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Tired.sleep.do I have to…wake now?why not in.another.time? Feel so tried. What does it mean to fly? All I feel,all I see,through the half.of.my.eyelids is the night holding on to this…day have you come?will you drum off the sleep?the night stuck firm to my.mind. 44 more words

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My younger self;

For some reason I had this sudden feeling that I should write to you. I was told letters written over binary bits, ones and zeros pasted on a page floating on the internet, sometimes slipped back in time into the dreams of our younger selves. 650 more words


“Share the love” by Sasha at UBC

Wednesday May 25, 2016
5 minutes
From a sign at Platform Seven

English muffins with butter and scrambled eggs on the side and a few slices of tomato. 92 more words


The passion that burns,binds,runs away with…my soul needs more, craves,can’t bear the thought,wait,wave of…nothingness. It’s hungry. I’m hungry for more. I want to,will to,do, choose to run,trip,fall over and over to,till I get to…you and the me of.dreams.cant.stay.awake. 62 more words

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What do you hear when you speak?do you listen/write/read into the words from shattered,more tattered lips? Our lives are the page of the tale you make. 94 more words

Creative Writing

"a dozen individuals aged" by Sasha on her porch

Tuesday May 24, 2016
5 minutes
John Ajvide Lindqvist

You find a payphone and you haven’t used one in so long that you forget how it works. 99 more words

"you smiled at me" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday May 23, 2016
5 minutes
Bobby Hebb

you smiled at me and I was an eagle in a birch on the tip top branch looking out over the whole earth thinking it was mine and then we were swimming together dolphins in the greenest water dolphins shaking seaweed from our hair the guitar music reminds me of the mobile in the nursery where the baby sleeps where the baby sleeps the cubs and the birdies and the fawns… 35 more words