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How I Came to Terms With My Privilege

A few weeks ago, a photo popped up on my Facebook newsfeed that read:

In the U.S., you are free to live as you wish unless you’re white, straight, Republican, a gun owner, or southern.

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A Sad Confession

It was me.  Let the chips fall where they may.

I know I don’t think of myself as a trouble maker and yet the fact that trouble always has a way of finding me indicates that perhaps I seek trouble more than I am willing to admit.   902 more words

New developments which constitute workplace bullying

It’s now considered workplace bullying to unfriend a co-worker off Facebook.
The Workplace Tribunal has agreed up on a new ruling following an incident in a Tasmanian real estate agency. 140 more words


Unfriending A Coworker Now Considered 'Workplace 'Bullying?'

 By: Linda Lee

No joke! Unfriending a colleague on Facebook can now be considered workplace bullying.

The issue came to light when one women unfriended another after a workplace argument leading to the unfriended woman to become depressed. 124 more words


Facebook unfriending was the last straw in workplace bullying case

She was scolded, her properties weren’t displayed in the front window of the real estate agency, she didn’t get the printouts all the other agents got, and the agency principal’s wife wouldn’t even say good morning. 688 more words


Workplace bullying and Facebook

I’m not referring to cyber-bullying here but the facility on Facebook to “friend” people.

An Australian employment tribunal has ruled that “unfriending” someone amounts to workplace bullying. 217 more words


Now Unfriending on Facebook Qualifies as Bullying

It isn’t hard to qualify as a bully when contrived hypersensitivity is wielded as a weapon:

A woman in Australia who unfriended a colleague on Facebook after a dispute at work was found by a tribunal to have committed workplace bullying.

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