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Facing the Facade of Fiorina

A presidential hopeful pushes parents’ buttons while attempting to “educate” their children – for JOUR 4460

By Laura Muensterer

As an aspiring PR professional, I find political scandals extremely interesting because of the PR disaster that follows. 352 more words


When Faith in Humanity is Lost

Controversial men’s group is making waves as it preaches legal rape, but at what cost? – for JOUR 4250

By Laura Muensterer

Every week or so you see a news story about a brutal rape, and possible killing; shocking communities and making young girls and women paranoid about going out in public. 461 more words


If The Verdict Is Abortion, Is The Fetus Up For Grabs?

She Was Supposed To Be An Abortion. She Became A Life Experiment.

Viki Vyras (above, seated) had always known her family was different, but when she was told the truth of her origin she was devastated to learn that her real mother and father had wanted her destroyed. 473 more words

Science Fiction

Rant about Kejriwal's Odd Even Success

Delhi CM Kejriwal has imposed the odd even scheme on Delhi and has declared it as a success.  Does not matter that the said objective of reducing pollution is… 138 more words


The Value of Under-Promoting Your Products

Marketing Myth: If our product is boring, no one will buy it.

We’ve all seen advertising promising to change your life with a product that will simply blow your mind to pieces. 564 more words


Unethical pizza party offered to probation/parole officers in NC's Capital County!!!

Probation/Parole officers in Wake County, North Carolina’s capital county, have been BRIBED with FOOD in order to get more people on probation and parole arrested and locked up. 286 more words


Position and compassion

I went home with a heavy heart today, considering whether to help this migrant worker get his deserved MC slips from his doctor. There was a consideration because I had no guarantee if I was able to obtain the MC slips, because this doctor is notorious for not giving them to migrant workers. 654 more words