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Spring is close

Spotted Wobbegong shark


The rock reef teeming with life

Port Jackson shark

Eastern Maori Wrasse

Wobbegong on the rock

Eastern Blue Wrasse aka Blue Groper… 104 more words


Day X

Today, officially, or maybe not… Everything started! Well. At least , in my mind, finally I can see the goal, the aim. Finally if I had to picture how’s gonna be my life in 5 years I can definitely picture what I’ve got. 478 more words

Beauty in the underworld...

It’s amazing the beauty that can be found underwater.  Just close your eyes and let your body submerge into the depths. Drifting downward as if in a dream.   111 more words


Into the depths of the deep blue...

we go.

This photoshoot was pure joy.  Model, Giordano is both adept at modeling on dry land and completely comfortable being underwater.  This was his first underwater shoot but you wouldn’t know it.   95 more words


Where have the anemone fish gone?

We’ve dived the same dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef regularly for the past 14 years.  Over the years we have seen and experienced many beautiful and remarkable events.   177 more words


A quick getaway on the Great Barrier Reef (Part 2)

As promised here is part 2 of our favourite photos from our weekend getaway on the Great Barrier Reef. 120 more words


Tips Fotografi Bawah Air

Tips Fotografi Bawah Air

Tips Fotografi Bawah Air

Fotografi bawah air atau Underwater Photograophy memang saat ini sedang digandrungi banyak kalangan. Selain hasilnya menarik genre photography ini juga menguji kemampuan photography dan adrenalin model dan para photographer. 491 more words

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