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Governor Greg Abbott Of Texas Opposes Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

This evening I received an email from the Texas Organizing Project. It contained the graphic below.

Greg Abbott of Texas, our recently elected governor, is obviously opposed to providing safety, security, and hope to undocumented immigrants who come to Texas seeking a safer and more secure place to live, rear their families, and better their futures.

No Human is Illegal.


Latino Quote of the Day - Rudy Ruiz

“I had family and deep roots on both sides of the border and my deepest instinct was always to search for ways to build bridges between our two cultures, languages and countries.”   –    Rudy Ruiz, Mexican-American author, advocate, social entrepreneur.  77 more words

Latino Quote

Viewpoint: Texas lawmakers are failing undocumented students

I always feel a trace of disappointment when discussing my state’s politics.

That’s because I was raised in Texas.

Currently, regressive Texas lawmakers are debating whether to pass SB 1819, a bill that would require in-state undocumented students to pay out-of-state tuition at public higher-ed institutions. 476 more words


Health Insurance Issues for Illegal Immigrants

The poor options for insurance for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. make it only more imperative that comprehensive immigration reform be passed for the sake of the states’ residents. 243 more words


Millions Spent Lobbying By Private Prison Corporations To Keep A Quota Of Arrested Immigrants, Report Says

via Think Progress.

Private prison corporations spent $11 million over six years to lobby Congress to keep immigrants in detention centers, a new report…

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It looks like Hillary Clinton has already flip-flopped on two major issues

By Colin Campbell, Business Insider

In her first week on the presidential campaign trail, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to trying to modify her past positions on two key issues. 372 more words

Daily Newsfeed

Al Sharpton launches hunger strike over Loretta Lynch vote; Republicans use abortion fight to block attorney general confirmation for Loretta Lynch; Hilary Clinton takes a firm stance on driver’s licenses for undocumented workers; Brazilian Model Gisele Bundchen takes her last cat walk in São Paulo; and GOP Presidential Contender Marco Rubio says he attended a gay wedding. 52 more words