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Don’t touch nothin’ under the sea. Nothin’ nope nada. Every time I brush the coral I get a rash. The water repellent shirt you wear is called a rash guard. 136 more words

Red Sea

Upside-Down Fish Tank by Haruka Misawa

Japanese designer Haruka Misawa trained at the design office Nendo, created this incredible upside-down fish tank. A Large air bubble is encapsulated within the water of the fish tank, allowing ferns to grow and fish to feed off them. 6 more words

Art And Artist


Too numerous to count, well, at least more than a few, I’ve posted up Nemo often. He’s a willing and ready subject. They hover around their anemone and defend it. 103 more words

Red Sea

Little Cayman Island 2015

Stoplight Parrotfish

Banded Butterflyfish

Lettuce Slug

Flamingo Tongue on Candelabrum Gorgonium

Pillar Coral

Whitespeckled Hermit Crab

Christmas Tree Worm

Bearded Fireworm

Bearded Fireworm

Azure Vase Sponge… 14 more words


Anemone, Current, and Anemone Fish

Graphical, colorful, dramatic lighting, it all is here in this image. The current was strong enough to make it difficult to hold one position to get this image. 46 more words

Red Sea