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Help us find caring

I was watching a story on netflix this morning. It was the true story of a family who lost the father to suicide. I had many questions while watching this. 417 more words


Just Listen

I almost didn’t pick up the phone. We’ve had a lot of robo-calls lately, and I’ve gotten into the habit of just letting the phone ring. 1,337 more words

Delusions and Hallucinations

What is a delusion? It is a false belief that an individual holds on inadequate and irrational grounds. There are various types of delusions one can suffer from. 267 more words


Food For Thought-Revisited/Revised

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”- Albert Einstein

I recently completed reading a book titled: “Geocentrism 101,” authored by Dr. 1,823 more words


Take a Second

When someone reaches out to you, do you know what it sounds like. Do you know what that looks like. What it feels like. What to do…do you do anything. 356 more words


Thoughts for the day


How many words in a thought?
Thought for the day
Hard to stop a thought for the day

I thought I might say: 154 more words


Loving Relationships

A quick recap from the last article on Gratitude!

  1. Gratitude is the frequency that is most harmonious with abundance.
  2. You can have anything you are willing to become – BE a person of increase.
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