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Unfinished Business: The Kindle Firsts Edition

A while back I joined Amazon’s Kindle First newsletter, which sends you an email at the start of every month giving you a choice of four new books which you can have for free until the end of the month. 574 more words


Unfinished Business: Some Introductory Paragraphs

That Cloudy Wednesday Morning

A path lines the walk from the residence hall to the bus stop, but the bricks beneath my feet are uneven, allowing tepid mixtures of water, grass clippings, and broken cherry blossoms to puddle in the hollows. 335 more words

Creative Writing

Sam Hunter - Unfinished Business

Sam Hunter formed several Bands and performed as a bassist, percussionist and unicyclist at night clubs and talent competitions. Sam performed with Top’s In Blue the Air Force’s premier Entertainment Showcase, in the Superbowl 19 Halftime Show as a Unicyclist, he went on to become the Sacramento Kings Mascot (The Court Jester). 137 more words

Smooth Jazz

My movie fest weekend

I was determined to have a good weekend and it as going to happen come rain (which happens much too often these days!) or sunshine (oh, how I miss you). 516 more words

Unfinished Business: "Wounded"

The air smelt like burned rubber, like tires that spin out abruptly on asphalt. I tasted metal in my mouth, the stickiness of phlegm and blood mixed together making me gag. 202 more words


Writer Struggle of the Week: Unfinished Sentences

As a new writer, I’m coming to realize that I won’t use everything I write. This is something that my professors, mentors, and friends have always told me. 310 more words

WIP #blogjune

Yesterday’s maker space post drew some interest from craft fans, particularly regarding what I was making…

It’s the back of a circular cushion cover, and this is the front. 80 more words