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Unemployed at Christmas

Unemployed at Christmas

Joseph the carpenter

Did not build his baby’s bed///

Shepherds left their field

And their flock

No longer shepherding

But chasing the angels’ call instead///

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A rebirth or sorts

When I first started this blog it was after I lost my job.  It was from the suggestion of a friend, that to help myself cope with this ‘loss’ I write about it; write about my experience looking for jobs, the emotions that went with being unemployed, ups downs and everything in between.  305 more words


cold and shivering and cold and shivering

i feel like if i don’t get a job or get out of this fucking house i’m going to suffocate. i’m cooped up in this damn house all fucking week and then when/if me and the boyfriend go out on saturday and/or sunday, he’ll spend his money (which i have yet to receive any) on stupid shit and i’m just stuck there making him feel ok about buying that stuff. 245 more words

I'm Here Now

A few weeks ago I was riding down the bike path that Anthony and I used when we were twelve. I was riding the bike that I bought in Michigan, used in Chicago, and brought back to Massachusetts. 1,076 more words

Cat Patten, never at a loss for an opinion, just like an ASSHOLE!

Black Friday, what is it really about?

Assholes with opinions or actual shoppers spending money?

Let’s take a look:

Cat Patten, It, has on opinion, Of course it does: 216 more words

Cat Patten

Cat Patten, Psychopath 101

Cat Patten, It, is what defines a true and living Psychopath.

Cognitive Fungus Pro ‏@CognitiveFungus Nov 26

#happythanksgiving #twitter friends. If u r a troll like so many on twitter r; & u wt to write to me saying stupid things-don’t bother.block” 447 more words