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The day will come when I am too tired to care

And I will have to go


When the tatters of the world begin to show… 33 more words


“You have power over your own mind - not over events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” --Marcus Aurelius

After reading this card many times, finally understanding how powerful this statement is, and then believing it is true, made a big difference to my strength to quit smoking. 132 more words

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The Understanding

It is a mystery…..

That when you understand one thing completely… you understand everything.

And when you try to understand everything…. you will understand nothing. 23 more words


4 Ways to Understand Negative Emotions

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment and guilt just to name a few, are emotions that hinder our emotional well being. Sometimes we try to suppress these emotion, hide them as if they do not exist, but by doing so we are preventing ourselves from understanding what caused these emotions and from understanding why we are feeling these emotions. 696 more words

Selfies In the Dark

Studying you for a while,
I see pain in that smile.
I see thoughts of regrets,
with a will to let go.
A self you refuse to accept. 246 more words

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Why Our Questions Don't Get Answers

Alternative title?  Why We Need Genuine Questioning

Growing up in a fairly conservative Catholic household–and some of those key formative years unfolding during the 1990s, when much of the news was awash with the conservative-right’s insistence upon video games, rap music, and any portrayal of sex or violence in the media as guaranteed perverters of all that is right and holy and good in the world–I have a deeply-ingrained sense of worry about “losing my way”, that is, in the moral sense.  1,276 more words


Why We Ought to Eliminate Hyperbole

This post is something of an aside to my other post about genuine questioning, serving as an exemplar.  It is, fair warning, about abortion: it is also simply intended to elucidate why it is and has been such a contentious issue, and why it will remain so if things continue on as they have.  1,108 more words