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Puppy Linux: The operating system that is always with you

Everybody is racing to unify your computing environment, 1 account to rule them all, 1 account you pop in a web browser on any device be it desktop, smartphone, tablet, laptop and boom, the same files, settings, appearance an all those devices. 610 more words

Using GNU/Linux

2016 How to Safely Download, Verify & Create a Live USB/DVD of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Edition - 2016 September 12th.

I Made This Video From A USB 2.0 Pen Drive.
Google Photos URL:
Firefox Web Browser & Downthemall add-on Install:
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/ 129 more words


Installing a Linux distribution on a live-USB stick

Hello once again! I’m back again, and this time we’ll be going through again some of the basics of setting up a simple live-USB stick and other stuff. 706 more words

How to make Ubuntu USB flash drive using Disk Image Writer

The commonly known methods to create a bootable USB flash drive to install Ubuntu on a computer is by using Startup Disk Creator or using… 242 more words

USB startup disk

Netbook dan sebagian laptop jaman sekarang tidak dilengkapi dengan optical drive (CD/DVD ROM). Untuk menginstall-nya, kita mesti pakai flashdisk. Begini ini cara membuat USB startup disk di Debian. 89 more words


How to burn ISO or IMG to USB pendrive...


In order to prepare your very own USB pendrive you need a pendrive and the software. Majority of the pendrives that I use are… 468 more words