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Letter of complaint to the Liberal Party of Canada:


1- TO: Liberal / Assistance <assistance@liberal.ca>, nominations@liberal.ca Oct.15, 2014


To whom it may concern:

It is quite obvious that Brigitte Garceau is in a conflict of interest with a newspaper’s editor-in-chief, and has benefited from an unfair advantage. 534 more words

If you "know" Brad Josh...

If you know Brad Josh there are simply more questions than answers. There are many business ventures he has, but I only have first hand knowledge of a couple. 396 more words


Amanda Lollar pretends to be me because she's extremely jealous

Amanda Lollar is posting on the Internet as “Mary C.” She pretends to be me. She wants to be me.

Amanda Lollar states that she did a great procedure in that video even though the main USDA vet Dr Gage said she caused bats “pain, suffering and death,” and “violated the Animal Welfare Act.” Why then does Amanda Lollar do everything in her power to try to remove the video or make false comments on it? 176 more words

There's Something Very Disturbing About This...


Leading American Psychologist Conducted Disturbing Experiments — and Now He’s Smearing Journo Who Uncovered It

Reporter facing blowback for his expose on experiments on more than 2,000 patients carried out by a former president of the APA. 1,474 more words


The Rise of the Chuggers

The Rise of the Chuggers

The news that Olive Cook, someone who I hadn’t heard of before until 2 days ago, had killed herself is tragic in itself. 463 more words

American Board of Physician Specialties: Code of Ethics (8 March 2015)--A Critique in Light of Abortion Practice

As a Diplomat of a recognized Specialty Board affiliated with the American Board of Physician Specialties, I pledge to:



Laughing my gheete off at the sudden flash of indignant posts related to people “checking in” to let everyone know they’re “safe” from the earthquake in Nepal. 450 more words

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