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She shook her fingers off anxiously, trying in vain to control her nervous hand twitches as she grabbed the spoon and swirled it in the coffee cup in front of her, spilling drops of the hot liquid around carelessly as her attempts to remain calm backfired. 635 more words


Day 95 - Watch & learn

Dream big.

A friend has asked me to help them with some job applications.  They’re making a major career change.

The roles they’re looking at are very vaguely in the same industry but the actual positions are the opposite end of their experience. 366 more words

Day 92 - Unfamiliar

Good results from blood tests today and a scan to be booked for a couple of weeks’ time.  This will be the first scan since a change in medication.  341 more words


Hey loves…

“I hope your heart is ready for its last beat, purely sealed with light and scented with cider and beaming with love,” this is what I tell my soul. 209 more words


Children are Awe-inspiring...

Today will be a few snippit tales. A couple of short stories; and I mean that in more ways than one. The final tale, in my mildly humble opinion, is priceless. 1,083 more words

Unfamiliar places

Something occurred the other night which made me feel very uncomfortable. It gave me this feeling that I haven’t felt before, especially since I’ve moved to Florida in May. 545 more words

Mama, which house are we sleeping in tonight?

I shared before that missionary furlough isn’t what most people think it is. It’s not a vacation or time off. It’s a blessed, rich, crazy, chaotic whirlwind of activity and emotion. 914 more words