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Unnecessary microparticles adulterates the pure essence of life

Seeking to settle down quietly and weaken the original bond 

Is it so difficult to comprehend the increasing distance and tension? 101 more words


Tad Sae Waterfalls: when beauty comes at an ethical price

After seeing the much anticipated Kuang Si Waterfall we decided to do another day trip a bit closer to see a more local waterfall. Tad Sae is not nearly as tall as Kuang Si but consists of many more smaller falls. 694 more words

Keep calm and carry on consuming

In my last blog post, I confessed to shopping in Primark and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I am deeply troubled that even someone as environmentally enlightened – insert smug smiley here – and passionate about global issues as myself, would knowingly succumb to the lure of £3 tops (five of them, to be precise) and novelty pyjamas. 1,161 more words


Programmers confess unethical, illegal tasks asked of them 

Earlier this week, a post written by programmer and teacher Bill Sourour went viral. It’s called “Code I’m Still Ashamed Of.”

In it he recounts a horrible story of being a young programmer who landed a job building a website for a pharmaceutical company. 1,110 more words

Tech News

Why I'm shopping in Primark even though I hate myself for it

People rescue a garment worker who was trapped under the rubble of the collapsed Rana Plaza building (Reuters)

For many years I have boycotted the likes of Primark for their well-reported… 1,214 more words


Open to interpretation?

The Dove example

Another inspirational ad about Female Beauty

#MyBeautyMySay. “The only perception of beautiful that matters is your own”

It’s been 12 years since the launch of Dove’s iconic marketing effort, “Dove Campaign for… 13 more words