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One unedited sentence (plus a little more) from the upcoming Part Forty Three of You Will Find Your Way

“Don’t read anything out loud,” Giselle turns her glare to Hilda. 51 more words


Alex Drowns and Danny Laughs

Alex was always told that his fear of pool filters were irrational, and yet, the last thing he remembered was slowly sinking further into deep blue chlorine-shocked water. 847 more words


memory of marmalade

Orange marmalade on sourdough and boiled spinach on rice. Those two things would always remind him of his grandfather. The scent of orange blossoms and spicy green scent of a happy garden. 348 more words


the cottage

Dramatis personæ et animalium:

Tangerine Amadeus – a small cat

Vivian – her owner who has lost her mind

Trefoil – Vivian’s Cashmere goat and Tangerine’s best friend… 244 more words


"system of divination." By Julia at 49th Paralell

Monday May 22, 2017
5 minutes
An interview with Chani Nicholas in lennyletter.com

Aunt Bobby moves to a ranch but hates horses
Mama Lilia tells her if she wants to hear what her voice sounds like… 105 more words

"I tried to get Ben to go see it" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Friday May 19, 2017
5 minutes
Overheard at Alex and Charles’ place

Ben makes the potato salad and I roast corn on the barbecue. We’ve barely spoken all day. 85 more words