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God Bless America (and the Clinton's) Huh?

I’m not going to say much of anything. Just read this graphic from Joe the Plumber and let it sink in for a bit.


The Path of Anathema: First, Always Do Harm!

First, we had Unethical American Dentistry, and now — perhaps thanks to Obamacare — we have certain American physicians who are playing loosely with the truth when it comes to telling patients if they are “in-network” with their insurance plan, and providing the right, covered, care for their patients. 1,080 more words

Dramatic Medicine

Is Passive Learning Unethical?

The evidence is in, and passive learning is decidedly passé. Here's why and what's replacing it.


Kentucky Fried Cruelty is unethical & unhealthy. Go Vegan


And For The Record...

While the music plays on…

we’re all slowly drowning.

Republics & Reichs