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Awesome. I knew it was coming but did you have to take two weeks to get back to be after the epic digital interview failure. Interesting the line about it being the managers decision when I know HR are the ones who narrow it down and tell you who is coming in for an interview. 300 more words

Falling in love with food..

I have never had the best relationship with food, i have always eaten too much or the wrong kinds of food. I eat when I am tired, sad, lonely or for pretty much any reason I can come up with. 705 more words


Recently I have been feeling a bit all over the place. The past week has had ups and downs, which has had an affect on my mood. 721 more words



So as some of you may be aware, my Boyfriend abandoned me and ran back to his Wife with his tail between his legs after she found out about me. 282 more words


Lay-off in the world of work!

Hey there my Career girls:

Welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog !!!  Today, I want you to think about your personal power regarding your thoughts and actions!  1,280 more words

An Open Letter to John/Willie

Hello, John!
I know we’ve never met but I somehow feel as if I know you, so I’ve decided to call you John, as in John Doe. 624 more words