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How to Open the Echo Chamber (Fixing Facebook)

Everyone agrees with me. That’s clear and obvious to anyone who has hacked my Facebook account and scrolled through the posts for a few minutes. So clear and obvious, in fact, that the uniformity of opinion would soon bore any hacker into unhacking, unhooking, then closing and locking the back door through which they entered, just for the sake of saving any future hackers the tedium of my political rants. 965 more words

Why I Unfriended Over 200 People Instead Of Quitting Facebook

I had breakfast with a good friend yesterday.  We don’t get to see each other often but when we meet we chatter constantly for about two or three hours.  1,284 more words


The Politics of Unfriending

Lately, I’ve seen a number of chaps on Facebook posting their intention to ‘unfriend’ Trump supporters or those promoting his views (if Obama can say “folks” then I can say “chaps”). 810 more words


Catholic to my Toes

Twelve years ago, dismayed at all the misunderstandings and hatefulness I was seeing among Catholics over the Presidential election, I decided to write a column… 344 more words



Last week I ‘unfriended’ on Facebook an in-law from my wife’s large and extended family in the US. I don’t think I’ve ever ‘unfriended’ someone before. 581 more words

The Age Thing

Why you shouldn’t take Facebook unfriending too seriously.

Facebook ‘Friend’ status is a funny thing. Because it’s so black and white – either you have friend status, or you don’t, it can’t accurately reflect the nuances of a relationship between two people. 350 more words

Social Philosophy

Is Unfriending the New Divorce of Any Relationship Nowadays?

Few months ago, I had an unpleasant situation happened between me and a friend, or should I say ex-friend. I just met this person last year before going here in the States but we became close pretty quick. 860 more words