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I Hate This Body 

I hate this body. I hate it but not in the sense that I’m not comfortable in my own skin. Not in the self-loathing, insecure, human ‘I’m so fat & ugly’ way. 201 more words

Day 406: My Relationship with Unfairness -A Dichotomy

My relationship with unfairness.

Basically, I feared being treated unfairly, not being given accurate feedback from my reality and frowned upon it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear being treated unfairly, to the extent of not daring to investigate what unfairness is and can be in the process to the journey to Life. 933 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Tragic: Dangote Deploys Uniform Officers To Impose Sack Letters On 800 Staffs

Dangote coy sacked over 800 truck officers using mobile police men to force them to collect termination letters #Obajana #Ibese @Channelstv

— עברית אור (@KsYahu) …

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Student life: sometimes unfair

Everyone of us has been a student at a point in life. It doesn’t matter if you are a 5th grader, a highschool student or university one, education can be sometimes unfair for everyone. 291 more words



Yesterday, I whined about the experience of what I thought was unfairness from a teacher. Professor J**** refused to record my (supposed) grade in a seatwork because I was not present in class. 172 more words


Three Poems | by James Fowler


The summer evening presses down
with trills of robins sunset songs,
the scents of barbecues, the glow
of half a moon. Along the streets, 473 more words


The spoon I was using for my ice cream almost fell out of my hand. The scoop in my mouth felt hot as if cooked on fire. 1,488 more words