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Understanding Powder Coating Gun Settings

Adjusting your powder coating gun settings¬†can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.¬†Learn how to get the most out of your coating gun here. 7 more words

90s Throwback Thursday Jam - Understanding, Xscape

It’s 90s week! What happened to these r&b girl groups….*snaps fingers*


Open to Uncertainty

In my own life my best teacher has only four letters: L-I-F-E. Life is my best teacher. If you can really open up to life situations this teacher can tell you some very interesting things, but if you come to the conclusion that you know, that is the end of learning. 144 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness

I don't even know what I apologized for

I don’t even know what I apologized. But, I apologized because I felt like doin’ it. I apologized because I was sure of you not understanding my point. 100 more words

Waking up

We go to bed every night not giving one thought to if we will wake up. Have you ever thought that maybe we approach our day to day lives in that same matter? 118 more words


Understanding Basic Dental Care for Seniors

No matter your age, proper oral care is important to your overall health. For seniors, it is all the more important, as their overall health can be compromised to begin with. 20 more words

The saddest thing of this life, is that for many its real meaning, its true purpose is only understood in the end. Perhaps that is the curse of being human, to finally be able appreciate life when there is not much left to live.