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Friends list purge.

Well fuck. I started purging my friends list and now I can’t stop.

After seeing Nikki (and a bunch of other friends) last week I started wondering why I was friends with Sam on Facebook at all or Jeff for that matter. 254 more words


Declutter My Life

I will probably never be featured on a show about hoarders, with dramatic shots of me climbing over mountains of books and rotting Panera Bread bagels. 578 more words



Facebook Account deactivated: May 9th.

Facebook reactivated: May 16th.

           1 private message.

          102 notifications (1 of those notifications was specifically for me.)


So I always knew I was lucky to have a close relationship with my mom. 460 more words

Part 3: The Unfriending

I’m taking a break from the family stuff and want to talk about some other things that happened between March 15 and the end of April. 3,271 more words

Getting My Sh*t Together

A Pie That Says I'm Sorry

Dear Unfriended Facebook Friend,

It isn’t you.

It’s me.

Please believe me when I tell you that. I thought long and hard before hitting the “unfriend” button, and the fault is entirely my own. 705 more words


The Unfriended

The subject of unfriending on FB has become a twenty-first century issue that if you rewind twelve years, simply didn’t exist.

Now you can unfriend, or be unfriended in a couple of clicks – so easy, but you might want to consider the impact of hitting that button. 423 more words


In other news!

I have managed to make two trips to the Gym this week.  35 min of cardio each day and an additional 30 minutes of mixed yoga and core work.   179 more words