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The Secret Life of an Awkward Man

Living an awkward life is like trying to open a new box of tissues. You tear off the cardboard but the plastic is being difficult and suddenly your fingers are stuck between the two flaps. 1,422 more words

Shayen Vs The World

A Mom's Perspective: Interview with Cristina

A few weeks ago a mother sent Lucky & Me an email to say thank you for providing boys’ boxer briefs which her picky son will wear. 297 more words



Things I intend to do once I get a job:

  1. Buy myself flowers.
  2. Parade around town with said flowers.
  3. Pay my student loans.
  4. Fill my parent’s gas tanks.
  5. 90 more words

50 Shades of M&S

Post travel and on the periphery of overweight (the periphery being a foreboding muffin top manifesting about my jeans waistband) I decided to re-think my wardrobe. 843 more words


Say What?

I am ALWAYS chatting with friends when I’m on my computer. Regardless of how much crap I have to finish that day, I will ALWAYS… 814 more words


Bra Wars

I used to think that bikini shopping was the worst kind of shopping of all. But now I realise at least bikinis are optional. Brassieres, however, are not – especially when, like me, your breasts have become a potential tripping hazard. 530 more words


Undie Pressure

Every mother has to draw a line somewhere. For me, it’s drawn at sewing costumes for the ballet concert. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to bake for the kindergarten stall and dress up for the School Bush Dance and even refrain from telling fart jokes to the Principal. 751 more words