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Thank You Miranda and Brad Larsen For Returning Kaylee


disregard the following – they turned the baby over to maternal grandparents who are keeping the baby from him. 98 more words


The McDonaldization of Medicine" Seriously?

Fast Food Method Philosophy = Fast Healthcare Method Philosophy

This is the first time I hear the expression “The McDonaldization of Medicine“. It does not mean what you think it means. 828 more words


Our Site Was Sunk By HostGator - The Cruel Web Provider!

As you have noticed our site was taken down by HostGator, the cruel deadly alligator of webhosting! They or their handlers will take you down for weeks on end without mercy, without notice, without warning, without tender loving care, without explanation, without good will to all men, without thought, without a f*ck given! 309 more words


After 5 Years, David Jacobs Almost Leaves Me Speechless

“Just the fact that the first sentence is ‘In 1994 I worked with Allison, whose hybrids were forcing her into sexual services’ should disqualify him from having any tangible connection to reality or common sense.”

740 more words
Jeremy Vaeni

WOWZERS! This Amazon Fraudster Is Turbo Charged!

I was gonna post this article last week, but today’s dung beetle author released a new title on Friday and, feeling much like David Attenborough, I found myself presented with an opportunity to study the behaviour of these voracious little critters around a fresh pile of shit . 924 more words