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How can it be? (20)

The greatest gift bestowed upon human kind is that of empathy. We were granted the ability to take a step back and put ourselves in the shoes of others. 314 more words

Good Grief

Although an assurance, death is never something for which we seem to be prepared.  As those who are left in its wake, our confidence is often shaken and our endless questions remain.  689 more words



Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“Most of us are bad at relationships and friendships so, we need to practice with God to improve our “A” game, be friendly, take time, listen and learn how to love.”

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Daily Devotional

Internet Ads and Accessibility

In the Twitter #autchat discussion about social media accessibility this week, a topic came up that has been bothering me quite a bit lately. The issue is one of internet ads and the websites that now detect AdBlock and require that the program be turned off (i.e. 518 more words


Student Experience 2.0

Understanding the student experience in UK HE; what has changed since we were students?

I was a student once, I ‘know’ what the student experience is (I even have pictures of me being a student to prove it)!

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Practical Influences ~ Aries

When the Moon enters a zodiac sign it adds instinctive reaction, unconscious predestination, sensitivity, emotions, intuition, imagination and emotional depth to influences that are at play; when the Sun enters a zodiac sign it adds vitality, individuality, will-power, creative energy and inspirational action to the influences at play; both affect the energy of our daily lives.  475 more words


Self awareness

How self aware do you think you are?
Keep looking and observing. You will discover many things about yourself. We locked things up and hid the key. 27 more words