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Ruminations on Love, Day 9

I have many loves

From all parts of my life

In all my years of being.

Love for God and good

And triumph over evil… 418 more words


Listening And Understanding Jesus

Almighty God, grant us grace to hear Jesus Christ, the heavenly bread, preached throughout the world and truly to understand Him. May all evil, heretical and human doctrines be cut off, while Your Word as the living bread be distributed. Amen.

Martin Luther



I realised something tonight.

Some things are more important.

It is not so much a graduated scale, but a realisation of the relative importance of certain things which occur within the timescale of any individual’s life. 177 more words


Our Guests

Our emotions don’t really belong to us. Because we have a strong sense of ownership, we think we own things, we also think that we own these emotions. 188 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness

Christmastide: Binx, Barack and Us

“What is a malaise? you ask. ┬áThe Malaise is the pain of loss. ┬áThe world is lost to you, the world and the people in it, and there remains only you and the world …”

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Clear ACT Interpretation

Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“Since God and His Bible are extremely clear on principals, commandments, lifestyle and love, I stay clear of giving you my interpretation, while sharing the fact that God’s love is Good Enough.

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Daily Devotional

Listen to understand, then speak to be understood

I’m not a typical American, at least that is how I think of myself. Politically, I generally lean left and support socialist views, however have an open enough mind to recognize that no one “group” is completely correct in their policies or agendas. 1,105 more words

Self Reflection