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Label It

I would like to share with you a meditation technique that has been discovered in Burma. Here when you have thoughts you just note them, you just label them: “thinking” or “thoughts”. 89 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness

Obscure Analogies: Ambiguous letters written to people in my life.

I couldn’t decide whether or not to use my creative/emotional energy towards writing new poems or working on a new post, so I decided to do both (kind of). 1,166 more words

five ways ADD impacts my life (and how I cope)

Growing up I often heard phrases from my family and friends like, “Janelle, you’re not listening” or “Janelle, for the hundredth time…” Every time I would hear these responses, insecurity flood into the deepest parts of who I am. 1,680 more words

The Humility That Is Found In Suffering 

“There is no growth without change, no change without loss and no loss without pain.” – Samuel Chand

One of the most painful, yet ultimately liberating, lessons I have learnt since being ill long term, is…

1,634 more words
CSF Leak

Garage Sale

“x” marks the spot
I had choices of course
I never knew “y”

Birthright for sale;
placed next to my regressive genes.
and Jimi Hendriks vinyls. 67 more words


Keeping Sidewalks Clean

As I runner, I have a love-hate relationship with sidewalks. When they aren’t all broken up because they haven’t been properly maintained or cluttered with trash and yard debris (often looking just about like the picture I put at the beginning of this post), they are the safest place for me to run in my little suburb. 479 more words


one little Request

oh God one little request

if this is my life

then why its not full of smiles

if this is my life

then why its full of up and downs… 127 more words