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Garage Sale

“x” marks the spot
I had choices of course
I never knew “y”

Birthright for sale;
placed next to my regressive genes.
and Jimi Hendriks vinyls. 67 more words


Keeping Sidewalks Clean

As I runner, I have a love-hate relationship with sidewalks. When they aren’t all broken up because they haven’t been properly maintained or cluttered with trash and yard debris (often looking just about like the picture I put at the beginning of this post), they are the safest place for me to run in my little suburb. 479 more words


one little Request

oh God one little request

if this is my life

then why its not full of smiles

if this is my life

then why its full of up and downs… 127 more words

In your own words

We traffic in words
their fuse and pop and darting light
the mad electric parade
becomes our mind,
reaching out as we revel
in making thought from old… 97 more words



In the quietness of a moonless night

There is a serenity that surrounds us

A peace of the soul and of the heart

The nearness of the stars… 33 more words




Between past and now
Life with no stop
Conserved, continued
Awoke from yesterday
From spring to spring
Unfolded in new
Dresses and seasons
With the essence… 27 more words

Poems & Art

As all as it is

As all is as it is

When the dialogue ends
The silence begins

When one door shuts
A new door opens

When a dream ends… 35 more words

Poems & Art