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21 Days to Beat Depression - Introduction + day one

Today we’re going to start a little bit of a longer plan.  I’ve looked at this one a little more thoroughly (while still trying to not spoiler the whole thing!) and while the woman who wrote this isn’t totally right about everything, she’s positive and upbeat and has a good grip on her own emotions, which is vital if you’re going to lead others about theirs.   386 more words


Infant loss - No one understands but you can be understanding

I have struggled so much that nobody in my life gets me and how I feel or what I might need to survive my loss. I have sobbed and screamed the words to Nath on numerous occasions of “No one understands” and it is such a horrendous place to be in. 1,607 more words

Infant Loss

what's inside out,?

A friend told me a while ago some people wear their beauty on the outsude and people like him and me wear ours on the inside. 150 more words


Giant In A China Shop

Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone crazy. As if the thoughts inside my head will cause it to explode at any moment. I suppose I should just sit around and wait for it to happen. 195 more words



I have a super hard time with being serious. When I was a child and throughout my life, I would get in trouble for laughing at inappropriate times, especially when people were trying to be serious. 429 more words



just do your best and leave the rest. nice poetic mantra!

Right Brain