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Essential Oils and Heartfelt Sincerity

I’m not “into” a lot. If we’re going for blunt, I’m not really “into” anything. I make myself frozen rice (white with veggies or brown) with frozen veggies (corn, peas, string beans, cauliflower, and/or broccoli) or frozen chicken (grilled… 1,332 more words

Real Life Stories

I'm a little afraid that

I’m a little afraid that
I was only unafraid of death
Because I wanted to feel good about myself being a quality person.

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Riffing: Airport: Astaire’s Fascinating Rhythm Part I

(A stream of consciousness poem)

I’m sitting but not still

I’m drumming digits quick and repetitious until

You walk through my peripheral vision… 158 more words


Bimbos - Novel excerpt (unedited 1st draft)

This is something I was working on a while ago, but it’s on hold. This is not the one I’m working on for class mostly because I don’t have the specifics of the story worked out. 1,780 more words


Writing poems doesn't really bring us anything

Writing poems doesn’t really bring us anything. It’s more than just a puzzle, it’s a carefully designed trap. Being a pessimist is an assertion of style. 61 more words

Found From Vaults