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A Glitch in the Matrix?

Or did I shift universes?

Arrived at work this morning like every other morning for the past 2 years.   Got to the turnstiles and looked at the keypad, entered my code and BEEEEP.   232 more words


I don’t feel like myself.

I’m sitting in the same bed that I grew up sleeping in. I’m home but I’m not me. I feel like I lose a little bit of myself when I come back from a new place. 37 more words

What Kind of Test is Life?

So I’ve been thinking about taking tests, particularly the difference between multiple-choice and essay tests. I’ve been thinking about how they’re an interesting metaphor for two ways of looking at my life. 1,315 more words

One More Moment

I love the thrill of the unfamiliar!

Please understand, in my day to day life I crave structure. Routine helps me feel normal in my extremely unstable life. 322 more words

2017, February 21 - 2354 - irrational

everyone has fear (5)
when the bus takes a wrong turn, (7)
that there’s no way back (5)


10 Uncommonly Used Filipino Words

Filipino is  used by many people in the Philippines with over 170 languages that has it’s own different cultures and histories all over the islands of the small country. 347 more words


US shale oil braces for the unfamiliar in 2017: inflation

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

US shale producers are facing their first production cost increase in five years in 2017 as industry activity picks up and energy service providers hike fees to take a bigger share of the profits generated by higher oil prices. 896 more words

Money Matters