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"You could fight in the conventional ways" by Sasha at her desk

Monday September 19, 2016
5 minutes
The Deep
Nick Cutter

You could do this in the conventional way but you don’t.
You invite a stranger over way after the sun’s gone down. 69 more words


As I said, I’m usually the one who is in front of the camera. But I do have practice at school on using the camera. So let me share a couple of pictures that I’ve made. 22 more words



Severing. Cutting the cord. Boundaries. Mother’s milk. Hand on my back. Opening my mouth. Cord snaking out, sticky and thick and unending, an infinite belly coil I keep pulling on, years and years and a recurring dream of not being able to cut it — the more I try, the more it becomes something like glue, impossible and uncooperative, stretching from and gumming up the sharp blade. 448 more words


I tell anyone who calls me one, that I’m not a writer.
I think people who are called writers are those who take writing serious. I only write when my emotions are in sync with my fingers and most of the things I write are left unread for years and this blog is a reflection of my personality. 174 more words

Aidee Erhime

The Most Honest Piece I've Ever Written

I feel completely defeated.

I don’t know why I’m even writing this.

The biggest dreams I have for my life, the one biggest, seems further away than ever. 921 more words

Daily Blog

you'll understand when you're older.

mommy, what does happy feel like?

“it’s like when you smile and everything is nice.”

mommy, what does sad feel like?

“it’s like when your grandma died. 330 more words

Why To Eat an Elephant -or- Life Lessons from the Creative Process #Idontknowwhatthefuckimdoing

Writing is daunting.


Committing to writing this novel is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever looked at. Even as I write this. Knowing that it’s what I want to do, … 491 more words

Daily Blog