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My life is an ancient library

with time-worn tedious steps to climb;

inside are dark cavernous spaces

with old precious books of fine writing

but yet, there are still many plain pages… 10 more words



These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them. ¬ Rumi

Our parents can’t give us what they don’t themselves have. Their ability to relate, to deal with life is informed and limited by personal experience, family and personal trauma, genetic memory, their habitat throughout life. 122 more words

Unfinished Business

Golden Heart Productions Return to the Spotlight

Golden Heart Productions will return to the spotlight with a brand new production titled “Ah Double”. It features two one-act plays “Happy Anniversary” and “Unfinished Business” and will run 25 -26 May at the Little Carib Theatre. 215 more words


That Time Of Year

Bent out of shape
Battered and bruised just like a cliché
Like hands in sofas pray for loose change
I’m folding both my hands for you… 146 more words


UNFINISHED BUSINESS | God Of War - Part 19 | With Commentary

In this episode, we are freeing a chained dragon. Mimir tells us that it once he was a dwarf but got turned into a dragon, because of a misstep he did. 278 more words


Tarot reading

Six of cups – revenants – restless ghosts that return to complete unfinished business. Witnessed as their last mortal form, ghost animals or apparitions. They seek help to find closure to the life they’ve lived, leaving streams of energy in their wake that we humans can get quite caught up in. 337 more words


I hear there are super heroes living among us, those who start a task and actually complete it, I am not one of those.

Apparently, I am as human as they come. 360 more words

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