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I was recently talking with one of my closest friends (Wendy, this is for you – the hardest working sista I know!).  She and I may talk every 3-4 weeks or so, and when we do, we’re usually on the phone for no less than 2-3 hours catching up with each others’ lives.  1,469 more words

Write up on Hunger games book

Identify and describe an event which clearly shows the theme of ‘overcoming adversity’.

1- An event in the Hunger Games that shows overcoming adversity is when Katniss little sister was chosen to be in the hunger games. 348 more words

English 2015

Just Karma 6 for June 2015 wp

Just Karma 6

New Locale

woke late to grey sky
rain cool and refreshing falls
on these unfamiliar streets
exploration shall
have to wait, unless I buy… 30 more words



I have it and I hate it. For those unfamiliar of the term, it s excessive skin picking. My upper arms, chest, and face get it the worse. 65 more words

Unfamiliar text results 

Fiction- high achieved, because I used and explained the vocabulary and also explained how the kids were comparing school to jail but didn’t do it in much detail. 40 more words