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8 Life Tips for the Unemployed Graduates

For a lot of recent grads, this time after graduation can be filled with a lot of hope, anticipation and waiting as the weeks slip away and the ever elusive entry level job has not yet materialized. 448 more words


Constantly Consumed With Your Problems?

Working with so many people who are unemployed or underemployed, it is only natural that most of them have problems. Actually, all of them have problems, issues and barriers. 898 more words

Job Search Advice

graduated, unemployed BUT still rororowing my boat

the day has come… college is over, I’m a graduate.

moving home, getting old, and facing the real world, here goes nothing.  And when I mean nothing, I mean nothing. 450 more words


It's All About RJ

 Verne wouldn’t have a job if he weren’t Verne. He’d be happier. But two creatures happily getting along isn’t very interesting. Someone has to sacrifice. And that someone is Verne. 11 more words


1940: when work camp trainees paraded through Dublin, saluting De Valera

On 8 December 1940, the 1st Battalion of the Construction Corps marched through Dublin. The 408 men wore uniform, had undergone initial training at the massive Curragh army camp, carried a blue flag bearing the Corps emblem, and were led by the Number 1 Army Band. 382 more words


Part One - Reality Check - Job Searching in Numbers & Stages

10 internet tabs open

9 sitting positions

8 daily average applications sent

7 letter drafts

6 auto fill fields programmed

5 hour routine

4 cups of coffee… 594 more words

Living & Writing

Make the world a better place

During the recent election, many of us were encouraged to vote for the party or person that had ‘our’ interests at heart: what ‘we’ would get out of it.   184 more words