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There is a time… when I say something, and I really mean it…

You can see it clearly from my eyes

People may lie… 117 more words


children in grown up bodies

Walking on the concrete of the city, the rush passes by.

And behind the fear in you eyes I see you.

Behind a fake smile I see your questions. 199 more words


Am I gone

I love to read and think deeply about the meaning of things. I saw a man today who has failed badly in his health over the last few months. 167 more words


Thus Spoke Beethoven

If there is no commonly understood, nor universally spoken, or globally agreed upon, excepted language.
If there is no common universal threading that ties all dialects (thoroughly interchangeable). 216 more words

Dear You, Pt. 27

You always saw the best in me, that I was trying to be the best version of myself in that moment. You believed that I continued with that same effort even after you went away for school. 223 more words


How to explain White Supremacy to a White Supremacist

I am still trying to cope with the event in Charlotteville. I have been quiet on my blog; haven’t said much, haven’t read much. I try to understand what happened and the more I try the more I feel lost.  616 more words

Writing And Prompts



Sun has a routine and so has the moon,

and people ignoring the beauty of routine seems like a loon.

Ask the people who are unemployed and lacks a routine, 296 more words