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Earwig Tunes

By Smaktakula

Despite being one of God’s fuglier creations, the earwig is relatively harmless. Nonetheless, because it is such a nasty critter, it has earned a horrifying (but sadly apocryphal) reputation as an ear-seeking parasite which gnaws deep into soft, pink brain tissue to birth its numberless and hungry young. 148 more words


You're Just Not Special Enough

Tracy Morgan, get it through your head: being black, liberal and famous is not going to give you a pass to say shit like this.  112 more words

Katy And Russell's Exciting Temporary Marriage

By Smaktakula

Loveliest-girl-in-all-the-world Katy Perry recently married unfunny British career-killer Russell Brand in an ostentatious ceremony in India.

Brand, most famous for boasting on-air about diddling… 107 more words


New York Comedy Fest and The 10 Most Unfunny Comedians of All-Time

With the New York Comedy Festival kicking off November 4th in New York City, Dane Cook has been making the morning show rounds promoting the festival and his gig at Madison Square Garden. 67 more words


The 5 Worst Carrot Top Bits

In the industry, the name ‘Carrot Top’ goes hand-in-hand with sh!tty comedy. In fact, his act is like the punchline of a joke; a joke that makes him millions each year playing in front of tourists in Vegas. 232 more words


Dane Cook is a No-Talent Ass-Clown.

Some people simply aren’t good at what they do for a living. Usually these people can be ignored (or at least muttered about under our breathe,) but on occasion they become professional comedians. 487 more words

The "Arts"

The Reincarnation Question Of The day

I saw him reading the Giants lineup against the Yankees today, and I need to know, Is Bob Hope now alive and well in Robin Williams?

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