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Comfort Zone - Happiness, Life Decisions and Shrimp Tempura Roll

When we are at an Italian restaurant for the first time and can barely pronounce anything on the menu, we stick with what sounds familiar. This happens not just with food, but a lot of decisions we make in our lives. 484 more words

Investing with Less Stress

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You’re busy.

You give your all in the daily grind at work. By the time you get home, it’s almost impossible to focus on another mind-straining task, especially when it involves poring through lines of numbers and unfamiliar financial terms that just don’t make sense. 76 more words

Money Matters


Take off your guilt. Take off your shame. Walk in freedom and take off the chains God has already unlocked. pic.twitter.com/M8BiiEqVyk

— Jud Wilhite (@JudWilhite) April 26, 2017


I don't think this is my moment of zen...

Everything feels hopeless. I know it’s just my depression getting the best of me. I don’t even want to smoke. I don’t want to do anything. 198 more words


unfamiliar feeling

wake up so other of thy self

and words as its on edge

and better for the afternoon

and walls as its own course

and meant as it was the other… 41 more words


When was the last time you tried something new?

Do you resist or fear trying something new, or do you crave it?

Some of us like staying with our routine, by that I don’t mean your morning routine or your weekly work routine. 270 more words

A Glitch in the Matrix?

Or did I shift universes?

Arrived at work this morning like every other morning for the past 2 years.   Got to the turnstiles and looked at the keypad, entered my code and BEEEEP.   232 more words