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This Blog.

I’ve tried to explain this blog before. It’s unedited. I don’t draft. I don’t research. Words flow onto the page without preparation, time or re-reading. 187 more words

Prompt 13

Prompt: “A girl’s reaction to finding out the man she is head over heels for is leaving her for his ex.”

Cara bounced around the tiny apartment fixing the decorations for her fiancée’s, Paul, celebratory dinner. 1,795 more words

Black Women Writers

This Will Hurt

After he leaves, it feels like you’ve been hit by a truck.

You shouldn’t be surprised though.

After all the first thing he said to you was, “this will hurt”. 158 more words



I desperately wanted to write today. I mean, I write everyday, but then I edit, and add and subtract words and phrases, and re-arrange thoughts and verses, until I achieve a satisfying equation of expression. 345 more words


Unedited. Always.

This blog is my get it out there blog. I simply type the words. I never edit. I never proof read.  Not that I couldn’t, or shouldn’t I just choose not to. 202 more words

2. Crash Landing

I sat back in my chair, carved from a tree trunk still rooted in to the ground, as I took it all in. It was weird… being all alone. 920 more words


Mr. Americano

“Can I have a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato.” The lady didn’t even look up from her phone as she ordered. Her tone was flat, and when Sarah gave her her total, she finally looked up, annoyed that she had to give her phone over for Sarah to scan her Gold Card on the Starbucks app. 861 more words