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New Opportunities in Marijuana Underwriting - Don't Let Them Go Up in Smoke!

-by DuWayne Kilbo

Known scientifically as cannabis and commonly referred to as weed, pot, and many other slang terms, marijuana is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the US today, and is also used in the treatment of various medical disorders. 1,052 more words

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Dear Future Buyer,
Congratulations! You have just made it past one of the biggest hurdles on the road towards owning your new home. Now that we are “under contract” there are a few more pit stops along the road towards “closing.” 344 more words

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Gender Pronouns and Overwriting

Blogging the Editing: Day #2

3rd January, 2018

I’ve been dreading revisiting Chapter Three because it was told from a non-human character’s perspective and was about a sudden and unwanted change. 298 more words


Now Spotify Is Daring To Disrupt The Investment Banking Industry

When a privately owned company decides to list its shares on a public exchange. it is expected to follow the rules.

What rules? Well, for starters, the company is expected to hire an investment bank to guide it through the legal process. 296 more words

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My (unofficial) Checklist for Underwriters: What to do when your story is too short.

Hey there, fellow underwriters. Are you sick of writing out a scene only to realize you haven’t actually written anything? Are you also sick of hearing self-proclaimed overwriters telling you to show, don’t tell? 1,574 more words

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North American Announces WriteAway Accelerated Underwriting

Would you like to have fully-underwritten pricing with no paramedical exam and no fluids taken from your clients?  Let us introduce you to the newest process from North American, WriteAway accelerated underwriting. 53 more words

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