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What We Focus On We Create, Manifestation 101

We are the Masters of our journey, as such we’re granted Free Will to plot our course for this adventure of physical expression.  Throughout our life / lives we’re presented with distractions to our focus.   500 more words


“There is no shortcut to what we learn through experience. No amount of reading about driving a car replicates what it feels like driving down a foggy, mountain road in the middle of torrential rain. 

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Thinking mind and understanding mind

I have been reading a interesting book and i learnt this two types of ways in which our mind works. Don’t think from the words now. 547 more words


Have you been in love before? Do you know what it means to love? How much are you willing to sacrifice for love?
Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the truest type of love. 519 more words


Let me admit I was wrong

I never realized that I was becoming attached. On the drive home I would repeat to myself that everything was fine and I wasn’t holding on to him. 307 more words

... " Ramblings 5 " ......

Its the usual  dark early morning, usual constant pain, and as usual waiting for the  early morning light to change the  black sky and shed its light  on a brand new day… 158 more words