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The placid waters

Reflect every inch of my being

My surface, my depths.

The light scatters across

The shimmering mirror, inviting to touch.

The water calls out, 113 more words


Undertow - processing time in access logs (%D %T ) — Spring boot edition

Recently, I had a need to log the request processing timing details of a spring boot application on undertow. According to documentation it should be as straightforward as defining your own pattern with “%D” or “%T”. 91 more words


The Sea

Have you ever watched the sea? I’ve only really watched it from the shore, and not that even that much.

It moves like breath. In, out. 391 more words


I meant to tag these guys for showing up this morning….

Betty Crocker

Reviewed! The Undertow - Christy L. Bonstell

The Undertow by Christy Bonstell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christy L. Bonstell’s lovely novella, The Undertow, tells the story of a mother who dies during childbirth only to find that love can transcend time and space. 248 more words



Love, the worst addiction anyone could have.
Yet we keep coming back.
Place all your faith and trust in me
and we can live happily. 40 more words