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You are strong enough

Everyone has ever asked themselves at least once in their lifetime,

“Why is life so unfair?”

Recently, I have been questioning God a lot. About why He let certain things happen to the people I loved so so much. 1,182 more words


cutting ties and telling lies that

I would be ok after detonating bridges

set aflame yesterday

and so I calmed my shit and straightened up… 114 more words


Let’s talk about something unnamed. See that this world is full of something and mostly undefined. Everything happens and most of them are inexplicable. For me, something will occur because of this and that and so on. 365 more words


So I hear you want children?

I went to visit my parents and my great grandmother (Who is in her 90s) yesterday while poodie stayed at home to work.

I arrived and my parents weren’t there and eventually after a load of dog barking, my great granny opened the door. 437 more words

The LASPO safety net is a fig leaf

Oh, you’re going to like this one.

This decision from Mostyn J is quite involved, but significant. Even if you aren’t that interested in the very peculiar mechanics, what he had to say about LASPO (see title of the piece) is striking. 3,113 more words

Case Law


Versailles is arguably one of the most luxurious places in the world. The palace shows us how French royals used to live, but to me, it also represents how unfair life was and still is today; some people have it all and more while others struggle to fulfill their basic needs (food, water, shelter, etc).   32 more words


Holy Habits #4 - Living in the World

This week’s Holy Habit is Living in the World – that is speaking up about issues of injustice in the world.

Why bother? 

Because God desires a world which is just. 285 more words