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A 30-Year Echo

Not quite a year ago, with trembling fingers I sent my first article to an online magazine. The magazine was Ungrind, and the kind editor who fielded my nervous query was Ashleigh Slater. 870 more words


discerning voices


I’ve come to realize something about myself: Certain voices in the church congregation actually help me to worship better.

Take the guy at the back who sings bass, for example. 186 more words

christmas traditions


We all have them, especially during the holidays.

We decorate trees, we bake cookies, we play Secret Santa, we stuff stockings, we glaze hams. All in the spirit of Christmas. 349 more words


Seekers of the Lost Boy - A Review

“‘What is that?’ Simon half-whispered his thoughts aloud. Ignoring the icy fingers of wind that slipped down his coat neck, he trained his eyes on the strange object at the water’s edge. 227 more words

Book Review

The Empty Chair

If you have ever found your life situation abruptly changed, and grieving the loss of a time in life when you used to feel useful, but don’t anymore – perhaps you will appreciate this. 18 more words

heading home

I settled down into seat 34G, disappointed that I didn’t get the aisle. Well, I guess it was to be expected, considering I had only booked my flights from South Africa to the United States that same morning. 339 more words

31 Days

the kingdom of comfort

This morning, I woke up to no electricity in the house. No hot water, no microwave, no toaster, no stove, no washing machine, no phone charger for my cell phone. 64 more words