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I have thought about leaving you

but for my belly’s sake I stayed

You have ways in the kitchen

’Tis how you found your way to my heart. 78 more words


The E-Mail

Lori forwarded to me Mr. K’s response to her e-mail. She was angry. She titled the forwarded message, “Read at your own risk. Call me later.” 1,738 more words


A Call From the Moon

“No Caller ID” my phone flashed.

I looked at the screen, deciding whether I should answer it or not. I remembered that Lennon Glasses had a phone with no i.d. 678 more words


Unhappy marriage

  • Sun, opposition or conjunct malefic marriage, disturb especially in female and if afflicting planets in 7th lord.
  • Sun opposition, square to moon, no harmony-if afflicted worse.
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love and marriage

You know, for a minute there, I actually felt something other than fear/hatred/anger/resentment towards him.

He came home from work, and I was super tense because about 20 mins prior, he sent a text, “traffic blows”. 478 more words


Finally crying, but it’s just sheer anger and doesn’t feel cathartic at all.

So a couple of months ago he put the playard instructions on the table in the basement and left them there. 620 more words

My Affair - Don't Fall in Love

Once again I awoke to the sound of a coal train in the distance and a racket of chatty birds outside the window. The sun had barely begun to break on the horizon so the east facing windows of the bedroom were still dark. 1,133 more words