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Cheers to Freedom

This is how the narrative goes. A low life scum type finds a novel. It’s a story about how a girl struggled. And the ending is torn out because endings are scary and so final. 512 more words

All Women aren't Emotionally/Mentally Healthy either, and it's Hard to Date

We always seem to hear how men are at fault in relationship failures, or how most times they are emotionally disconnected and lack empathy (which I feel can be a huge fact). 1,463 more words

Reddito universale o servizi universali?


Francesco Gesualdi

“…while acknowledging the theoretical validity of income basic universal, I declare for ¬†another model of universal services…¬†A civil society does not leave anyone behind with these needs and operates the solidarity that serves to ensure that everyone can meet them adequately.”


Manifesto #2: Universal Basic Services


Eve Livingston

“Fundamentally, at the core of any model of universal basic services is a moral and emotional reality that cannot be underestimated: that the poorest in our society are told without equivocation that they deserve the same quality as the rich, and that to have it is their right and not a bonus for which they should be grateful. 22 more words



I have had some of my friends say I was brave for writing about my death,
It’s not that I am brave, for I am far from that, it’s more about my health. 355 more words


April PAD Challenge 5-The Knowledge of Goodbye

Prompt from Writer’s Digest:
Write an intelligence poem. Of course, intelligence is subjective. What is common sense for one person makes no sense to another. But intelligence is more than IQ and test scores.
221 more words


Living in Moment

“A built-in reminder is the simple understanding that whenever any kind of unhappiness arises,you know you’ve lost the now.That’s a built-in alarm clock. The moment you realize you’ve lost the now,come back to the now.”-Eckhart Tolle