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Supporters Vow To Continue Fight Next Year For Undocumented Student Aid

(CBS Connecticut) — As the General Assembly session winds down and lawmakers have yet to pass a budget, a large number of bills will die when time runs out at midnight. 162 more words


Diversity Legal Pipeline 2016: Open to undocumented students in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA


The Centro Legal de la Raza created the Diversity Legal Pipeline (DLP)  to help undergraduate students of color gain a better understanding of the law school application process, LSAT exam, careers in law, law school, and legal persuasive writing.   118 more words


Damages of Illegal Immigration upon Economy

As illegal immigrants have continued to enter the United States in rapidly increasing numbers throughout the latter half of the twentieth century until present, the debate over illegal immigration has intensified; citizens and lawmakers alike now ponder how to handle this so-called “immigrant crisis.” Although some citizens have responded with a push towards more “hands off” policies, the reality of the situation is that the U.S. 690 more words


Legal Advocate Fellowship: Open to undocumented youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Educators For Fair Consideration offers a one-year long legal advocate fellowship program, which provides comprehensive immigration law training and hands-on experience analyzing cases, writing memos, and providing follow-up calls to undocumented young people across the United States.   187 more words


On May Day, let's take back the immigration debate

By Tomas Kennedy

Growing up undocumented was a stressful experience. I lived with the nagging fear that any little mistake, any circumstantial event that found me in the wrong place at the wrong time, could potentially end with the deportation of my parents and I, and everything we had worked so hard for as a family would be taken away from us. 558 more words


Pursuing an education: Ismael's experience and advice


My life as an immigrant has been overwhelming in many different ways, therefore I feel that I have to share my story. Being an immigrant I can help others through my own experiences by giving examples of my personal social and economic growth. 974 more words


The Undocumented Black Mind: My Story

NOTE: I presented the following as a talk given at Columbia University as part of the “I am an Undocumented Immigrant: Let’s Talk About It!”  1,315 more words