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Potent images capture the stolen moments of families split by migration

That said, it is still a barrier. (Not to be mistaken with a wall. Across the globe, advocates for border barriers make a point of calling these obstructions “fences,” while opponents often invoke the word “wall.”) 1,096 more words

Human And Civil Rights

"We're All Mexican": A Song About Racism in America

The title of the song, “We’re all Mexican” is intended as a metaphor symbolizing that we can all become the victims of racism and bigotry at any moment as Mexicans are experiencing in recent times.

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That Was Then; This is Now: Part 2

This is a re-post from Ana Fores-Tamayo’s’ blog Adjunct Justice [http://adjunct-justice.blogspot.com/].

Given that the issue of undocumented immigrants in the United States has moved to the forefront during this year’s still nascent presidential campaign, and given that much of the discussion of immigration has been quite generalized and abstract, this sort of personalized perspective on the contemporary experience seems all the more necessary and valuable. 2,232 more words


Nativists: Walling Americans out of Freedom

The year is 1961. A wall has been built through the center of Berlin. A fortified system of fences and smaller walls stretches across the Iron Curtain. 788 more words

American Politics

Nationalist update: September 18, 2015


Twenty-three high school students in Montgomery County, Virginia were suspended for peacefully protesting their school’s ban on clothing which displays the Confederate flag. Their school is 80% White and specifically singles out the Southern banner as not permitted. 399 more words


Bill de Blasio Rips Carly Fiorina on Abortion

Mayor Bill de Blasio today slammed rising Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina for her pro-life attacks on Planned Parenthood in the GOP debate on Wednesday night. 568 more words

The Wall

Republicans have been talking for years about building a wall between Mexico and The United States. When John McCain ran for president against President Obama in 2008, that was one of his… 186 more words

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