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FTC rules don't explain excessive redactions in FTC v. Amazon

F.T.C. v. Amazon.com, Inc., NO. C14-1038-JCC (W.D. Wash.
Apr. 26, 2016)

Amazon made it really easy for kids to make in-app purchases
in “free” apps; the court agreed with the FTC that this was bad, denying the… 261 more words

Do you know any female directors?

I read an article about the upcoming movies funded by the big Holywood production companies and discovered that 20th Century Fox and Paramount (if you don’t know, they are huge movie producers) have no films directed by women in their lineup form now up to the end of 2018. 262 more words


Pro-Lifers' Terrible Vision for Marriage

I closed the previous post by saying that the implications of Pro-Lifers pigheadedness to hold abortive mothers as not guilty by reason of: Life is Hard… 374 more words

Unplumbed Wrongness

M Story for the #atozchallenge

Miss Carson surveyed the class as she made her entrance. Most of the kids, she was pleased to notice, were standing to attention and joining in the chorus of, “Good morning, Miss Carson.” Mandy and Martin were the only ones seated. 217 more words


I am me

I am my own person. I am the one I’ve created. I am the green tea that swirls my tongue in happines, I am the music that blasts in my ear and holds me tight when no one else does, I am the sweet hugs I give my friends, I am the advice I have given and have received, I am the mistakes I have made, I am the clothes I wear that aren’t quite fashionable, I am the fake smiles that paint my face, I am the stories I write, I am the dreams I have, I am the pain and happiness that I feel, I am the voice in my head that I have conversations with when no one else is around, I am the love I feel for people and earth, I am the joy I feel when I pet a cute cat or dog, I am the books I read, I am the flaws that embrace my body, but I am not the things that people say about me.

Cate Un Pic Din Toate

This past Sunday, while watching the Golden State Warriors climb the last summit in beating the San Antonio Spurs (today’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies should be litle more than a formality), I was reminded yet again why I have never bothered to buy a ticket for an NBA game: the volume of noise that is pumped into those arenas, not just during the breaks in the action, but actually during play. 605 more words


Closing a door.

I’d been posting, some, on Facebook. Usually when I posted on Facebook, it would be in a moment of despair – the darkest moments are the moments when I need to cry out for help, after all. 252 more words

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