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TJE 33: A series of unfortunate events in my transition

It’s been a week since I returned to the Philippines to stay indefinitely, probably for good. For the first 3 days, I got to have an unplanned out of town trip to Subic – awesome! 465 more words

Random, Sudden, Strange

Revolving doors are gonna get your ankles

You could tell me a funny story or joke and I will laugh about it for days, weeks and/or years. I just like to laugh, I can’t help it. 365 more words



Lately I’ve been working on revamping my resume, while I begin the process of looking for new jobs. I know starting a new job is supposed to be refreshing and all, but I think the exact opposite can be said for writing cover letters and resumes. 128 more words


Taking Care Of Flood Damage In Gilbert, AZ

If you are the unfortunate victim of flood damage in Gilbert, AZ…

Day 23: Arrived home

Just finished the school camp. I am hungry. I am tired. A few hours ago I dropped my Lamy Safari fountain pen while running without thinking of possible consequences. 109 more words


Well, I'm uncomfortable.

This is my life.

Straight guys are a problem.


Silent Cry of that Child

It was yet another day for seven year old Malhaar to come home after an exciting play with his friends from the neighbourhood. As for a boy of his age, he impressed the adults as a composed kid than his peers. 823 more words