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Wild Things: Walker punches protective mama elk in nose near Bow Falls

A couple of close calls — including one near Bow Falls where someone punched a protective mother elk in the nose — have led to a timely reminder that it’s calving season. 397 more words

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Animals | Portrait

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By FrancoGherardi

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Concerns raised over chronic wasting disease in Alberta

First Nations and wildlife groups are asking provincial election candidates to make a commitment to address chronic wasting disease as it threatens wildlife across Alberta. 698 more words

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Wild Things: Wolf takes down elk near busy Castle Junction

It happens regularly in nature, but there’s not always eyewitnesses.

On Saturday, a wolf pursued and killed an elk near the Castle junction — close to the bridge crossing on the road connecting the Trans-Canada Highway to the Bow Valley Parkway. 210 more words

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Hoofbeats in your stethoscope

“When you hear hoofbeats,

Think horses, not zebras.”

That’s what the doctors say

They mean think of obvious diseases

Before the obscure ones

But my life has been a testament… 229 more words


White-tailed Deer Scraping Bark

During the winter, white-tailed deer browse on the twigs, buds and bark of trees. Deer have incisors in the front of their bottom jaw, but none in the front of their top jaw, just a hard palate. 104 more words


Cattle Mutilation

Do alien visitors really abduct and mutilate unsuspecting ungulates?

by Alison Hudson via skeptoid
Read transcript below or listen here

It’s three in the morning on a cattle ranch somewhere in Texas. 396 more words