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Understanding, Misunderstanding, & The Power to Make a Difference

There are two unfair realities that every communicator must come to grips with:

First, there will be people who listen to what you say for reasons that have nothing to do with your character. 204 more words

TK's Two Cents

The Dead Crooked Tree

(The Dead Crooked Tree in the City Amidst Green Luscious Ones)

I am not tall
I am not beautiful
I am not lush
I am not green… 114 more words


Wyndham Decision Highlights FTC Role in Cybersecurity: Legal and Policy Considerations

On August 24, the Third Circuit issued its much anticipated decision in FTC v. Wyndham Worldwide Corp., holding that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has authority to challenge cybersecurity practices under its statutory “unfairness” authority.  2,064 more words


Inklings about Death

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin died. He was only 32.

There’s something innately wrong about someone dying so young. Even when you know they’re overweight, drink, and smoke, you still expect them to live for a very long time. 227 more words


The Importance of Tells

I’ve talked before about action combat in games, but there’s something else to it that’s really important that I forgot to mention: tells. Tells are small tics that an enemy does to telegraph an attack. 1,138 more words


Life Isn't Fair

“Well, life isn’t fair,”

I don’t trust people who throw this platitude around like its some passed-down-from Mt.-Olympus-universal-truth.

First of all, duh. A toddler can tell you life isn’t fair. 317 more words

Poem: When I'm Hurt

When I’m hurt, when I’m in pain,
The sky turns grey, it begins to rain.
When I’m sad, when I’m crying;
It feels like maybe I’m dying! 58 more words