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Back to real life!

Oh boy, it has been a while since I’ve been here. Lots to talk about. It is a personal blog post stroke so that will the majority of what I write about. 676 more words

I left my job

I hated my job. It was time for me to go. At this point I’d had enough of the crap and I really needed to get out of there and find something that was better for me. 413 more words

My 29-year-old brother has been living in his room for the past 11 years, and has done nothing besides browsing the internet and watching Netflix.

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Hi everyone, I’m writing this post in the hope that someone can provide insight on the position my older brother is in, how he perceives me, and how best I should intervene into turning his life around. 3,478 more words

Unemployed Graduates

Every toddler commences with schooling at an age prescribed and said for kinder-garden.  Modest or fancy schooling is determined by family income. Overall majority of the kids make it to the and a bulk also gets through high school where as many make it to college… 263 more words

Unemployed? Now what?

Let’s say you’ve lost your job. Whether that’s being laid off, fired, or you quit for whatever reason no matter which way you spin it, you’re out of the job. 1,506 more words

Personal Finance

The Unforeseen

As it’s nearing midnight, I just felt this sudden urge to post. I have nothing in particular to talk about and it seems like a lot has happened. 542 more words