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7-Mode Invoke a Java Based Shell

Use an undocumented java shell on the filer which grants the ability to use cp, mv and other commands.  Here is an example of the command to drop to the java shell and a list of the commands available: 63 more words

Java Shell

We create. We envision. And we live.

The best thinking happens between dreams and waking thoughts

Between the should-be’s and the is’s

Should we be hypothesizing realities embedded in fantasy?


This will not make sense to many — that’s an assumption I am operating on. 557 more words


Undocumented Students

I have been exceptionally terrible at updating this blog, but…this past semester I did a research project on undocumented students in the U.S.  It is a topic not many people think about…or know about, for that matter.   453 more words

Why Pay For Mine When I Can Take Yours

There is much chatter recently about undocumented students being offered free Federal aid to finance public college tuition. March is the deadline to apply for FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) for this fall’s incoming freshmen.  823 more words

College Funding

Saga of the Ramirez Family---XI----Headed to the Border With My Memories

When the bus came rolling up to the store, Papi turned to Uncle Antonio, “Right on time.”
We were having so much fun telling old stories about our families, that it seemed like the bus arrived in only five or ten minutes. 517 more words


MICHAEL MCCONNELL: Why Obama’s Immigration Order Was Blocked

Wall Street Journal: The injunction isn’t about prosecutorial discretion. It is about granting illegal aliens benefits not allowed by law.

Late Monday night, a federal district court in Brownsville, Texas, entered an order prohibiting enforcement of the Obama administration’s program granting lawful status to some four million or five million undocumented aliens. 41 more words


No One Should Ever Cross Another Country's Border Illegally----------------In A Perfect World

Why would someone from El Salvador, Honduras, or Guatemala spend between 2,000—10,000 dollars, depending on their U.S. destination, to trek all the way through Mexico in order to get into the U.S. 573 more words