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SayLore Sees

If you’ve ever wondered about the lack of pictures on this blog it is not because I have anything against them. Contrarily  I am a painter, an artist, and live in spaces with constant visual stimulation. 150 more words


introductions, salutations

I’ve done this before, hundreds of times per day for as long as I can remember. The words are different each time. The tone, focus, and nature of the speech can different than the last time, 6but every day I do the same thing in my head. 485 more words


“your hand in mine” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Saturday August 20, 2016
5 minutes
Heard in a song on Co-op radio

your hand in mine we jump and i’m not sure about the aerodynamics and i’m not sure about the landing but i am sure about you and me and what kind of magic we are going to make here. 105 more words

The Estuary

This is an unedited image, I might have brightened the foreground a little if processed but decided to add something straight out of the camera.


Rear view

This morning in my rearview mirror I saw a woman and her daughter and the looks on both of their faces were very familiar to me the mother was talking to her daughter and constantly looking at hurt for some kind of recognition that she understood or that she had an opinion or just some kind of response and the girl was staring forward trying her best not to give anything away and I know that whole scenario way too well and I often got it when my mom I wanted to talk about the future and I didn’t want to think about it I still get it it’s still a thing that happens and then you just see the moms had went back and forth from looking at the road to looking at the daughter the daughter just stares forward as hard as she can and then I don’t know what she said but the mother said something and the daughter just lost it she was gone and there was yelling and hand motions I don’t know and then the mom always looks really hurt and I don’t know why because if you keep poking and poking and poking eventually that’s what happens and I just I don’t know it was too familiar and it kind of hurt to watch for my rearview mirror on my way to work

"level of trust" by Sasha on the couch at Macdonell

Monday August 15, 2016
5 minutes
Oct 2016 issue

She’s oblivious. Floating above herself, she brushes a fruit fly from her peripheral vision. She’s oblivious. 111 more words

"bore you with another list " by Sasha in the garden at Macdonell

Sunday August 14, 2016
5 minutes

1. I’m sorry.
2. I’m sorry.
3. I’m sorry.
4. I’m so sorry.
5. I’m sorry.
6. I feel bad. 38 more words