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mom died over a dozen years ago today...but it still seems so very recent (g2)

Over a dozen years ago today I was working a double shift at a telecommunications center that was trying to ramp up for holiday volume. My mom and I were instant messaging back and forth about plans for the upcoming holiday well into midnight. 1,468 more words


Wiser Than I'd Like to Be

Tacomaster‘s and Jeff’s comments reminded me of something that I’d forgotten which I had previously remembered.

Over a decade after the comment she would bring it up. 188 more words


Equality, Fairness and Me

I recently read an article on equality and fairness titled, surprisingly, People Don’t Actually Want Equality, by Paul Bloom published October 22, 2015, in the Atlantic. 1,533 more words

Social Comment

The Other Unto Each

Each to the other began to say:
“But I do not know of you nor see your eyes”
But other unto each went on, completing the thought: 551 more words

Dear Good Americans, Explain Where You Were When...

When Leticia Asked me WHAT we use to Talk in Africa
I was in the line in my cafeteria when Leticia black girl walked up to me, “Hey girl, what ya’ll used to talk in Africa?” Boy, was I stunned! 1,027 more words

Nothing more Unfair than the Equal Treatment of Unequal People

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘That’s not fair!’  I hear it every so often coming from my children.  Every so often I have to get on my children about getting along.   951 more words