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Creating interesting underwater pictures - Behaviour

There are several ways to create more interesting underwater pictures with perhaps the best being to show a fish or critter doing something interesting!

Frogfish are a great subject since they have interesting “facial expressions”. 228 more words


Octopus On The Run

What do you do if you are an octopus out during the day and a diver with a camera spots you? First, you keep still and use camouflage hoping nobody can spot you, but when that fails you need to move. 52 more words

Canon 5D Mark III

"The Deep Blue" by Meeda Khalifa

The curiosity of the deep sea takes me back to when I was a young boy.  Having always been traveling to the Red sea from Cairo with my family, one day I decided to ask my dad   2,182 more words

Naughty puffers...

In preparation for our next diving vacation to Egypt (we’re almost there!) we decided to visit… TODI! Surprise surprise ;-)

Last time we were there the puffers were still anxious. 97 more words


Barbados Scuba Diving

Barbados is a small island located in the lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. It was part of Great Britain and is now an independent nation. 393 more words


UC Magazine: Diving deep for data (Marine Biodiversity Photography)

University of Cincinnati Magazine: Diving deep for data. “Paleobiologist David Meyer took his first underwater photograph in 1967, the year he got into diving…. Fifty years later, Meyer has accumulated a library of images documenting marine species around the world to understand the ancient ones from the Ordovician Period 450 million years ago that he studied as a geologist in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences. 60 more words

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Composition for Underwater Macro Photography

The Golden Ratio or Rule of Thirds

Many photographers use the rule of thirds to place the subject and make their pictures more interesting.  Lines are drawn (yellow lines) to split the picture into thirds and important subject are placed along these lines or intersecting points. 241 more words