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Buzzfeed Advocates for US to Partake in Unethical Three Parent Embryos

Buzzfeed recently published an article that advocates for three parent embryos. While I respect their right to free speech, I must inform you on their shortcomings. 745 more words

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When the Government Abuses Its Power to Win Convictions

Exonerations are at an all time high as more wrongful conviction cases continue to surface. While some are due to mistakes, an overwhelming number of them involve abuses of power —  fraud and corruption — coerced witnesses, jailhouse snitches, junk science, fabricated evidence, perjury, prosecutorial misconduct and unfair judges. 2,052 more words

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Lagun Sari in the news because of Sunato Zaidi

My friend got married at Lagun Sari in 2003. I still remember that lovely restaurant that is very popular among wedding couples, especially Malay wedding couples tying the knot. 109 more words


Bullshit PSA: Sony ripping off its customers again...

So they weren’t content with simply charging for us. Nor were they content with promising free games only to get rid of them after your PS+ subscription ends with the hopes that their customers will never find out (which isn’t hard to do considering the gullibility of the masses these days) and now they’ve decided that because PS+ has become so popular (due to the fact that people actually paid for that crap) they have decided to increase the price tag. 704 more words


Unethically Busy

One of the most obvious behavioural phenomena of our developed society is the tendency toward anything that we think makes us look good. There are various ‘ego-boosters’ that are raised up on high as badges of honour – as if the possession of, or the mastery of them indicates some kind of clever achievement. 728 more words


July 26, 2016 – Written By Tiwanda ‘Ne Ne’ Lovelace 
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EXPLORING NEW LEGAL STRATEGIES When individuals protect themselves legally, invest valuable time, money and works hard at achieving their dreams and endeavors… NO ONE should be able to circumvent justice and deprive them of their rights to adequate representation and the opportunity to pursue proper resolution.(If the images are blurred and you would like to review a clear PDF, please… 1,740 more words

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Toddlers and Tiaras: Televised Abuse and Unethical Parenting


Young girls are forced by their parents, particularly their mothers, to dress in very sexualized ways and then paraded around for pedophiles in the audience. 12 more words