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These outdoor photos were taken in Southwest Washington while spending time with my family.

Outdoor Photography

Water Simba

The bane of the Atlantic, Lionfish haunt most reefs in the Indo-Pacific. The species that I have predominantly seen in the coastal waters of Dar es Salaam have been Pterois radiate, the Clearfin Lionfish, Pterois volitans, the Red Lionfish, and Pterois miles, the Common Lionfish or better known in the East African coastal regions- the Indian Lionfish. 507 more words

Marine Life

Nembrotha Kubaryana

We love diving in Mabul – Borneo

The dive sites are all rich in marine live and a paradise for Macro lovers. Natasha and i had the pleasure diving there with both our sons (be it not with both at them at the same time ¬†so far) … 134 more words

Macro Photography

It's cool down there - (goby season)

As the mercury pushes 40 degrees in Sydney, the coolest place to be is underwater right now and since my last post, the tropical EAC eddy off the coast has delivered many new tropical fish to the aquatic reserve. 145 more words



One of the most rewarding things that I find has to be the feeling I get when shooting Rays. Venomous, cartilaginous, elegant and characterful creatures, Rays have a special place in my life as they glide over reef, sand and seagrass beds. 616 more words

Marine Life

I'll just lay here and let you photograph me

Carpet shark, resident at the Mikhail Lermontov wreck, in Port Gore, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand

Dive technicalities:

  • Maximum depth: 35.1 m

  • Average depth: 18.3 m…
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