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Getting Bitten in the Ass By Crazy Start-Up Drama From Last Year

Last year I briefly worked for a start-up that was founded by a housemate of a friend of mine. (At the time I wrote in this blog that he was a friend of a friend. 1,123 more words


Unethical Integrity

There is a debate on whether or not journalists should post photos in their articles that cross the line of ethical integrity. Some photos are gruesome and disturbing, as well as disrupting for people that have lost loved ones and see dead bodies in the photo. 256 more words


SingTel and their unethical business partner Mobitrans

My mother called me up yesterday, feeling all anxious. Apparently, she received an SMS telling her she was subscribed to an online games service named VIP Games. 237 more words


23 Designer Labels That Test On Animals

While there are more designer labels that remain silent and may test on animals, all of the following companies have admitted to testing their products on animals or sell in China. 43 more words


Wildlife Wonders Sells Innocent Bats into the Cruel Exotic Pet Trade

Here are a few comments directly from Wildlife Wonders web page:

“… WW strives to bring an APPRECIATION of the animals in our world, and through this appreciation to create a sense of RESPECT. 159 more words

Determine if the conduct engaged in by each of the officers in the scenario is ethical or unethical.

Delattre (2011) discusses corruption within policing and maintains that officers must present a positive public image to insure the public’s trust and support. The author states that accountability must be adhered to by all ranks of the police agency. 465 more words

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