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Should We Write What We Know or What We Don't Know?

Writing has so many different aspects. We write to learn about ourselves, to tell people something, to relax, to make people laugh, cry, or to give a sense of belonging.  387 more words

The Hospital

Composed 5/14/15
Description: My uncle recently had surgery, and my family took him to a clinic to help his recovery. The clinic was located in a hospital unfamiliar to all of us.
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Girl unknown

Way down where the hands meet mine –
my gloves, the tights and my round-steamed hints.

I am boogie, the dance up top, the willow that bends… 90 more words

Danny Gregory

When Life Is Comfortable

There are many people who live comfortable life. They have schedules and they plan for their future. They feel safe because their life is familiar. I used to be one of those people. 133 more words

Dancing on my own, in this unfamiliar house

Through the darkest moments;
Where the light shines.
Nowhere in sight of other breaths;
Shadow of my own steps.

The world plays no boundaries;
As I cruise with own pleasures. 42 more words

One Breath One Movement