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Social Media: Breaking up is hard to do

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Last week I deactivated my Facebook™ account; today I did the same at Twitter™, LinkedIn™, and… 982 more words

NaHaiWriMo #13

Friday the 13th

did he really

unfriend me?

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A blogger just wrote about cleaning out her closet. I need to do my garage, closet, sock drawer, blogs I really don’t read, and Facebook friends list. 12 more words

Is Unfriending the Christian thing to do?

We have all heard the advice. “Don’t feed the trolls.”

And yet, many of us complain about the content that gets shared on our social media timelines. 941 more words

Theology & Culture

Sucking Wind

Had a conversation this evening with an acquaintance and she told me that she likes talking with me because she can talk about her favorite subject and always learns something.   444 more words


Should you unfriend people if they don't respond to you facebook?

Recently I added a couple of girls on Facebook from a public facebook group, because they had expressed interested in board games.

Now, I’ve invited them to a few board game nights, and they quite often don’t reply. 73 more words

Why I Deleted more than 200 Friends on Facebook

One of my 2015 goals is to find out “how to let people go”. Now, what do I mean by that? To be honest, I’m not quite sure as well. 499 more words