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24th September 2016

Crazy stuff has happened. I got a job and quit a job. The same job.

My boss was an absolute nightmare. I was treated as a glorified receptionist, he spoke down to me, talked over me, was rude, and my opinion just wasn’t valued as much as it should have been. 135 more words

Journal Entries

Unemployed - Week 1

In the beginning I was optimistic.  Ready to tackle this challenge.  I kept telling myself “Yes this is going to be rough, but the Lord has opened so may doors for you with this new challenge”.  252 more words


Homeless & Bad Relative

Right now I’m pretty much ticked off at a family member who seems to not care if I’m homeless or not as long as she knows where I’m staying and not around my own mother. 383 more words


Where have the jobs really gone? Where indeed.........

The jobs are out there; good paying jobs, as technicians; programmers, code developers, in all industries.  Rather than feed the fear that foreigners are taking our jobs away, we should address the real issue; our world is changing, many of the jobs that existed 20 years ago are now being done by machines; and we cannot look to the past to fix it. 374 more words

The Unemployed Life - Day 5

Today it wasn’t the phone calls that woke me. Those have ceased for the moment. It was the frickin LAWN GUY!! 9:30am. I had to jump out of bed because the backyard wasn’t clean and I have a fairly large yard where obviously my dogs like to shit around. 194 more words


Day X+28 – I just wanna sleep

This is the first time that I really need to force myself to actually write something. But, as I mentioned in the start, I want to use this as a chance to talk about how I feel and as a little therapy for myself, I am still writing these lines. 688 more words