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Where is Your Anger Now?

I like this very simple quotation from Thich Nhat Hanh, a meditation master from Vietnam. He says that when we have a toothache we suffer from the toothache, but when we don’t have a toothache do we ever say: “Wow, I don’t have a toothache today!” Even when we don’t have a toothache we are thinking: “Maybe I will get one tomorrow”. 98 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness


He is that One Companion Soul,
Who never asks to make them feel special but,
Asks you to smile coz you are special for them,
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5 Things to Know About Tenant Improvement Allowances

Having trouble understanding interior improvements and commercial real estate leasing? Here are 5 Things to Know About Tenant Improvement Allowances.

The Spirit of Truth And The Spirit of Error

Social media is buzzing on the subject of how to discern truth from falsehood – real news from fake news. I have even wrote or shared articles myself, including discussing and debating with others on FaceBook as to what constitutes good journalism. 213 more words


Flash Fiction: Mother Vine

We’ve been without internet for the last 48 hours (seems like forever) so I have been doing a lot of writing. Probably why this story ended up considerably longer than it should have done. 1,025 more words


Finding My Way

Over the past few weeks I have had many great ideas to blog about. However, so much has happened over the past few weeks that I am not quite sure where to begin. 656 more words


I don’t know why I usually come on this site to write. It’s like I have something good I want to write about ANNNNNNDD its gone. 938 more words