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I saw today in my sleep
That I was dragging you from your hair
As if you didn’t know how to leave
As if you didn’t know how to walk. 253 more words


Getting close to the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Working on a post about it, until then, here’s a bit of a time capsule from MC The Legendary KO and video artist Black Lantern. This is the unexpurgated version.

The Political Is Personal

Friday Fictioneers - Burning Down The House

(Author’s note: Welcome aboard! So after the adventures of being SO creative last week, I had to deal with a week of problems and work. 171 more words

Fiction With Video

A Thousand and None Nights

There’s a man on my train wagon
Dressed in military clothes and a jaded stare
He hides, just like I do, from the first light… 359 more words


Moving On

What a year and a half!!!  Finally, I can admit I am home and settling into this new period of my life.  Life is taking on a new direction for me and my purpose at this time in my life is more clear.   328 more words

Mourner's Path


This could be a problem with my generation. I don’t know many people who were born in the early 90s well enough to determine if that statement is true or not. 393 more words