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Daily WTF: Calling Others Bigots Because They Don’t Want to Be Friends With You Anymore

This week, the wife of a friend posted this article about how liberals are bigots and hypocrites because they unfriend people that don’t agree with them on issues such as Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism, and assumedly other hot button liberal topics like Obama isn’t the devil, the Affordable Care Act is helpful and necessary, and women should have more rights than corporations. 684 more words

Daily WTF

Minimize Your Friends List

How long has it been since you went through your friends list on Facebook? Be real. Probably too long. Honestly, last time I looked at mine was when it was cool to brag about your number of Facebook friends. 374 more words


Blocked, But Why?

Yesterday I found that someone blocked me on Twitter, and I didn’t know why. It hurt and reminded me of someone else blocking me on Twitter and of yet another person who unfriended me on Facebook and actually informed me that she had done so (why, I have no idea, she didn’t say). 100 more words

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It Shouldn't Bother Me!

But it does, it really bothers me… I was unfriended on Facebook OH NO! I know it seems silly, but the person who did it was a friend I have known since high school. 713 more words


Musing: I'm Making Changes and You're One of Them (Part II)

Do you ever feel like you’re too nice and people take advantage of you? I do, all the time. As a woman, do you ever feel like when you stand up for yourself, people call you the dreaded B word but if a man does it, he’s taking care of business? 1,458 more words


The questionable act of FB un-friending

I can almost guarantee that every single one of us on the Facebook hook has been un-friended at some point or another or worse yet, has committed the act on someone else. 501 more words

La Pancha Villa


the knife you stuck in my back became useful when i used it to cut ties with you.

i started the year out with one resolution: 1,318 more words