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Cheese -- what about it?

It’s obvious that I don’t eat cheese, and I will now explain why nobody should.

Let’s first dig into the absolutely necessary steps to make a cheese: 345 more words


Bye Bye Tomi Lahren! The BLAZE Audience is Dying - Literally!

It is the same sad painfully manipulative technique used by FOX news.Bring on a black guest to talk about how horrible black people are.  Have the female hosts bash on women. 2,061 more words

How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

A lot of Americans are in the verge of losing their home by foreclosure since they can no longer afford to own their home, but for home buyers, what they need to be concerned about than having their own home is to fall victim of a mortgage fraud. 461 more words

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg's unethical never-Trump moment

When it came down to a question about a Donald Trump presidency, Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s impartiality mask didn’t just slip — she effectively reached up and tore it right off of her face. 610 more words

Donald Trump

They Don't Deserve it

Monday, July 11

Today I found out that one of my favorite players on the Boston Celtics, Jared Sullinger will not be returning to the team next year. 583 more words


Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch meeting not ‘ethical' - Trump

Donald Trump

News emerged on Wednesday that U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and the former U.S. President Bill Clinton, had met on an airplane parked on the tarmac at an airport in Phoenix, Arizona after the two had crossed paths . 598 more words

Donald Trump

Discussion on Subprime Loans and the Dangers They Posture to the Banks and Borrowers

The subprime products seemed specially design for targeting vulnerable persons who could not afford loans in general. This effort to sell bad product seemed driven out of greed and unethical behaviour. 417 more words