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It's a Victoria's Secret kind of day

I am a huge lover of lingerie and nightwear and while things are beginning to heat up now that summer is arriving, I can sometimes feel, especially on those lazy days, a bit restricted when I wear underwear, I want to feel free. 195 more words


5 Dangerous Thing That Happens To The Body If You Don't Change Your Underwear Everyday!

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Having a clean underwear is a must for the body. This is a part of the personal hygiene of mankind. Whenever you feel that there is something wrong or if there is a need to change, don’t hesitate to replace it with a cleaner…


The Rain Left Puddles Of Fun

After a few rainy days in a row, the clouds finally let up and the sun came out yesterday, so my wife and I bundled up the two little ones while our oldest was in school, and we went mulberry picking. 219 more words

Thinx Period Panties Review

In February I made a post about Thinx Period Panties.

I ordered the boy short style, which is for ‘medium’ days. I’ve worn them several times. 158 more words


You Can't Take it With You

Or can you…?

Here is a complete list of everything I have packed for my hitchhiking adventure beginning Monday, May 30th.

4 pairs of socks. 4 pairs of underwear. 92 more words



Italian top model Fabio Mancini is back in the spotlight with a stunning new campaign, shot by photographer Joseph Cardo. Enlisted by underwear label Incanto as the face of its newest masculine offering, Fabio spends few moments under the sun, showing his chiseled body in a series of glamorous ads. 73 more words


Isosceles lingerie

Isosceles is a triangle with two sides equal in length. This latin word is derived from ancient Greek; iso meaning equal and skelos meaning leg. 67 more words