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Lost Kitten

The kisses of a stranger. The killing of a man. Outside. Inside – someone else’s head. The soil of a forgotten empire. The story of its fall. 94 more words



I have it and I hate it. For those unfamiliar of the term, it s excessive skin picking. My upper arms, chest, and face get it the worse. 65 more words

Of Unfamiliarity

Haven’t written a poem in quite some time, and thought I’d take a crack at it! Here it is:

Of Unfamiliarity

Wrapped in blankets

Of unfamiliarity… 85 more words


The Limbo-tomy

lim.bot.om.ee (n) the uncomfortable space in between the removal of what was, and the revelation of what will be….

Definition 1
The removal of the familiar, ordinary and comfortable past; 690 more words


“To lovers of adventure and novelty, Africa displays a most ample field.”

And the heat goes on! Today is just a bit better than yesterday, and tonight is supposed to be cool. We did have some rain last night around 11:30. 422 more words


Bangkok - Adjusting to the Unfamiliar

We landed in Bangkok at 7:30am, just in time to see, seemingly, every resident rush off to work. If you think traffic where you live is bad, you have to see traffic in Bangkok! 2,632 more words


day 724 - hardware department

shopping made different today, in a completely different department than the usual. at rona looking for model making supplies because it’s model making time. rarely do i step foot in a home hardware store, but i walked in there like i knew exactly what i needed but in reality i had no idea what i am looking for

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