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A story of love - the finale

I say my husband has always worked nights. Of the 20 years we’ve been married, it’s more like 13 years that he has worked nights. Many consistent years of working night shift with smaller stints of days. 164 more words

Know what makes you happy: Some thoughts on awareness

It’s eating disorder awareness month. So, in the last few days of the month, I am writing.

No, I don’t have an eating disorder. But honestly, that probably makes it all the more important that I do stand up as an advocate for a healthier outlook on… 909 more words


A Matter of Ticks, Tock's and Tomorrow

At best, the human heart beats on average 72 times a minute. There are 60 minutes in an hour (4,320 heart beats). In a twenty-four hour period, our heart beats 103,680 times. 331 more words


Understanding Our Differences

“Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.” – Dalai Lama XIV

Did you know that as an employee in the United States you have more independence to make decisions and are less likely to be fired for criticizing company ideas or policies than employees in other countries? 148 more words


The Story of Us

Our painful pasts can join us so that we aren’t alone. Please join me on my website to read this blog post HERE. 8 more words


God's Word is an Inexhaustible Spring of Life

“Lord, who can comprehend even one of your words? We lose more of it than we grasp, like those who drink from a living spring. For God’s word offers different facets according to the capacity of the listener, and the Lord has portrayed his message in many colors, so that whoever gazes upon it can see in it what suits him. 365 more words


Final Gasping Breath

Desperately inhaling as much sanity and wisdom of self before I’m plunged under the surface of manic unreality.

“May the heavens help me and my spirits guide me to a better play.

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