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Strange Dream of the Century

I would hazard a guess that about half of my readers are not quite familiar with my attitude regarding titles for various blog posts.  So, for the both of you (I round up), here it is in a nutshell.   1,173 more words


Unfinished Business **(Out of 4)

Consensus: “Unfinished Business” continues the fast descent of Vince Vaughn. This is yet another movie devoid of laughs where all the actors seem to phone in their performances.


January book review and what I did with a book I didn’t like.

Avid reader? Great, i’m glad you’re here.  Haven’t picked up a book in a few months or maybe years?  Great, i’m glad you’re here too. 819 more words


Walking the Edge at Midnight...

At the end of a road called Sunset Point is a park known as Edgewater. There along the path that lines the shore is a space in-between the Welcome to Clearwater & Dunedin signs. 167 more words


COUPLEMENTARY episode three

Previously on couplementary: HE wanted to bring up his dissatisfaction with her and expected some sort of an acknowledgement. HE yielded HER anger and the situation escalated. 555 more words


I Can't Wait

I can’t wait for the time to come when I can finally work at / from home, doing the kind of job I want. I can’t wait to wake up each day knowing I don’t have to shower, eat my breakfast and prepare for work in a rush. 237 more words


Pandora Box


Monita  tidak percaya melihat satu kata yang barusan muncul di telepon genggamnya.

Sudah hampir tiga tahun semenjak terakhir dia bertukar kabar dengan Pandji. Bertukar kabar dalam artian menuangkan kata-kata dalam bentuk surat yang kemudian dikirim ke alamat surel Pandji  Sehangat apapun kata-katanya, surat tetaplah surat yang akan tetap membisu walaupun diteriakan berulang kali. 271 more words