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Employers Have 20 Days to Report New Hires

Fall signals the start of a busy hiring season for retail, restaurant and other businesses. New employees, even seasonal and temporary workers, count as new hires and need to be reported. 324 more words

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Odds and ends for Aug. 26

When Hillary Clinton corralled journalists, journalists and pundits complained, and rightfully so. I trust they’ll do the same now that Donald Trump had reporter Jorge Ramos, whose audience is huge, physically removed from an event… 303 more words

Aiee! Teh Stoopid! It Burns!

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Today’s society and the social assistance,welfare and employment insurance problem seems to be a big topic in Canada. We see post on Facebook and other social media sites saying things such as “why do i work so hard? 378 more words

The fruits of Reagan's attacks on the poor

Ronald Reagan’s attacks on the minimum wage, families being helped by welfare, those receiving unemployment insurance when the economy failed, became racialized attacks, and not viewed as attacks on the foundation of worker survival.

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DOL vs the US Economy

   By Bob Shapiro
The US Government is bloated. Who knew?
Most spending either is duplicative of what already is available in the private, productive sector of the Economy, is actually harmful to the US Economy, or just uses up capital for unneeded programs – capital which would be better spent on the investment which would make all Americans richer. 83 more words
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Unemployment Claimants Can Now Use Internet Chat Tool for Help With Claims

Unemployment insurance claimants will be able to use an online chat tool to speak with a claim specialist beginning Monday, Aug. 17.

How do I access Click to Chat? 302 more words

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