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[Oricomplex] Angel Dust (Queen's Blade)

Leila slaughters all the women in children in a town, but leaves the men alive to repent and see the error of their ways. This may have been an error on her part. 56 more words


Her midichlorian count is off the charts.

Yo, are you even watching, Chevy says throwing another bottle cap at the side of my head. It rings off the arm of my glasses, plastic against metal. 679 more words


“what it means to have light” by Julia at her desk

Wednesday September 20, 2017


5 minutes

from the LIT call for artists

I think what it means is to be glowing from the inside out… 121 more words

[Tamakiya] Slave Girl (Mobile Suit Gundam)

I honestly don’t even remember translating this. But cool! Scripts!

Rape something something village bike loves the cock omgmoresemenplskthx. Also, why do all the work yourself when you can rope other girls into getting raped for you. 37 more words



The genie puffed his chest, his tail wavering at the mouth of the bottle. “And, what is your third wish?”

Shilo frowned. What could top his first kiss? 383 more words


Old Acquaintances

I’m on my fourth beer when Death approaches.

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” I say, tossing twigs into the fire and waving a hand at the folding chair full of coors. 708 more words


Photography favorite: Color Gels!

If you don’t know too much about photography you are probably saying, ‘Jess… What are Color Gels?’.

Besides my FAVORITE tool in photography! (so far) 300 more words