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Understanding Patience

I recently received extra understanding on the meaning of patience as I was very aware of my own growth process, and recognized the need for time to go by to complete a certain learning. 235 more words



Unlike making an intellectual decision, discernment is a spiritual function of assessing validity arrived at by using undefined (spiritual) abilities.  As such there usually isn’t any solid proof only the feeling of correctness or a lack of it which makes discernment subject to our individual interpretation.   215 more words


I can only pray 

we will make through, somehow.

I can only pray

that things will get better.

I can only pray

you’ll read my letter.

I can only pray…

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Prosette 73

Prosette 73 on FB

The lengthening of shadows tells a tale of languid passion, as the blazing hues of sunset fade to black.  A fantasy in darkness plays out upon the pampas in a courtship waltz of dangerous import.  58 more words


“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.”


Quote Monday

Supporting Loved Ones

“Just to sit, without expectation, with someone who is in grief or fear or loneliness or despair, without trying to fix them in any way, or manipulate their experience to match your idea of how it should be; just to listen, without playing the role of ‘expert’ or ‘enlightened guru’ or ‘the one who knows best’; just to be totally available to the one in front of you, and to walk with them through the fire, to hold their hand when they are broken – this is how we begin to heal each other through love. 11 more words