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Research #7: For unaccompanied minors living in LA, the struggle doesn't stop at the destination

Unaccompanied minors escape violence in their home Central American countries by going to the United States. That is, with the expectation of refuge, but in what form does refuge come? 220 more words

LMSA "Si Se Puede" Scholarship: Open to undocumented students


The Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is offering a “Sí Se Puede” Scholarship for pre-medical students applying to accredited U.S. Medical Schools. Personal qualities, financial need, academic and extracurricular achievement will be considered in the selection process. 237 more words


Detailed Twitter info in JSON: an undocumented feature

Using a script, I wanted to figure out the number of my followers on Twitter. Here is my (mostly abandoned) Twitter page: https://twitter.com/szathmar . I didn’t want to use any API since I didn’t want to register for an API key so I went on the easy way: let’s scrape the necessary data out :) Digging in the HTML code I found the number of followers, but I also found a hidden treasure! 265 more words


My Research Proposal

As the reading, “Creating a Research Problem” recommended, I decided to think about what most interests me before coming up with my research proposal. Immediately my mind started focusing on children and what borders they are caught in. 165 more words

Research #6: "I am Angy Rivera. I was an undocumented immigrant in America for 20 years"

For many undocumented immigrants in the United States, living in the shadows is not an option but a necessity. For Angy Rivera, being able to leave the shadow meant revealing that she was sexually abused by her stepfather at a very young age. 210 more words

PODER DACA Grant: Open to undocumented students at the University of California, Riverside


PODER is an undocumented youth-led organization at the University of California, Riverside. They recently announced their yearly DACA scholarship.

Here are the eligibility requirements: 111 more words


My experience with ICE, CBP, DHS & USCIS


It all started one morning on January 4, 2011 while I was riding a Greyhound bus from Utah to Louisiana to attend college. 771 more words