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What unemployment has taught me.

Being only at the ripe ol’ age of twenty three, it alarms me how absolutely panicking that word is to me; unemployed.

It feels similar to what I’d imagine imploding feels like, but as anxiety-inducing as this experience has been I’ve realized some pretty important things concerning my life and what I’ve been doing with it. 424 more words

Who am I, in 10 words or less?

Can one possibly describe themselves in a few words, or simply talk about their life stories, pains and scars without stating the obvious? That…

We cannot truly know a person without spending time with them. 295 more words


Hello World

I recently quit my job. Starting over. Without any plan forward. Exciting. Terrifying. Figured I could share some thoughts and inspiration. An outlet.


Rejected TV Shows.

After losing my job for using company software to instigate office wide rap battles, I have decided it is time to start acting my age and enter the real world. 561 more words

Another New Beginning

As 2016 came to an end there were meme’s circulating around the web about it being an awful year.

I couldn’t relate.

Twenty-sixteen was a year I will always remember.  330 more words

One Word Blog #1: Cooking

When your mother and grandmother are such experts at cooking, it’s easy to assume that you are also expected to derive the same skill (and passion). 339 more words


Not Much Really

So I have almost hit a month of being unemployed and I know, I hear you guys, “but Steffi if you’ve been unemployed why has your blog not exploded with many many posts?!?” Well guys and I’m sorry to say this but I have had nothing to write about, not really. 326 more words