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Shop NYC: The Happiest Happy Hour

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What are you doing after work today?

If your answer has anything to do with being outdoors, I’d take a look out the window and reevaluate. 151 more words

Exam experience 

Horrible. All except Maths really. I can’t right essays, well not in a short period of time. I struggle with them. If however given enough time, I can right them well enough. 12 more words


Finding My Way

One thing I’ve learned about moving abroad is that even the simplest tasks can take on a whole new feel of challenge and adventure. For example, learning where to find your favourite foods for lunch, or where to buy stamps and what kind will actually get your letters where they need to go, are far more cause for excitement when you honestly don’t know which piece of the city these things might be tucked away in. 428 more words


Life is sometimes •••

Life is sometimes a destination with full of happiness,
Wishes gets fulfilled instantly and is losing count of dreams.

Life is sometimes a place full of beautiful people, 94 more words


Transition: When the Familiar is Not (and Why Skyscrapers are Scary)

The skyscrapers are freaking me out.

I didn’t know it could do that, this Tetris skyline of steel and glass, but it does. It’s taunting me. 1,401 more words


the unfamiliar

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted because hey, the past couple of weeks have been crazy eventful thanks to meeting new friends and finally starting school! 362 more words


Decisions Decisions

Our life revolves around decisions. Should I take the short cut or long cut? What time should I leave home? What should I have for dinner? 342 more words