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Kelley's first adventures!

Wildlife Safari’s first baby giraffe, Kelley, has started adventuring further afield, taking his first trips into the main park! In the months since his birth, Kelley has stayed in the giraffe yard, staying close to the barn and getting used to people and the sight of cars. 213 more words

The Himalayan Adventures of Orus Ilyas

WHO? Orus Ilyas, 44
WHAT? Wildlife biologist
WHERE? Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

Reported by Nandita Jayaraj

“WWF-India asked me if I could ride a motorcycle. I said ‘Sure, why not. 2,036 more words


6th November 2016: Biology lessons

The real fascination for bones started when I was studying at Shuttleworth College. In my first year I had Helen, an excellent teacher for biology; one of our assignments consisted of drawing up an animal’s skeleton to label. 125 more words


4th November 2016: Chinese Water Deer

So there was a strange story behind this one!

I was at home one day over the summer and I get a call from a friend saying she’d seen a dead deer at the side of the road on her way shopping, and now that she had returned did we want to drive over and see if it was still there. 193 more words


White-tailed Deer Diet In Transition

Even if you didn’t know that a white-tailed deer’s diet changes in the fall, their scat would be a dead giveaway. Its texture and formation are excellent indicators of what a deer has been eating. 91 more words

31st of October 2016 - Blair Costelloe, Max Planck Institute of Ornithology / University of Konstanz

I am a wildlife behavioral ecologist specializing in ungulates (hoofed mammals). As a graduate student in Princeton University’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, I studied the maternal and antipredator behavior of Thomson’s gazelle, a small-bodied East African antelope. 222 more words


Prescribed fire burning near Moose Meadows in Banff National Park

If you’re in Banff this weekend, don’t panic if you see smoke.

Fire crews with Banff National Park have ignited a 100-hectare prescribed fire in Moose Meadows, which is about 26 kilometres west of the Banff townsite on the Bow Valley Parkway. 172 more words

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