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#IGAuthorLifeJan - Day 20 Currently Reading

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 20 Currently Reading

I always have books piled on my nightstand and I’m usually in the processing of reading at least one all the time. 68 more words

#IGAuthorLifeJan - Day 19 Favorite Review

#IGAuthorLifeJan – Day 19 Favorite Review

This was tough for me to choose, but I always loved the review I got from Jackie at She Reads She Blogs… 28 more words

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 16 – Favorite Bookstore

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 16 – Favorite Bookstore

Dude, this one is a no-brainer. I HEART Titcombs!! I am a mad fan of all bookstores to be honest, though I hold a special place in my heart for the… 17 more words

#IGAuthorLifeJan - DAY 7 How do I relax

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 7

How I relax

Seriously? How do I relax? Dude – I’m a novelist, a bus driver, and a graphic artist PLUS the parent of a driving teen and an 8 year old with a Minecraft addiction. 26 more words

#IGAuthorLifeJan - DAY 5 My Writing Uniform

#IGAuthorLifeJan – DAY 5

My Writing Uniform

So, the idea that I have a writing uniform that is anything beyond my ancient college duds and what I can scam off my 16 year old daughter, is laughable. 44 more words

"I will only complicate you"

What draws us in? The assumption that our substance of choice will make life easier–more manageable. This song is many things, but the online consensus seems to waver between… 53 more words

One Nation Undertow


What makes America the great so great? Perhaps it’s the ability to speak freely and not have any consequences such as opposing religious views, how to raise your children, or how we get to choose what to purchase without being chastised by any one authority figure. 2,180 more words