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.......... " Life's Hour Glass " ..........

Sand trickling through life’s hour glass ,

Trying to catch it ,scared it won’t last,

For ones life is like a grain of sand,

That one holds in the palm of their hands , 69 more words


The Dancers

Through ancient shifting sands of time,

Two souls interlocked sublime,

Dancing in ecstasy to continuous unheard music,

Like sand falls endlessly through the hourglass of Time.

The Magic Power of Practical Love, Patience & Understanding


I think my fear of spiders came from my mum; maybe I saw the way she reacted to them and believed that there was something to fear. 431 more words

General Noises of Frustration

Today starts with an early as heck doctor’s appointment.  I’ve had a miscolored area on my left leg for months. It started hurting, so I made a doctor’s appointment.  103 more words


The Beginning of Change

Considering change can feel very uncomfortable.  We can have emotions so strong that we are stifled by them.  We cannot move forward.  It takes a strength from within, sometimes deep within.   1,070 more words



Do people understand what I am saying??

Half the time I don’t think so. I don’t tend to think in full sentences, its almost like I cant keep up with my own thoughts so I pity anyone else who tries. 91 more words


Question Your Reality (Part 2)

It’s easy for people in today’s world to go from the cradle to the grave without a honest dose of self-examination and reflection.

Socrates said – ”The unexamined life is not worth living.” 75 more words