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You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You look around you, but you can’t see
They meld together¬†unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room… 140 more words



I’ve been looking forward to today for 2 months! Our town is having Ribfest, and there’s not much that I love more than ribs. Finally there’s something that I want to do where we live, and when the day comes around, I can’t do it. 48 more words

Thing That Suck

The moon rises

Far from home, I marvel at the things I’ve never seen but I take comfort in those that I know well.

Here, lemons not only grow on trees, they grow huge and then fall on the ground where I pick them up and use them in my dinner. 257 more words


World Of Final Fantasy Is The Fall's Most Exciting Final Fantasy Game

(Source: kotaku.com)

When new Final Fantasy XV footage arrives I nod and silently appreciate. When a new World of Final Fantasy trailer shows up, I chair dance and squeak. 86 more words


Faith in the Future

There’s a lot of distress about the future in our country and the world these days. It’s often really difficult to see how we will overcome the negative forces that seem to surround us on every front. 242 more words

Approaching The Unfamiliar

If you are approaching the unfamiliar, let’s say a whole new conception as regards how the world is, there is a tendency to make assumptions and think that you “get it”. 391 more words