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On Being Friends With Your Exes

So, I like to think I’m a bit of an expert on how to deal with being friends with your ex, because when I broke up with the first person I’d ever been in a long-term relationship with, I then had to go to school with them for a further 3 years or so…yeah. 478 more words

Not Article-ish

Unfinished Stories

I’m not sure how other people write. For me, it’s song lyric, a string of random words. An object. It sparks a post. I would write it down and save it as a draft to remind me when I come back to it. 443 more words


What if this is your last day on earth?

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe,

to match your nature with Nature.

~Joseph Campbell~

People don’t like to think about death, especially their own. 525 more words

Commonsense Wisdom

Unfinished Business: "Nightmare"

I looked around and saw nothing. There was no sky above me, no earth beneath my feet, and no trees or buildings nearby. Shades of white pressed in on me from all sides, threatening to absorb the remnants of my being, as a deafening silence distorted my thoughts until they ran together in loosely fused snippets of unrelated ideas. 250 more words


Unfinished Business - Einherjar

Ragnarok had ended long ago, and the Einherjar had failed.  Meant to protect the gods, they merely were crushed under the power of Ragnarok.

Mantra-like crackling filled the silent air of the fjord like a lullaby of failure and defeat.  4,502 more words


An Idea

I have a germ of an idea about doing a “How to Catch a Predator” parody about the Monro Pub’s Corporate Bartender. I am just worried that it won’t be funny. 131 more words


I am sure all of my followers are still checking in daily, hoping for this post. So sorry for the wait. But, here it is. … 303 more words