakening and guided me through some tough times. 366 more words

Spiritual Discipline

Poem: Love Self

Reclaim your self-power
Love yourself every hour
Don’t wait on others
To make dopamine shower
Are able
To do good by and for self… 64 more words


Poem for Girls who are Lost & Afraid

By Deidra Lovelace

© 2018

You are in the wilderness
Lost and afraid
Your head hung for you’re ashamed
Everyone else but you knows their way… 128 more words


Chapter Thirty-Eight

One of the things that makes this world so great is diversity. All different kinds of people have different ways to navigate life. What I have come to understand is how much my energy can affect the people around me and vice versa. 1,888 more words


The Call

I finally decided to call a psychologist. I just came off the phone with her. I wanted to hang up the phone as soon as she said hello but I had promised my friends I would call. 171 more words


You're Holding Yourself Back

I got a call from a very dear friend this morning. Her voice was flat and monotone. She told me she just found out she had contracted genital herpes. 590 more words

Spiritual Discipline

Waning Moon: Binding at Request

When we let go of things no longer serving us, we finally tell the universe we have gotten the message and made up our minds. … 160 more words

Spiritual Discipline