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Lecture Series: Political Economy of Contemporary North Korea

This playlist contains select lecture material from Dr Benjamin Habib’s undergraduate subject “Contemporary Politics of Northeast Asia” (POL2CPA) at La Trobe University. This subject examines key issues in the international politics of Northeast Asia, focusing on the Korean Peninsula as case study. 163 more words

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Interview on 2SER Radio: North Korea Issuing "Pre-Emptive" Nuclear Strike Warnings

North Korea is in the headlines again with a statement from leader Kim Jong-un threatening a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice” on Washington and Seoul, saying “If we push the buttons to annihilate the enemies even right now, all bases of provocations will be reduced to seas in flames and ashes in a moment.” The Kim dynasty is pretty well known for some rather outlandish claims in the past, so should we just be ignoring these warnings as well? 52 more words

North Korea

North Korea In 2016: Social Swings And Nuclear Roundabouts

Audio of my presentation at the Australian Institute of International Affairs – Victoria on Thursday 25th February 2016, exploring the relationship between the North Korean government’s efforts at strengthening its position, externally through nuclear weapons and internally through economic development; and the relationship of these efforts to grassroots socio-economic change in the DPRK. 222 more words

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Sanctioning North Korea

North Korea’s multi-stage long-range rocket test on 7 February, coming soon after its fourth nuclear weapons test in January, has drawn condemnation from the international community. 1,032 more words

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North Korea: Blackmail the Universe

The only difference between a civilian satellite launch and an ICBM is the payload. Yesterday, North Korea attempted to launch an ICBM. No, it was not simple satellite test. 1,208 more words

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