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Canada - The Employment Insurance Operating Account

The Employment Insurance Operating Account was created on 1 January 2009. It is a consolidated specific purpose account, meaning that it includes program-related revenues credited and expenses charged to this account under the Employment Insurance Act.8 EI premiums are paid into the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF), which includes general government revenues such as taxes,9 and the benefits are paid out of it.10 Each year, all EI program expenditures are charged to the CRF and all program-related revenues are credited to it. 73 more words


Indiana Businesses Stuck With Unemployment Taxes

Indiana business owners get hammered with an aray of taxes that the public doesn’t take into consideration. One of them is unemployment taxes they have to pay. 253 more words


#NMLEG Progressive Bill of the Day | 03-17-15 (Cuts to Unemployment Benefits Defeated)

Throughout this session we’ve mentioned multiple times the outrageous attempts by House Republicans to push through extreme anti-worker legislation that would harm New Mexico families: so-called “right-to-work” bills, reducing corporate income tax rates, making it harder for disabled workers to collect benefits, etc. 305 more words


Unemployment Insurance in US - The proportion of jobless workers receiving benefits fell to a record low of 23.1 percent in December 2014

The Great Recession and its aftermath created severe challenges for unemployment insurance (UI) programs in the United States and for jobless workers relying upon them. In this briefing paper, we show that state UI programs are failing their critical goals of income replacement and supporting economic growth. 416 more words

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The Atlantic: Opinion: Bourlee Lam: America's Unemployment Insurance Programs Need to Be Re-Imagined

The Atlantic: Opinion: Bourlee Lam: America’s Unemployment Insurance Programs Need to Be Re-Imagined

I agree with everything that was said in this Atlantic article. Which is saying something, because generally when I read The Atlantic, the writer is a bit left of me to put it mildly. 438 more words


WY Gives More Time to Appeal Unemployment Claims

The deadline for appealing unemployment insurance (UI) claims to the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is being extended effective July 1, 2015.  It will be 28 days.  34 more words


Responding to Unemployment Claims Online Saves Employers Time

Employers can now receive and respond to unemployment insurance claims online, saving time, money and potential tax amount increases.

In Idaho, all employers are now required to respond to unemployment insurance claims within seven days. 292 more words

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