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Kristen Stewart Eyeing a Return to Action Movies with ‘Underwater’!!

Kristen Stewart has taken her career in an interesting trajectory over the past few years. Previously saddled with the Twilight franchise and then being devoured by the gossip rags for her personal affairs, Stewart has pivoted towards indie features and received acclaim for her work in films such as… 269 more words



Long-snout Clingfish or Urchin Clingfish (Diademichthys lineatus), female. (Anilao, Philippines)

Females have a longer and finer snout than males. This sexual dimorphism induce a difference between male and female diet, so the adult female, having a longer snout, eats more often small bivalves and shrimp’s eggs than the adult male, which eat more frequently tube feet.


Platax teira (Longfin batfish)

Platax teira (Longfin batfish) found inside an old fishing trap on Secret Bay, Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia. Ironically, what was used to kill fish, turned into their own home. 62 more words


Life Under the Sea

Camana Bay, George Town, Cayman Islands

For those of us who can’t dive or simply refuse to, this mural makes you feel like you’re underwater coexisting with the fish and anemone -less the pressure issue.

Street Art

Philippines: Under the Water

My biggest regret of the Philippines was that I didn’t take my own snorkel and mask for the trip. I’d underestimated just how much time I’d end up spending under the water, resulting in overpaying rental fees for old, uncomfortable masks. 1,222 more words


Klein Curacao

Klein Curacao is an uninhabited island off the coast of Curacao. They are known for their sea turtle sightings off shore. An added bonus is an abandoned lighthouse and the wrecks on the windward side. 524 more words