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Golf and God

The flags flapped bravely as the US Golf Open got underway. But the devil lay in that ill wind. Since the breeze pushed the flying balls this way and that. 209 more words


Today's Thought: Surrounded

#GOSPEL: Unfairness is all around us.

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#GOSPEL: Life, Hope, and Truth for Generation Now


Daily Thoughts

Crying for Crisis


The sky, pushing me over the edge, the colors swallow me whole and swirl me around in their mouth and spit me out.

The mind escaping at rational thought, we would have been taken to a far away place. 89 more words



How many times do you hear the words ‘Life’s not fair’? It isn’t though and there are many instances of injustice or lack of fairness. It is not just in our current times as it has gone on for centuries as I found when researching Victorian criminals. 264 more words

Mental Health -- 2 Years Ago

I created this blog as a place where I could be as open and as transparent as I wanted about whatever I wanted to talk about — with that said there are a lot of things in the last 3 years I haven’t really expressed, shared or talked about because I just wasn’t in a place  3,032 more words


Aggressivity and hope

Agressivity is hiding something:
Fear, unhappiness, discontent
Unsolved problems in life
With lack of care and love
Often outed in furious words
Uncontrolled behaviour
Boiling emotions… 26 more words


"Life isn't fair" doesn't cut it

An incredibly common cause of frustration in my life comes from a feeling of unfairness – like I’ve been cheated out of what I deserve (or, in some cases,  1,044 more words

Mental Health