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When She Woke In The Morning - 6/20/15

Twice the sun shone red;

once at night,

and once at


And what am I to

do with that;

delight or heed

its warning? 6 more words

Bobbi Kristina's Death Bed Photo is Being Shopped Around by ......Family?!?

There has been a rumor floating around that there is a photo being shopped around to magazines and other social outlets for a price. According to TMZ, they also received “The Photo” and decided to pass on it. 55 more words

An Unfortunate Crush and My Sad Saga

So I’ve recently had a rather unfortunate crush… I know having a crush on some cute guy sounds painfully high school of me but what to do… I’m single and rather bored. 333 more words


A Series Of Unfortunate Relationships

With the raging hormones, being a teenager/young adult in this fast-paced world of ours is pretty challenging but at the same time extremely exhilarating. There are so much things to do, so many people to meet, so many mistakes waiting to be made. 1,157 more words


Camp -- Part 1

Like I predicted, I have a story for anyone, if anyone, is reading. Today was my first day as a Specialist at a summer camp. I am getting a motorcycle tomorrow (which I hope to start riding to camp next week) but until then I must take the bus. 247 more words


Here Are 25 Extraordinarily Unfortunate Typos That Probably Offended Lots Of People. #5… OMG.

To err is human. Basically, that means it’s completely normal for humans to make mistakes. It’s part of our nature, we aren’t perfect. However, if you’re a writer, it’s good to check your work for mistakes (or so we have heard). 115 more words