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Unemployment insurance should focus on getting people back to work

Unemployment insurance is a valuable program for people enduring the stress and uncertainty of temporary joblessness. But if the benefits become too generous, unemployment insurance can incentivize people to stay out of work longer, hurting them — and the overall economy — in the long term. 437 more words

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Welfare Is The New Work

The welfare state of mind has spiraled out of control in America…

Two recent news stories highlight how pernicious the welfare state has become in America today. 913 more words

Benefits of Reporting ‘Hours’ on Quarterly UI Tax Reports

Idaho employers using the Department of Labor’s online electronic system for reporting wages can now include employee hours in their quarterly reports.

A 2014 survey of employers and other stakeholders uncovered several benefits to businesses and their employees from reporting hours such as: 229 more words

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How To Apply For Unemployment When You Just Got Fired

A common misconception regarding Unemployment Insurance is that you cannot apply for benefits if you were fired. Not necessarily true. There are several reasons for which you could get fired and, in most cases, still qualify. 1,104 more words

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Unemployment Insurance Tax Refund Headed Your Way

As a result of the state’s unemployment insurance system collecting more than it needs to remain solvent, a bill was signed into law this year that will provide payroll tax relief of $258 million in the unemployment insurance system. 107 more words

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State officials expect to reduce employers’ unemployment insurance contributions

State officials told the Labor and Industry Interim Joint Committee that the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is growing and costs to employers are expected to come down. 178 more words

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Trevor Tombe: Why Edmonton gets better EI than Thunder Bay, but shouldn’t

In many parts of Canada, falling commodity prices means rising unemployment. To help, the federal government has begun selectively lengthening EI benefit periods — by a lot. 813 more words

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