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Bible Journal: Isaiah 28

The central thesis of this chapter seems to be in verse 21 where Isaiah describes God’s morning and work day and how it appears to us here on earth: “strange is his deed…alien is his work!” The rest of the chapter shows how Israel is both confused and rebellious about God’s will, but that, regardless, God’s will always prevails, and prevails dominantly. 128 more words

Bible Journal

Everyone has their own battle to fight

All too often it is really easy to kid ourselves..

So many times we think we have a positive thought process but the reality can be very different. 124 more words



…..¬†¬†isn’t about power for the sake of power – not true leadership. Instead it deals with modeling behavior you want others to have, and with responsibility for being certain the people you lead are treated equitably, and with respect. 40 more words


Turning the wheels of life

Small birth.
Fragile beginnings.
Vigorous growth.
Brief plenitude.
Tiresome stagnation.
Unbearable complexity.
Foreseeable crisis.
Inevitable collapse.
Joyful simplicity.

Marcus Antoninus


what it actually takes to stand out in crowd?

I had a kind of thinking or I should say a misconception, which now I think I shouldn’t had. That misconception was that I used to think that my thinking, my philosophies and my ideas are slightly different than others. 603 more words