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The CIA’s interest in unidentified flying objects has fluctuated over the last half-century. In the U.S.A. at present time, “95 percent of all Americans have at least heard or read something about UFOs, and 57 percent believe they are real,” according to Gerald K. 623 more words


Virtual Assistance

Hello Everyone, This is the first short story that I wrote for my science fiction class back in October at University. It is inspired by this article in New Scientist Magazine: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2104634-stressed-were-teaching-computers-to-help-handle-our-feelings/. 1,140 more words

Creative Writing

Your Relationship with Time (a random evening thought)

I think of time as a partner, in a way. You see, we all have a relationship with our environment. And often times we don’t realize how our actions affect us. 183 more words

"Could have walked by now" by Sasha at her desk

Sunday December 4, 2016
5 minutes
Overheard on Burrard street

Take my good word, you could’ve walked all the way home by now.
Take my advice and don’t ever turn your underwear inside out and wear it for a second day. 86 more words

"Fruit can wait" by Sasha in her bed

Friday December 2, 2016
5 minutes
From a text

I listen to music louder now
and pick pomegranate seeds out of their
cozy wombs in the morning before I… 41 more words

Soap chapter 11

Agni here~ This is the last (unedited) chapter for this week. I will try to keep the schedule of one (unedited) chapter per week. As for the edited chapter, it get no schedule. 1,192 more words


Soap Chapter 10

Hello again~. Like before, this is the unedited version of chapter 10. It may have grammatical mistake and the accuracy is not guaranteed. I will publish the edited version once my editor finish editing them. 1,389 more words