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Hillary Clinton Defies Benghazi Committee, Destroys Remaining Emails

For Hillary Clinton, the deadline came and went Friday to hand over the personal email server she used as secretary of state to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. 23 more words


All We See is Processed Food: No Wonder America is Fat (JOUR 4470)

There is no question that America is dealing with a widespread obesity problem. Who is to blame? Americans of course. Consumers choose what food to put into their body and choose whether or not to exercise. 790 more words


Arbitrary Love Letters

You know what really grinds my gears? (Yep, I’m going with that for a starting sentence.)

There’s two main things I want to talk about in relation to this; the first is shared Facebook posts, the second is boy bands. 489 more words


On the Distinction Between Ethics and Morality

Many people misunderstand the term “ethics.”

Ethics doesn’t refer to your morality.It refers to the rules you agree to follow when you take on a specific function or role. 205 more words

Notary Public

Republican Rep. Aaron Schock Resigns 

Amidst allegations of mismanaging taxpayer and campaign funds for extravagant spending, Republican Illinois representative Aaron Schock announced his surprising resignation from Congress at a press conference on Tuesday. 92 more words


Scandalous Stepmother Tries to Terminate Father's Parental Rights

**Names have been changed for privacy and legal reasons**

Fathers. They are the most under-recognized victims of unethical adoptions. But this reaches far further than just domestic infant adoption. 1,809 more words



When you get sick, what do you do? Go to the doctor’s office or maybe even the emergency room if it’s bad enough? Of course. Okay, so let’s say that you might have contracted pneumonia during one of these unexpected cold fronts in the last few weeks and you decide to act upon option two and go to the emergency room. 1,170 more words