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Fuzzy Mirrors

the dogs don’t like change in routine. so many lessons from them. often a mirror for you.  ‘reflection’ sometimes amusing, sometimes eye-opening.

Right Brain

A Duncan Coming To Terms...

It has been two months since he met Hurricane and a lot has happen. Like any other relationships – there will always be ups and downs. 925 more words

My Life

Among the dead

So the understanding being

that I don’t have to explain myself

that the sky is blue

and life is just because

Now the problem being…

61 more words
Kait King

Walk A Mile In My Shoes...

Walk a mile in my shoes before you think you know me.

Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me.

Walk a mile in my shoes to see what I see. 122 more words


Saving Grace ~

Lord, today I’m in need,
of more of Your loving patience
mine is getting weary . . .
at times, it’s hard to be gracious. 129 more words

Christian Poetry

#thirstythursday / thirsty for understanding - cause I'm tired of dealing with issues today

It’s #thirstythursdaya day we look to the Word of God to fill our thirst in this dry world!

Am I the only one that needs a little understanding some days? 400 more words

All Of The Daily

Happiness From Within

Sometimes we look too much to others to create happiness for us..

We should try to find happiness within ourselves..

Being honest about our bad points can help us improve our wellbeing.. 67 more words