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Happiness equals reality minus expectations

Before I continue, I think it is only fair to insert a warning here to any prospective readers to proceed with caution as this blogpost contains a huge dose of realism and not much optimism. 623 more words



It’s now been around five months since I finished university, and I’m still looking for a job. Some days I’m so fed up with the whole thing that I dream of running away and travelling the world without any money or plans or cares in the world. 162 more words


of other coasts

I stand far underground, waiting, contemplating the teeming sidewalks and city streets somewhere overhead. I recall my once-upon-a-time assumption that the ground beneath my feet was solid — an idea permanently banished during my first escalator ride down to the Cleveland Park Metro station platform. 322 more words


On Optimism: Why Carry On, When You Can Change The World?

Isn’t it ironic when those privileged people in power, tell the poor and homeless and unemployed to be “positive” about what those privileged people are doing?   347 more words


A "Sense" of Direction

Today, has been a frustrating day. Part of it, is just irritability from not smoking, but deeper than that, I am in a limbo of sorts. 454 more words


What I have learned as an amateur job seeker

This is my fifth week on the job search and I have learned and received some useful and not useful tips from friends and family alike. 1,244 more words

How To Keep Yourself Motivated During Job Search

I know, most job search processes are taking long, and only a few can be lucky enough to sprint through it in a couple of weeks. 1,039 more words