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Arrogance of Opinions

Currently, I am in the waiting room awaiting to see the doctor a second time regarding pains in my ribs. Sometimes we have to be our own advocate because doctors are busy. 383 more words

Breast Cancer

I'll Try Anything


Look, they said, to eastern sky,
Note the planets floating by.
What spins near sun? What holds the moon?
Watch! You’ll find the answers soon. 189 more words


Question : How does one raise their vibration?

Today a wonderful question was asked in a chat on Facebook

How does one raise their vibration?

Good Question.

Live a life of knowing you, warts and all. 541 more words


How Knowing My SHAPE Led Me To the THERAPY Program| Holy Yoga Journey

This concept of SHAPE was first introduced to me during our church life group when we were watching a series of YouTube sermons delivered Pastor Rick Warren in the U.S. 448 more words


Watch Your Ego, It isn't You

“One of the most difficult lessons here is to learn to not care about what others think about you. Your thoughts and feelings about what you do are all that should be important.”  Read More Here

Personal Growth

Shadow work

Most of us who have embarked on a conscious spiritual path with be familiar with the term shadow work. For those who do not know, this is a process of going into the pains of the past where instead of running from them we confront them, without resistance or judgement and give them the acknowledgement and therefore the release that they have always sought. 788 more words

Being Yourself

What Believing In Self Means To Me

I’ve zeroed in on the moment it happens.  The moment in which I’m interacting with someone and I lose myself.  I need to anchor this in myself so that I can be more aware and lessen how often I do it. 761 more words

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