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Taken on a hammerhead shark dive in Bimini, Bahamas. Hammerhead sharks migrate through Bimini each winter. I got the opportunity to go and watch these amazing sharks be hand fed in the wild. 6 more words


Taken directly under this turtle in Pompano Beach, Florida. My favorite photo to date!

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Turtle 9

This turtle was enjoying a meal while I observed him from about 15 feet below the surface. Taken in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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Went to the Bahamas for the day to find some wild dolphins to observe. On our way back to shore we spotted a group of rays and had to jump in. 22 more words

Turtle 8

Turtle waving about 15 feet under in Pompano Beach.

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Icy water for the soul...

The sea was sparkling, glistening, dazzling – all the of adjectives to describe an inviting body of water that I knew I could not resist. I’d been lying on the beach in the sun, melting into the sand, my eyes kept flittering shut but I was trying to stay awake enough to respond my niece and nephew’s chatter.  449 more words