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PSA One - Ethical Rescue VS Unethical

In today’s society, we are plagued with dilemmas of the everyday matchstick type personalities. Although a majority of the populace has a soft spot for animal kind, there are those who would exploit our kindness just to line their pockets. 582 more words

Animal Rights


After watching and hearing for the first time about the alleged sex scandal of Senator Leila De Lima would be shown to the public, this news hit me as a person and as a woman. 399 more words


Unethical Photoshopping (my feelings)

I was playing around on photoshop and found a way to change the face shape of someone to match societies standards of beauty. I used a two friends faces as a way to experiment  with it, and the results made me sad. 85 more words

Unit 10

Was the GlaxoSmithKline FCPA resolution a missed opportunity?



Was the GlaxoSmithKline FCPA resolution a missed opportunity?

Tom Fox | October 11, 2016

The U.K. pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has resolved an outstanding FCPA matter for the conduct of its China subsidiary, GSK-China that settled an SEC investigation for a fine of $20 million, with no profit disgorgement—quite a favorable move for the company. 289 more words



The purpose of “Stop Animal Testing” is to educate and convince consumers of the unethical business practices of animal testing. This blog will highlight the immoral cruelty of animal testing, and will also champion brands that have pursued alternate experimental methods. 71 more words


DJ Khaled: Major key to unethical advertising!

Snapchat is the newest player in the social media game. It consists of sending pictures or videos to people that will only last 10 seconds – and then they disappear. 349 more words

Literary Agency Purplefolio

Note: This is not a review, just an unprofessional and unethical experience I had with this agency. This post is intended for the aspiring authors who are looking forward to get published and might get an interest shown by this agency. 1,980 more words

Literary Agencies India