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Iowa Unemployment Rate Proving Beneficial for Job Candidates With Disabilities

IOWA  —  The low unemployment rate in Iowa is proving to be a big help for a group of potential job candidates.

Job placement specialists in Iowa working with people who are disabled say a shrinking pool of workers is opening up jobs for others, but it all has to do with the employer. 120 more words


The time has come!

The time to say goodbye to the middle of fucking nowhere that is!

I moved here with one goal. Well, two, if you count learning how to snowboard (which it turns out, is very difficult). 200 more words


Down the rabbit hole

When I chose to study humanitarian action, it seemed like a good idea. In comparison with by previous humanities-centered studies, humanitarian jobs pay surprinsigly well – and they actually exist, which is always good. 209 more words


How Is The Unemployment Rate In Singapore Calculated?

(Source: dollarsandsense.sg)

Its impossible to follow the news and not come across the periodical news articles announcing the latest unemployment rate in Singapore, which is usually pretty low. 636 more words

Money Matters

Wage Inflation Coming. Does This Mean Spiking Interest Rates?

By John Rubino – Re-Blogged From Dollar Collapse

Dave, the plumber who saves us every six or so months when a leaking pipe, water heater, or toilet threatens to destroy our walls and ceilings, was here the other day. 688 more words

GDP & Employment

Welcome Back

I am back!

I read posts from another blogger I know who was lamenting about the battle to write when you are down. I knew that I had to stop and write. 480 more words

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