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Waiting on Wednesday

Guys, introducing all of these new series to the blog is seriously exciting, and here I am yet again to introduce Waiting on Wednesday. (Sound familiar? 704 more words


A couple key Lacanian concepts as they relate to Eastwood’s 'Unforgiven'

Our reading for class this week includes finishing the final three essays in Lacan and Contemporary Film. Additionally, it’s time to propose a topic for the final conference paper, so I’ve been considering how this our readings relate to Clint Eastwood’s 1992 film… 672 more words

The Humbling of an Icon: On Maggie and Arnold Schwarzenegger's Paternalistic, Post-Political Career

One of the most interesting moments in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s long, explosive career occurs during the first third of the zombie movie Maggie, which was released a couple of months ago and was quickly forgotten about. 5,182 more words


GRAN TORINO, Clint Eastwood, 2008

American Hero: Gran Torino and Genre Subversion

It is difficult to imagine Gran Torino without Clint Eastwood. This commentary on the American man, of action rather than words, prejudices rather than reasons and silent brooding rather than emotion, would play far worse were it not for the screen presence of the man so responsible for this image of masculinity. 1,585 more words

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Director Versus: Clint Eastwood

In this, the latest edition of Director Versus we’re examining two of the finest films of action hero turned master director, Clint Eastwood. Having made his name in Sergio Leone’s ‘Spaghetti Westerns,’ Eastwood’s career has since increased tenfold in variety and quality- seeing him defy all expectation. 876 more words


Revelation 6


I bet, if I were an Israelite, back then, and everyone had been destroying my people I would have had a big smile on my face reading this part of the letter. 242 more words


Chocolat Meets Unforgiven in Kate Winslet's Upcoming Australian Comedy The Dressmaker

Sarah Snook.  Remember that name.  She’s an Australian actress I first noticed in last year’s twisty time-travel thriller Predestination.  Sadly, I can’t really talk about that movie in any kind of detail without giving too much away because the best way to watch it is going in knowing nothing at all.  574 more words

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