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Heavy Head Crash Hard

I had to learn
That what is …right…
Could be what I feel.

For who else could teach me that?


London Futurists - Roadmap to immortality

London Futurists – Constructing a roadmap to immortality? With Alexey Turchin

I’ve been seriously investigating and thinking about this topic for 42 years, since the logic of indefinite life extension became clear. 40 more words


Why Classical Liberalism Can't Sleep Comfortably

Some members of the liberal and progressive side of the political spectrum have, in the past few years, found their bed increasingly uncomfortable.  The sheets have become tangled in a confused and hypocritical ideology, and the prohibition of criticism on leftist positions has left cookie-crumbs all over the pillows.  769 more words


A Year in Review

I don’t know how to write this. I don’t know how to put something as indescribable as this year into words, but I’m going to try. 724 more words


A Chalice of Knowledge and a Cup of Ashes

In 1945 five cups were found while digging at an archeological site in northern Egypt. The cups were rather plain looking except for some unknown language and a few strange symbols that were embossed on the outside of the cups. 656 more words


Why Most of Our Words Are Bullshit

I have often described my surly attitude and general despair of human goodness, despite the characterization of others, as a consequence of being the world’s most disappointed optimist.  1,224 more words


God Knows

God is not ignorant

of the ‘hidden things’

perpetrated in Dark Places.

He knows every thought…

every intent…

of every mind… and

their faces.