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[Yakitate Jamaica] 8 Hours Non-Stop Endurance - Kay endures 8 Straight Hours of Non-Stop Sex

Sanders University’s attached High School – Tank Club Public Relations Committee Endurance Gang Bang Event.

I feel like that title sort of describes pretty much what goes on here. 41 more words


What did GOD do?

As usual, Facebook and Whatsapp activists are all up in arms about the inconceivable crimes committed against Asifa. I don’t have to talk about it in more detail, I’m sure everyone knows the story. 579 more words


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She needed him; he needed her too. It had taken a lot of determination to tell her that it was over. Her reaction had surprised and overwhelmed him. 249 more words

Creative Writing

"Jon came home" by Julia on the 99

Friday, April 13, 2018
5 minutes
Modern Grief
Nancy Westaway

I saw him first bundled up from the cold in my godmother’s arms. I didn’t like him from the start-he was too young to play with. 108 more words

unedited thoughts

Some unedited late night thoughts, quickly scrawled, thanks to insomnia:

The dull sunlight
splashed across the table
as she tried to write
Something with depth
from a shallow existence.

April 2018

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He was smitten, and scared. Smitten and scared. She was perfect for him. She understood his flaws and wasn’t chased off by his kind of craziness. 165 more words

Creative Writing

"They would tell everyone" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Thursday, April 12, 2018
5 minutes
Audience of One
Rob de Boyrie

Gert’s getting better at keeping quiet, but it’s never been her strong suit. 78 more words