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The Injustice of Wealth Inequality and the Abandonment of the American Worker

People come in a wide variety of shapes: beautiful and not-so-beautiful.  There are dramatic differences in charm, as well as beauty.  Some people are gorgeous, and could charm the skin off a snake.  1,817 more words



… people are not strong.

They are just agressive.


Roots of Bitterness & Diligence

Simple Truth

The dictionary definition of the word bitterness is: anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment i.e. expressed bitterness over being dismissed without notice for instance. 1,244 more words


For richer and for poorer

We are not only living for ourselves.

That is what I often think throughout my days, my activities, throughout my day-to-day business. It is the background noise in my head, buzzing through my thoughts, my hopes, dreams and wishes. 1,137 more words

There's No Way Around No

Tim Finnegan writes:

I think the question of what women ought not to wear will get answered when we answer the question of where women ought not to go.

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Random Thoughts 23

The world we live in is an unfair, corrupted place where predators, psychopaths and narcissists have all the power, while the rest of us struggle to navigate our mere survival.


Unfairness in the Workplace.

A 19 year old girl by the name of Destini Briggs, who  lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been unable to work because of her hair. Here is what I know; On Nov. 512 more words