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Giraffes in art and illustration

Giraffes are strange looking creatures and as such they’re found in a lot of different visual contexts, from paintings and illuminations to illustrations for scientific materials and children’s literature. 183 more words

Scientific Illustration

Little Ones Springing into Summer

As summer approaches, so does one of the best seasons at the park: baby season! Pretty soon babies will start dropping at Wildlife Safari, and our drive through will be full of small Bison, Rhea, and more! 380 more words

How climate change could exacerbate the impacts of large mammal declines

In wintertime, it’s often getting dark in Princeton by the time I head home from the office to scrounge up some dinner. Along the half-mile path, I regularly walk or bike within few meters of the local herd of white-tailed deer. 874 more words

Gorongosa National Park

Notoungulata endocasts

Notoungulata is an extinct order of ungulates, endemic from South America. It has two main suborders: Toxodontia, including the large-bodied ungulates, and Typotheria. Researchers from Argentina have… 164 more words


Carr Mountain, aka Mt Humblepie

February 10th, 2016

Every once in a while I come upon a mountain that reminds me that it’s good to know when to fold ’em. A mountain that feels like its pushing me back down the hill with every step saying, “Not today!” Carr Mountain did that to me.  522 more words


Of 'Giant Horned Bunnies' and Perplexing Phylogeny

Phylogeny, which can defined as the study of the evolutionary history and relationships amongst the animal kingdom, is one of the branches of zoological research which most captivates me with its complex and often unexpected nature. 4,448 more words


Wild Things: Photographer captures wolf pack taking down elk in Banff

He was in the right place at the right time.

Christopher Martin, a professional photographer from Bragg Creek, was driving around looking for photos in Banff National Park when he turned on to the Lake Minnewanka turnoff and noticed an elk going back and forth on a railway overpass near the townsite. 205 more words

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