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The Monday Rounds

Refugees in Idaho, Christian victims of the Nepalese earthquake, LGBT anti-discrimination gains in Kenya, and more in today’s Rounds… 540 more words

The Rounds

5 Things You Need To Know About DACA and DAPA

By Karla Lainez

Millions of students and parents are eagerly waiting to obtain legal status in the U.S. to find employment and continue their education with recent legislation presented by President Barak Obama. 836 more words

Student Work

An Undocumented Student's College Dreams Crushed

There is a student in my school, Giancarlo Tejeda, and his story has just recently come out. He is an undocumented child of Colombian immigrants and even though he has been in the U.S since he was three years old, his family hasn’t been able to receive papers. 159 more words

Loose Thoughts

Giancarlo Tejeda

Giancarlo Tejeda, one of MLEC’s top students, revealed his family secret to Fabiola Santiago from the Miami Herald two days ago. He has received acceptances from the University of Florida and New York University, but is struggling because he is undocumented. 29 more words


Indebted and Grateful

Wednesday April 8, 2015 I am grateful for my student debt. Yes, you read that correctly. I am grateful for my student debt. Why? Because it means that I have been lucky enough to go far enough in my education to be able to accrue that debt. 705 more words


A story at CPP

Imagine yourself being in a completely new country, learning the language, having to adapt to the culture, and leaving everything you knew behind. Imagine leaving family, friends, and just the familiarity of your hometown just in search of a better future. 485 more words