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"He looks Black"

What’s in your mind?

An ordinary shabby black hat cut from a hoodie?

A back view of a lonely man who puts his hand together behind his back? 407 more words


Unfairness in Literature

I have unfairness on my mind these days. The unfairness of Trump — almost exactly a year ago — defeating the flawed but infinitely more qualified Hillary Clinton because of sexism, racism, the Electoral College, Russian interference, Republican voter-suppression efforts, etc. 673 more words

When is a Railcard not a Railcard!

A couple of weeks ago I was chuffed to find out that, providing College would sign a form, I was eligible for a 16 – 25 Railcard.  308 more words

Life's Unfairness

Growing up in BC often involved a theme of unfairness in a lacklustre economy, where unless you came from a family of privilege, connections, and money, you really had little to no future, as the costs of living (especially real estate) were prohibitive, and jobs generally hyper-competitive and poorly paying. 1,027 more words


When Life Isn't Fair

Read and meditate on Matthew 20:1–16

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. –Philippians 4:11 NIV

Cheryl (not her real name) worked for one company for more than 25 years, faithfully showing up on time and putting in a full day’s work and then some. 550 more words

What Doesn't Kill You...

          They say everything happens for a reason. The popular girl gets all the attention at school, but none at home; the boy who bullies people because his parents are about to break up. 546 more words