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5/20/18 - In True Borderline Fashion Heidi Fails To Acknowledge The Truth

She gets “laid-off” from QCOM and refuses to tell anyone. The next day QCOM has a personnel requisition for a Senior Director of Global Tax. That was basically her function. 270 more words


What the Stats Say About Albania in the World Today

Where is Albania today based on education, employment and crime?

Population: 2.9 million

Poverty rate: 32.8%. based on $5.5/day (2017), according to the World Bank… 239 more words


Declining house prices – Is this the start of a property crash?

By Caroline Choi

After a protracted period of strength, Australia’s house prices have finally started to decline. The slowdown has been led by weaknesses in Sydney and Melbourne, where capital city home prices fell 0.4% on average last month, for the first time since 2012. 1,049 more words


As California Experiences Economic Boom Some Workers Feel Left Behind

SAN JOSE (KPIX) – California’s jobless rate is at it’s lowest level in 40 years. The numbers are even better in the Bay Area.

For eight straight years, the Bay Area’s economy has been in overdrive, fueling jobs, growth, and driving unemployment to historic lows. 251 more words


Truth about university, graduating and psychology

At the age of 18 I was happy, my future looked good and I was studying something that I loved. I went to a good university and graduated with my BA degree in Psychology to sadly find out that I will not be able to find a job with it. 351 more words

5/19/18 - It Appears Heidi Lost Her Job at QCOM

I can’t get her to respond, but my daughter tells me that she is not going to work anymore. The number she had is with someone else. 445 more words


Ok, I got my stuff together...I think.

Well now. This past week has been something else.

I must say that the unemployment process this time around has been easier then ever experienced. Usually it would entail trying to explain how “I didn’t quit” but at the same time maintaining “I didn’t get fired.” That in itself can be tiresome. 365 more words

Writing A Book