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When to set aside a project?

In this case, when I can’t muster the enthusiasm to work on it and keep thinking of the next project.  I’m afraid that I will be sloppy as a result. 161 more words


Do You Have Some Unfinished Business?

Do you have unfinished business? Sometimes we take the first steps toward accomplishing our dreams, but something happens and we never get there.

We get tired. 481 more words


Run For Your Life

What do you do when you find yourself living with a sense of unfinished business? I’ve read stories of folks in the midst of mid-to-late adulthood who went to college for the first time to pursue a coveted degree only because in their youth they didn’t have the resources or the opportunity. 1,152 more words

Sun on Your Pillow

You are out of touch with the place you’re at. A place with endless fields and long mountaintops in the horizon, with a minority of blonde blue eyed people, and another of short dark haired ones, with a quality of cold air you’ve never felt before, and strangely, with scents that are not aromatic hydrocarbons and monoxide. 1,045 more words

Jibber Jabbar

Poetry thoughts: When I Have Fears

I first stumbled across this poem in high school English class and upon reading it for the first time, I thought, wow, I know exactly what this guy means. 479 more words


Video Review: Nathan Sykes & G-Eazy "Give It Up"

As Nathan Sykes and his girlfriend change positions in bed, the lighting changes from a sleepy blue to a lusty red and then to a dewy green. 416 more words

Music Video

When You're Undone by Unfinished Business

For months on end I’ve been bound by the unfinished.

Projects, post, prayers, maintenance, medications, ministries and ideas… They pile high on my table, spill into list form in my planner and sound alarms on my phone for fear that I’ll forget to complete something. 604 more words