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[Akigami Satoru] No apologies for getting you pregnant

This continues on from Go by Creampie.

All that stuff about the travelling being more memorable than the destination? Bollocks. The girls are making a solid effort to make the destination more memorable, along with some friends of theirs. 35 more words

Script Only

“Eye Candy” by Sasha in the garden at Joe Creek Artist Residency

Thursday, July 30, 2015
5 minutes
From a shop in NYC

You’ve got that look on your face that says, “Come here, Eye Candy. Come here and let me butterfly kiss you.” 85 more words


Unedited Therapy: A Mind Exposed

Do not fear my loves. You already know far too much.


Greetings Lovers,

I am desperately into the raw exposure of this world. Too often we keep thoughts hidden and disorders/depression under our blankets. 86 more words


Unedited Therapy: A Mind Exposed

Before I can publish The Box of Chocolates Experiment Phase One I had something else to publish.

I was writing a book. Well I’ve been writing three books for a bit now. 120 more words


unedited (i)

there are some days that i want to get out in the world and work and have responsibilities and pay taxes and be an adult and face reality and the way things are and say hi to the person across the street and invite them for some coffee… 240 more words