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10 Uncommonly Used Filipino Words.

Here are a few Filipino Words that you probably didn’t know or just forgot.

Yakis – Sharpen

  • Tol pa YAKIS nga ng pencil ko.

Pantablay – Charger… 121 more words



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It has been said that being brave is to go ahead and do what needs doing even when you’re terrified. 412 more words

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Have you travel Philippines already? If yes, do you know this kind of unfamiliar Filipino words? Well, if you haven’t visit Philippines yet, you should know this unfamiliar words so you can understand what the citizens here are saying. 273 more words

Five Comics You Should Check Out

The internet has created a new way to bring amazing creators and storytellers to the forefront that had never been done before. One medium, of many, that has changed due to the web is comics and there are many gems out there to be found. 559 more words


The Unfamiliar

Living in a foreign country is all about flexibility. It is one of the first traits you practice when you step foot on foreign turf, and it is a skill you have mastered by the time you return home again. 793 more words



I am proud to be a Filipino, we are all proud to be Filipinos ♥ But let’s admit it. We are not that familiar with some Filipino words because of today’s generation, technology, etc. 178 more words

Filipino words you missed to know!

Being a Filipino doesn’t mean you know everything about Filipino words. Want to know some?

Karumlan (Menstrual Period) -A monthly cycle of adolescent girl of her ovulation period. 78 more words