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Letting Go of Toxic Friends

Sometimes you have to delete the toxic people in your life.

Scratch that. You have to delete the toxic people in your life.

Today, I finally willed myself to do just that. 511 more words


Unfriended---Why "Cleaning Up" Your Friends Could Be Costing You BIG

I started out writing a blog about unfriending. That post became 2800 words and since I’ve vowed to do better about length? I cut it in half. 2,058 more words

Kristen Lamb

Ask the Thoughtful Pastor: Facebook Fights and Prayers for the Dead

Dear Thoughtful Pastor: I’m torn between being reactive and being Christian and taking the ‘high road’.

My predicament. Last night as I reviewed my Facebook News Feed, I saw a friend’s post and immediately felt compelled to post something nasty back. 839 more words


Facebook Is For Friends

For me Facebook is a daily addiction, sometimes a lifeline to long-lost friends or friends who are struggling but always fascinating with its never-ending cute videos and pictures.  381 more words

Jon Katz


I have never had a lot of Facebook friends, never needed to nor wanted to.

And as another year comes to an end I decided to clean house in that department. 275 more words

About Me

Unfriending a Friend

I am a shy person by nature but I was shocked and hurt to my core by someone I thought was my friend. This is  the person I let stay with my for an undetermined time until she could support herself or move back in with her uncle’s family when they were settled in their new home. 1,041 more words

Behaving Badly

The Reason To Stay Friends With Trump Fans

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of the following: “If you support ________, please go ahead and unfriend me right now.” There are a lot of different issues/topics that I have seen inserted into that space over the past few years. 1,631 more words

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