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Undulate: v. to move a body with smooth wavelike movements


Undulating was a relatively minor part of the dance choreography.  When a ship moves smoothly up and down in the waves it could be said to be undulating in the water. 80 more words

Common Sense

The William Redver Stark sketchbooks: impressions and paper

In this part of the sketchbook examination, we are exploring two additional facets of page mapping. The first part will look at impressions left from the artist’s instruments on the drawing paper; the second will examine the paper and the bookbinding techniques in the sketchbooks. 682 more words

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Bonaparte’s gulls’ river undulation.

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Eureka // Undulation

To the edge of hell and back…the track Undulation by Tokyo artist Eureka is a 20 minute trip across many regions of dark musical mastery. Surely great soundtrack music for your next personal journey.


My Relationship with Art History is like Baroque Art

Taking a decent art history course is a love-hate relationship. If there’s studying and testing involved, it will be a relationship of complete hatred. That’s because it is utter torture to memorize a work’s artist, material, location, style, content, themes, and exactly how it reflects the period it was made in. 1,076 more words


The Process of Undulation

We’ve all had those days where we laid down at the end of the night, sighing in exhaustion yet smiling in satisfaction, with all that we’ve gotten accomplished throughout the day. 841 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: ON Top

Ah the ignoble slug undulating in an attempt to reach the ground safely. This critter and a few others of his kind ended up on the Top of the gazebo cover in the storm of the night before. 45 more words