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A Portrait of the Artist as an Undocumented Immigrant

J.M. Servín| For Love of the Dollar: A Portrait of the Artist as An Undocumented Immigrant | Unnamed Press | translated by Anthony Seidman | March 2017  5,020 more words


Coming to America

America is made up of immigrants to left their home to make a new home. Everyone in America is an immigrant or is related to an immigrant. 105 more words

Immigration During the Colonial Era

From its earliest days, America has been a nation of immigrants, starting with its original inhabitants, who crossed the land bridge connecting Asia and North America tens of thousands of years ago. 40 more words

ICYMI - Enquête: le Montréal des sans-papiers

One of the relatively rare articles that I have seen regarding sans-papiers. And being undocumented, we have no good data on how many there are: 358 more words


Dreamers: Redefinir El Sueño Americano

I recently participated in the production of a Spanish-language podcast series named Dreamers: Redefinir El Sueño Americano (Dreamers: Redefining the American Dream). Alongside my peers, Sharon Carrillo and Amber Partida, we spoke about Diego Sepulveda’s experience as a gay undocumented student and how that inspired him to become an activist for the undocumented and LGBTQ communities. 56 more words


Superman Isn't Coming

He was born Kal-El and hailed from Krypton originally. His beloved father helped coordinate a narrow escape, one that would make him a refugee.

Although gifted with compassion and supernatural ability, he remained an outsider to western culture. 431 more words