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Underwater Ice Cubes

My chemistry teacher told a riddling situation that his friend had discovered during his scuba diving trip in Antarctica that I can’t seem to understand. It’s common knowledge that ice cubes float in water, but he supposedly found an abundance of ice cubes deep underwater on a reef. 266 more words


Gearing up and Going Diving

My SCUBA adventure to Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico with my sons Phillip and Geoffrey and Phil’s wife and daughter was a great trip. An unfortunate stumble walking up an incline in soft sand caused me to torque my left knee and ankle and I decided (wisely) to stay dry for the last day of diving.  253 more words

This 'n That

Destroy The Runner: Underwater [Lyric Video]

Video: Underwater
Band: Destroy The Runner
Album: Void
Release Date: Dec 9, 2016
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Hawaii: Two Step

It’s been too long since we’ve travelled (Japan feels so long ago!), and we’ve been itching.  So when a photographer friend invited us to Hawaii for a week of photos, how could I resist? 848 more words


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We've been posting a lot for Japan, and we have more we'd like to share with you, but we do travel to other places! We thought we'd give you a bit of variety with some other locations. This was an impromptu photography trip to Hawaii, and it was quite the adventure!

Beneath the Waves

Ensign Jessalyn placed her hand on the counter palm down and swore when the display read out clearly LOW BAL. With a scowl, she pulled her hand back and shoved both into the pockets of her uniform. 345 more words



Wibbles live underwater, but they like cheese,

Which is why they often carry it in pouches bound to their knees.

Parmesan,gorgonzola,a little bit of each, 75 more words