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A to Z Blogging Challenge: Undoing

Undoing their rationale… unraveling their reason. The wolf and djinn become unbound from their civilized states growing more to their demonic sides.

Ciera simply watched as Efrit and Miranda began to pick at one another: one was battling on the side of Gods; the other pointing out the weakness of Gods. 562 more words


the wild man, the recluse, the rustic
edgeling, hermit, housebound, hidebound
when magic is so somewhere not here
when here is not a muddled blunder… 77 more words



There are knots in my stomach

Knots or butterflies?


A beat.

Why do you think there are knots in your stomach?

Maybe I ate something terrible or maybe my insides are suddenly inexplicably combusting. 582 more words


Landlocked in Fur

I was meditating with my cat the other day
and all of a sudden she shouted,
“What happened?”

I knew exactly what she meant, but encouraged… 93 more words


Learning to Trust

I know too well

the anxiety of a toddler

the fear of a dog

brought home from the pound

you have been gone for hours… 46 more words

Poetic Words

Fiction: Undoing by Kim Magowan

Reasons to do it:

To get you out of my system. Because the reality of you can never match the fantasy– no matter how great you are, how skillful, how tender your touch, how inventive your sweet talk. 2,245 more words