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Hop for Visibility, Awareness, and Equality

Welcome to my little corner of the Hop for Visibility, Awareness, and Equality (formerly known as the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia)! I’m thrilled with the name change, and the mission change, for reasons I’ll get to in a minute, but a quick introduction first: I’m an author of what I call mythic and legendary m/m erotic romance (I’ve been told by several judges over the years that I’m too mythic/legendary and not enough romance for the RITA Awards, so I figure I’m getting the balance right about where I want it!) And personally, I identify as asexual in casual conversation, autochorissexual if you feel like talking tech. 1,594 more words

Rainbow Snippets, May 7, 2016 -- UNDERTOW (SoulShares #7)

Hello, Snippetteers! — I took a day off work this week in an attempt to finish UNDERTOW (which was technically due, um, Sunday). Didn’t quite get there — but some very wonderful things happened to our lads. 161 more words

Rainbow Snippets, April 30, 2016 -- UNDERTOW (SoulShares #7)

Welcome to this week’s Rainbow Snippet! *winks* Just had to give a little bit of a shout-out to one of my personal heroes, the Notorious RBG. 242 more words

Rainbow Snippets, April 23, 2016 -- UNDERTOW (SoulShares #7)

Hello, Snippetteers! This week’s seven sentences (maybe I ought to write fewer two-word sentences…) take place right before Rhoann (a half-Royal Water Fae, for those of you new to the SoulShares) starts healing Lucien, who’s been in a magickally-induced coma for months. 244 more words


ALBUM TITLE                        :        SUPER

ARTIST                                   :        PET SHOP BOYS

GENRE                                    :        POP / DANCE / EDM

DATE RELEASED                   :        2016

More than 30 years with their musical career, you would have though that Pet Shop Boys would sound boring.  410 more words

Album Review

Rainbow Snippets, April 16, 2016 -- UNDERTOW (SoulShares # 7)

Good morning, Snippetteers! — I’m afraid this morning’s Snippet requires a bit of setup, and once again I’ve gone over my sentence limit. But I wrote this last night — it’s from UNDERTOW — and as I was writing it, I knew I had to share it with y’all. 279 more words