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GoDaddy Super Bowl Controversy

During the Super Bowl, GoDaddy decided to air a commercial that “spoofed” Budweiser’s commercial. In the similar commercial, a golden retriever puppy falls out of the bed of truck and goes through a tremendous journey to go home. 317 more words

Privacy in Prison?

Hey nosies!

I want you to close your eyes for a second and imagine that your friend or lover was just sent to jail to do some time.   441 more words


Courageous Convictions

In 1964, Dr. Irwin Schatz, was a new cardiologist who had completed medical school just a few years prior. He read the December   issue of the journal… 401 more words


Cluelessness At Its Best

I posted a very negative review on Yelp about a hospital where my mom was grossly misdiagnosed based on symptom treatment rather than medical tests. This diagnosis took her like after 6 weeks of torture. 572 more words


Naturally, Clinton Foundation’s new policy allows it to keep foreign donors galore

Lack of competition doesn’t often breed better behavior, and the Democrat nomination process for president in 2016 is no different. Grandma Monopoly will keep all the donations she pleases, thanks very much, with a tiny nod to limiting the way in which those donations can come into her foundation. 9 more words


Delicacies From Around The World (morally suspect)

Cheetah heels. (unusually tender and moist for the amount of work they do)

Hummingbird pate. (best spread on Melba toast)

Koala achilles. (thin strips ripe for sauteing) 89 more words

The Dove scam

You know the Dove real beauty or whatever campaign they have? I have always thought it was a very low tactic when it come to marketing. 161 more words