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Daddy dearest

she with razor sharp teeth reached her delicate hand to her perfect lips biting at a hangnail hard and deep taking her time to be sure to enjoy her agony… 82 more words


Superstition in Beirut

I am a reckless mother fucker. I eat ice cream in winter. I buy an egg carton without inspecting it. I read movie reviews with Spoiler alert. 397 more words


Unforgiven (1992)

An ex-gunslinger comes out of retirement to collect the bounty on a pair of cowpokes who disfigured a young prostitute.

Clint Eastwood directs and stars in a deconstruction of the myth of the old west that examines the kind of man who would exist in a society which provides mean drunks and arrogant, prideful boys with lethal weapons. 168 more words


Why the Western is (Still) Great: Revised

So I’ve revised the Why the Western is (Still) Great piece I wrote for Craccum Magazine. (You know I’m Western-obsessed). Check it out on my Creators.co profile here.


how to loose friends

…ou como fazer com que mais ninguém te chateie nem se importe com o que fazes, ou melhor, não fazes.
Amigos apercebem-se realmente do estado caótico e de “pescadinha de rabo na boca” da tua vida interior e exterior (que tentas sempre esconder, por vergonha e estupidez aliada a orgulho idiota) e tu reages como uma dama ofendida e fazes um drama pela forma como te apontam o que há de errado e como podes mudar. 33 more words


The Great Game 7 Bargaining Begins

While I get the emotion behind it all, Clint says it best when it comes to Cub and Indian fans who feel like they deserve this title as compensation for their long time… 241 more words



God has been speaking into my life a lot lately about forgiveness.

I’ve been fascinated by what I’m learning, yet reluctant to tackle it here because there is so much I now realize I don’t know. 1,496 more words