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Big Tights Co - Aztec Slip Shorts - 12-14

Summer Essentials

Curvy ladies everywhere know the daily battle against chafing that happens for at least 6 months of every year. It’s hot, we sweat, we chafe. 183 more words


Bra Rules And Laws You Didn’t Know

Each woman is gifted with assets which need support. Question is how to look after them? Wearing a brassiere or bra is not sufficient. It’s important to preserve their size and shape too. 711 more words


No Fear With Underwear

Imagine going through life sitting on your ass…would you wear underwear if it just got in your way? Well, I’ve spent 20+ years saying, “NO!” 127 more words

It's pants!

I never really thought about the word ‘pants’ – pants were underwear, short for underpants, knickers, which made reading American stories so funny when I was young and the boys and men would be wearing pants! 513 more words


Word of the week (9)

Hey you guyyyyyyyys! (Bonus points for those who said it in a Goonies kind of way!)

Did you encounter any crapehangers this week? I see a few regularly, well that’s not actually true, I try not to see some regularly!!! 117 more words