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Ship On A Storm-Tossed Sea

Imagine if you will, never having a home anywhere, never having a place to go where you feel any permanence – never being grounded anywhere. You have searched for a lifetime and been many places, like a ship on a storm tossed sea, desperately trying to find a safe harbor. 774 more words

Veterans Children Surviving

Finding Good People in Uganda

Experience on the Ground

My search for new clients, or small food enterprises, has led me into the search for good people.

One of our key targets as a… 2,280 more words

All the Good Things Are Wild and Free(lance)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had a lot of meetings with a lot of recruiters. It seemed like an efficient way of getting maximum outreach and advice from people who know what they’re doing. 279 more words

Heat Wave

Support for the city’s former Greek student and concern expressed by a Greek resident

Alex Andreou confirms what a young Greek resident said yesterday, in Kings Heath. Both informants stress that if family and neighbourhood bonds had not been so strong, there would have been three times as many victims of austerity. 1,021 more words


A Soldier Surrenders, by Susan Peek

    Susan Peek has introduced another of her friends in high places. Camillus de Lellis lived in the sixteenth century, a time of saints and turmoil. Nonetheless, his life and example relate especially well to our times. 318 more words


On freedom, perspective, and privilege

This weekend we’ll grill up sausages and hamburgers and, if we’re lucky, some of those special sausages with the cheese inside. Cheddar *does* make them better (beddar?). 527 more words



But I would walk 500 miles…’ You should have seen us today, my beautiful niece and me. We hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks – my fault given end of school year madness and a wee candidacy campaign to organise – but there we were, bopping about together, as I taught her my famous dance moves to The Proclaimers’ 500 miles. 345 more words