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White-tailed Deer Scent-Marking

Scent-marking plays an important communication role in the animal world. A variety of species use glandular secretions to convey (for some distance) messages. From beavers spreading castoreum on scent mounds to fishers leaving their scent every time their hind feet touch the ground, the woods are alive with messages often undetected by most humans. 306 more words

Kenyon Kritters: Dear Deer

Warning: The following is semi-educational and not recommended for the purposes of actual guidance. My colleague, Deeridre, is not a certified advice columnist, nor is her advice very applicable to modern college life, but she certainly puts our silly student problems in perspective. 1,290 more words


The Noguchi Museum, the Socrates Sculpture Park, and the Goat Days of Summer

Every first Friday is free admission at the Noguchi Museum in Astoria, Queens, so last week I took my three kids with me to wander around. 1,085 more words


Three-month-old Fawns Soon To Lose Spots

By the end of August, White-tailed Deer fawns are about three months old. Their mother weans them between two and four months of age and during this time they molt, losing their white spots. 13 more words

Of ‘Giant Horned Bunnies’ and Perplexing Phylogeny

Originally posted at Bizarre Zoology on March 27, 2016

This is probably the article from my prior work of which I am most proud.

Phylogeny, which can defined as the study of the evolutionary history and relationships amongst the animal kingdom, is one of the branches of zoological research which most captivates me with its complex and often unexpected nature. 4,448 more words


Ungulates: Celebrating Them, Conserving Them, And Eating Them..? (Part 1)

Originally published at Bizarre Zoology on December 20, 2016

June 6 was International Ungulate Day, and numerous preoccupations have made me very late to finishing what was supposed to be timely recognition of a notable zoological holiday (many zoos and conservation foundations commemorate this day, so no I’m not just making it up).  3,630 more words


Fossil Find May Conclude Controversy Over Hippo Origins

Originally published on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at Bizarre Zoology

Two pygmy hippos (Choeropsis liberiensis) photographed at the Columbus Zoo by yours truly. The evolutionary origin of such mammals has been long unknown, although a recent study in Nature Communications proposes an answer. 666 more words