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A Lesson in Fairness

I have always believed in fairness. As naive as it will sound I have always thought that life should be fair. I know that is a utopian dream that unfortunately will never come true but I still can’t help but hope that life will be fair. 1,112 more words


An entrepreneur asked to look at unfairness in the gig economy was an investor in Deliveroo

An entrepreneur tasked with examining unfair employment practices in the gig economy was an early investor in one of its most criticised companies, Deliveroo. Greg Marsh, cofounder of hospital startup Onefinestay, was part of the Taylor review into current employment practices. 39 more words

The "invisible" facing the unfairness in life

I am a teenager. Living in a complicated and unfair life. Many say “life is fair in the sense that it is unfair to anybody”. I understand that completely. 411 more words

I Have White Privilege: And This is My Checklist

I have white privilege. My white privilege is something I’ve accepted for a while but I was reminded of it today when I read about… 831 more words

Life and its claimed Unfairness...

“Life is not unfair, only peole makes it unfair” I heard from someone. And it occur to me it’s true. I’ve always thought it is. And somehow those simple words made my perspectives go tangled. 184 more words

From Inside She Watches

from inside she watches

as the world plays on

feeling overwhelmed

by sky and clouds and the sun

and nearly eight billion people

all breathing the same air… 76 more words


With you

I dont know what to do with you,
with us,
with this,
im feeling so desperate,
its not my idea of bliss,

This isnt what I want, 49 more words