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The Importance of Tells

I’ve talked before about action combat in games, but there’s something else to it that’s really important that I forgot to mention: tells. Tells are small tics that an enemy does to telegraph an attack. 1,138 more words


Life Isn't Fair

“Well, life isn’t fair,”

I don’t trust people who throw this platitude around like its some passed-down-from Mt.-Olympus-universal-truth.

First of all, duh. A toddler can tell you life isn’t fair. 317 more words

Poem: When I'm Hurt

When I’m hurt, when I’m in pain,
The sky turns grey, it begins to rain.
When I’m sad, when I’m crying;
It feels like maybe I’m dying! 58 more words


Copyright infringement is channeled into (c), not state or Lanham Act claims

Quadratec, Inc. v. Turn 5, Inc., 2015 WL 4876314, No.
13–6384 (E.D. Pa. Aug. 13, 2015)

The parties compete to sell removable soft tops and other… 513 more words

Everybody's Like, Please Don't Like Her…

Me again! Girl around town.

How are we today dollsz? Good I hope? And if not so good, don’t worry, keep your head up, things can only get better. 1,458 more words

It's not right

My parent’s both work 60 hours a week at least. They work until they barely have time for their family and then some. And they have three kids living at home right now that they have to factor in to everything (two are going off to college, one next week and one two weeks later. 312 more words


It has been said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. That is saying a lot, especially when we consider that the alternatives that are left out are pretty pervasive. 1,344 more words

Private Contemplation