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My whole teenage life I’d been fixated on being whole, not broken
On understanding who I was and everybody else
Someone should’ve told I didn’t need to understand anything… 15 more words


Translation or Interpretation?

Have perused your posts on this topic
And enjoyed the variations on this theme!
From standard phrases that don’t convey our meaning
To misunderstanding of our emphasise or words… 86 more words


Repairing binoculars

We ended up yesterday with both of our good sets of birding binoculars out of action. The first set were rendered useless a little over a year ago, and the lens fell out of the second pair 2 days ago. 67 more words


Spreading love

Feb. 15-17,’17 ~QofDay~ Spreading Love/Valentines Day

On this Valentine’s Day, how can we help Unconditional Love to spread across the planet?

Just be really clear, that we can love the person even if we hate what that person is currently doing or has done in the past. 400 more words


Tom's Facebook post on Trust and Truth

Tom’s Post on trust and truth

The simplest possible approximation to an infinity is a binary, and it is therefore the first one our brains must make during development. 4,890 more words


Poison of the mind

Poison of the mind

Sometimes we are like snakes
Injecting our poison
Into the heart of other people

Sometimes we are like scorpions
Directing our sting towards ourselves… 36 more words

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