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daydreaming is fine but knowledge is power.

Right Brain

New Facebook Page

I have a brand new Facebook page for anyone who is interested in learning about their dreams, or even how to remember their dreams.  This is an interactive page so please post, comment and share with your friends . 7 more words

Diary Entires

a ponder on human emotions

Nothing can define the mere futility of human nature, paradoxically, it appears I am a living animal of this exact statement. The interwoven basket of complexity that makes up one’s mind cannot truly be explained without the intricate pattern of one’s thoughts being misinterpreted into a mismatched incoherent way. 272 more words

how should yoga feel?

Yoga is something that should feel really good. It doesn’t feel good all the time – we all have bad days when nothing seems to fit. 348 more words


Suicide Prevention (Walk)

The term “suicide prevention” doesn’t sit right with me.

In many cases, suicide as a last resort can be avoided. It’s an impulsive act people turn to all too quickly for personal reasons that could be helped, for the most part, if only our society wanted to help, if only compassion and empathy were standard traits. 256 more words


The Helium Balloon Strategy

By the end, neither of them knew or remembered or even cared who had started the fight. As they laughed, toasting to each other’s attempts and successes, their grins lit up the room more than the little lamps on the table. 955 more words


Worldly Evolution

The world tries to be two things at the same time, love and hate, peace and war, growth and extinction,

Should one dynamic master the other? 14 more words

By Ori Aander