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Low US Labor Participation

Unemployment held steady at 5.1%, but only 59.2% of Americans have a job.” – Quartz

Despite job growth and a declining unemployment since the worst of the Great Recession, the percentage of Americans with jobs remains nearly constant.

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How to get through long-term unemployment without losing your mind

Some of the most painful experiences that I go through in my life usually turn out to be the most educational. I have been blessed with the curse of being one of those people who need to try things a couple of times before getting them right. 1,306 more words


I'm Gonna Lose My Job (Again?)

I mean, I kinda say this on a daily basis. “I’m going to get fired today.” But for good reason. I have reached my limit of taking bullshit. 1,087 more words

Rising minimum wages make automation more cost-effective

The movement pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage has coincided with falling prices for computers that can replace human labor in some low-skill jobs. 16 more words

Labour Market

The Daily Struggle

I recently had a job offer and I turned it down. I thought that working for the money was enough of a WHY to take on any job temporarily, but just imagining the daily struggle of doing work that I did not care about puts me off. 201 more words

Money Matters

Fed Officials Call For NIRP To Prop Up The Economy As The Collapse Accelerates

Negative Interest Rate Policy or NIRP is coming.  This means when you put money in a savings account or any bank account you will have to pay the bank interest for the privilege of allowing the bank to keep and use your money.   35 more words


Male unemployment duration of more than one year in USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France since 1968 or earliest date

I do not know enough about Canadian politics and unemployment insurance arrangements to understand why its percentage of long-term unemployed did not change much after the global financial crisis while it skyrocketed in the USA. 38 more words

Economic History