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I feel powerless.

Completely and utterly powerless Рwhen I scream its muted by the sounds of the cars passing along Goswell Road and when I cry my tears are flooded by endless rivers of vapour in the air. 436 more words


The Flawed WE

This world works by standards. There is a standard for almost anything and everything and things are evaluated on the basis of the same. It is in human nature to defy things, to defy these perfect standards instead of embracing them because he likes to be rebellious. 520 more words


Development for today...what the hell shoudl I do?

What should I do today? Read the buckets thing for information….but I think…I mean I could do emails and sms…..but I think I’d get a lot of ground to just see this working on the phone and seeing it hit my database on the server. 3,915 more words


Use of other people's code/SDKs

I just don’t get…..it seems you can write this up all on your own. I’m using googles shit cause it just works. But it seems to be written in python…but the notion you can write your own server….seems powerful…..like to have that custom control and you just think of it on the fly. 294 more words




But a projection
These beliefs and opinions
… And Identity???

Wee Poems

Understanding how men are wired!!

On this talk show:¬† A laughter-filled show where the hosts explore why men do the things they do…and offer insights on how men might want to re-evaluate whether doing some of those things is really a good idea after all! 27 more words


Fun Friday

Once upon a time, there was a boy walking down the street on his way to his favorite coffee shop downtown. He feels the breeze as he looks around, and he sees all the birds sitting on the trees that run through the street. 153 more words