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A Road To Happiness

∴ Imagine a road to happiness and on this road there are lanterns. A lot of them. Each one representing hope and the next level towards that amazing feeling. 296 more words


Brighton Walk: Crossing London

So these are two images I chose to represent my leaving London on Tuesday. The first is the start of a series of tunnels and bridges crossing multiple railways in succession which I like because of the cyclist emerging out of the tunnel in a reasonably friendly fashion whilst the rest of the photo is quite the opposite with the big grey gates and barbed wire above not exactly screaming ‘friendly’. 116 more words

[Eromazun] St. Helena Academy 2 -A School Occupied by Terrorists Becomes a Rape Festival-

This one took a while. Basically, we’re continuing on from the last chapter where girls from all sorts of shows are in a single school which has been invaded by rapist terrorists. 77 more words


Brighton Walk: I made it, just.

I did my first journey! I walked to Brighton, from London Victoria, over the course of three days. It was much tougher than I expected from shaking at night to feeling ill throughout my final day. 111 more words

I'm Back...

∴ Long time no speak dear reader. I’m sorry that I left you hanging. Things got pretty hectic. It was just a roller coaster of a mess. 150 more words


Behind a writer's block is...

You, with the narrow eyes and bold brows,

You line my poems and imprint your words on every sentence I craft.

Now, every time I try to write, I am haunted. 128 more words


[Oyster] Family Planning

This is on the darker side of standard Oyster fare. Girl gets kidnapped while out driving with her father and faces a lifetime of gang rape locked up in the house of a psychotic madman. 202 more words