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Tiger Terror - Horror Flash Fiction

It was 3am. I woke to the sound of floorboards creaking. Problem is, the floors in my house are made of polished cement……
Mesmerised, I sat and watched my beautiful pet cat morph into a snarling tiger……….. 412 more words

Review: "Unforgiven" by Lauren Kate

Among my batch of new goodies I picked up this week was the much anticipated spin off to Lauren Kate’s Fallen series. I loved the original series and the mythology behind it so I was really looking forward to any reading material related to Daniel & Lucinda’s story. 407 more words


Schuld - Lauren Kate

Schuld begint op het moment dat Cam verdwijnt in Extase. Cam gaat op zoek naar zijn vroegere liefde Lilith, die hij al lange tijd probeert te vergeten. 857 more words

The Revenant

Tom Hardy is a son of a bitch.

The greatest Western since “Unforgiven.”

Bleak and beautiful.

Literally breathtaking scenery.

Incredible tension in sight and sound. 12 more words


Useful Myths

commenter pointed out in my post about American Myths the damage films such as American Sniper cause and I though the film was worth re-examining from the perspective of it being a modern state myth. 1,153 more words


The Perks of holding a Lebanese Passport

Among all the countries in the world, Beirut was the place where your parents decided to have sex. That’s the good news. The bad news is that sex was unprotected. 701 more words



A prostitute is disfigured by a cowboy after laughing at the size of his manhood. The local sheriff is perceived as being lenient on the assailant after he demands only that the local brothel-owner is reimbursed for his ‘lost investment.’ The prostitutes collate their capital and offer it as a reward to whoever murders the assailant and his cohort. 217 more words