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Good Reasons To Unfriend Someone On Facebook

Today, a good friend of mine posted a selfie to show off her new hair-do. She has only twice posted a photo of herself and she’s been on Facebook for years. 916 more words


Friend-ship sinking?

Sit down in a quiet corner and listen to all the sounds perform their fading mellow dance on the rims of your eardrums. Allow yourself to become a bodily wave as you breathe nice and slow. 1,522 more words


M and I first bonded over watching porn.

It was the first time a female friend had ever spoken about carnal desire so openly and with such great interest, like we were trying to decipher various secrets of the vagina together. 1,837 more words


During a particularly boring Catechism class, a teacher whose name was too unimpressive to remember asked all of us who our best friend was. At the time, N and I were close enough to call the other person by that title, and with wide grins plastered across our faces, we turned to Ms. 49 more words


Nandini sat next to me on the first day of kindergarten. She wore a sleeveless sparkly blue top,  and had short hair. Her parents were from Delhi but she insisted that she wanted to be Tamilian. 124 more words

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Want to Divorce Your Behavior? First You Have to Marry it!

If you want to let go of something, first you have to hold it. Unless you truly hold, you will never let go.

How do you hold something closely, the thing that makes you want to numb-out-tune-out-walk-out… the thing that reminds you of helplessness, that brings back ghostly or ghastly memories? 578 more words

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