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Fear of wanting

Fear is an interesting emotion to explore. Physically it is a hormone that is pumped through our adrenal gland, activating a fight or flight mechanism to keep us safe. 402 more words


New Horned Dinosaur Species Unearthed In Utah

A new species of horned dinosaur has been unearthed by scientists in southern Utah.

Remains of the animal, named Machairoceratops cronusi, suggest it was about 26 feet long, weighed two tons and ate plants. 420 more words

Daily News

Butterflies: Unearthed

Here I go again,
Being stripped bare, uncovered,
I preferred it when I was under
Everything I ever wanted;
It could always be played out… 93 more words



Hey all,

Hope everyone is having an amazing week. We’re almost to the weekend mark, so yayyy congratulations on making it this far! So I have an amusing q for y’all, isn’t it just interesting when you’re having a conversation with someone you know and everything sounds like a legal disclaimer? 213 more words


Big Bad Echo - It Takes A Big Dog To Weigh A Tonne

The ability to create immersive soundscapes within music is a complex task to achieve. It takes commitment and dedication to craft a sound that forms a journey for the listener and creates clear imagery to be formed when played. 300 more words


Things you didn't know about Yoga!

Is it just stretching for spiritual junkies?? 

Stretching is the superficial aspect of Yoga that most people know of. The truth is that Yoga is far more a mental exercise than the physical; yes one uses breath exercises and coordination to adapt their bodies in to various positions and this is a physical experience. 492 more words


When everything fails.

We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up when things don’t work out the way we wanted them to. Whether it’s people letting you down, not getting the job you wanted, losing what we love, whatever it may be. 267 more words