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Im a mess

I feel like you’re gone

Cause you already are
I never knew this would come

That you would go so far

far from me

Far from my heart… 116 more words

Poetry and sleep

I keep writing poems to myself in the dark of night when I am drifting off to sleep. What happens to those poems is kind of like what happens to the splattering of rain drops forming a pattern on the surface of the pond, when they go unobserved. 128 more words


Unedited Poem #11

i stop to share

a quiet moment

with the air.

a train in the

distance announces

its goodbye.

and the mountain


for my reply. 7 more words


Lesson 56

It’s Wednesday again, so it’s time to look at another lesson. As promised, we’re talking about the positive side of spending all of that money. 333 more words

Writing Tips

This sound this morning

This sound this morning
of the wind hitting the windows —
it’s a hoarseness
that’s different,

and the cleaned up back yard
is only going to become a jungle again… 87 more words



Soft sunlight after the storm. One of my absolute favorite natural lightings! Such a shame it only lasts so long.


[Kawady MAX] Sexually Tortured Girls Ch. 10

Kana to the rescue! Save Mayuko’s bouncing baby boobies!

Unfortunately, this earns her a solid raping. Which as usual gets up Yuki’s nose (even though she was apparently OK with Mayuko getting beaten to death with steel pipes) and so she steps in and does her tough little girl act. 39 more words

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