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Secrets of Bonding #153: The Last Hurrah!

Birth and death.

Ebb and flow.

The world has a natural rhythm that affects all things, including the surety business.

So here it is, The Last Hurrah. 319 more words

Secrets Of Bonding

As you start the home buying process, you may hear terms that can be confusing and unclear.  Let me explain some of the terms you’ll need to know: 251 more words

Inflammatory Myopathy Mortality Highest in First Year

Adults with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IIM) have a threefold higher risk for death, and that risk is highest during the first year after diagnosis, a study found.

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Underwriting Marijuana

The marijuana industry is growing in record numbers while becoming legalized in many states at the same time. Entrepreneurs are hitting the jack pot in sales instantly within one year of opening. 247 more words

[Jenna Moreci] Tips for Underwriters: How to Lengthen Your Novel

Ah, YouTube’s recommendation engine knows me so well. These tips for underwriters from Jenna Moreci just popped up, and I’m gonna keep hold of ’em. 194 more words

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1 Real Estate License with 30 Career Options

我從2006年拿到Real Estate Salesperson License, 開始做住宅地產經紀開始到現在也十年了, 中間經歷過2008-2010金融風暴, 房價從2010年開始上揚至今七年, 似乎因供需不平衡, 依然不見熱度降低.  今年我因受朋友之託, 開始做住宅租賃管理, 因此開始準備考Broker License.

我想多數人應該不是很清楚房地產業的從業人員的基本資格要求, 職稱, 職務, 薪資, 支出費用, 工作內容等, 就讓我詳細地寫一篇介紹文, 來紀念我做地產經紀人的第一個十年.

Real Estate Agent有二種執照: Salesperson and Broker. 729 more words

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