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Blame the governments?

This is a broad and sweeping statement, but there is something to be understood in it. And it goes something like this.                                                                                                     Out of the… 635 more words

The Psychological Workout

Some of you found and chose some really good examples for yesterday’s meditation. When you’re with a driver who gets angry when they’re cut off, you can accomplish a lot just by calmly noting that you often wonder if those drivers are possibly having a very bizarre kind of day. 778 more words


light through the window ~

As of late, it seems I struggle with words.

No, that’s not right. It’s not a struggle really. It seems more I am resigned to a place unfamiliar (and yet not). 198 more words



Why do we highlight the good  times in the moments of despair? Everyone has their down days today was a down day.

Emotions are deep and I feel really hard. 607 more words


Don't build a bubble that you can't see out of

“You shape your own reality.” “Be careful with your thoughts, you shape your own destiny” and “The universe matches your thought patterns so that like attracts like” are very common phrases that are used in our spiritual teachings. 972 more words


Ever Met a T.R.U.E. Leader?

When medical cases involve the diagnosis of an unrecognizable condition or mysterious symptoms, the team of professionals are charged to determine what’s going on with the stricken patient. 473 more words

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