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Mr Tan Goes to Washington: The Undoing of a Tech Mega-Deal

(Source: sg.finance.yahoo.com)

US President Donald Trump in November welcomed Broadcom CEO Hock Tan’s decision to move the company back to the United States, but this week blocked the Singapore firm’s planned takeover of US chip rival Qualcomm (AFP File Photo/NICHOLAS KAMM) 2,047 more words

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The Undoing of Not Doing

I feel like a crazy person. Most days I can’t put a cohesive thought together. I also cannot hold a train of thought. I flit from one idea to the next. 1,026 more words


caution for chance, my love

we are connected only by skin and bones tonight

the result of our diverse undoing


the Undoing Project, 2017

The Undoing Project, Michael Lewis, 2017

The ‘35’: a group of Israeli soldiers who intended to march under cover of darkness, but the sun rose to find them still marching. 718 more words

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Yours for the Undoing

If I can trust you with my nightmares–
while living out my dreams–
and you’ll never turn a blind eye
to the internal, haunting screams, 19 more words


#1: An obscure temptation

On some days, I need to mark a safe distance to save my clumsy heart from falling off the cliff which it has really grown fond of- the point where my urge to be loved always dreams of taking a blind leap of faith even after tumbling down multiple times, scraping my skin, the very same skin where you leave marks of remembrance in Morse code only I could decipher, while your eyes try to meet mine. 412 more words