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Regrets over Marriage (part 2)

I wish I had known you weren’t Mr. Right

I wish I hadn’t believed your stupid lies

I wish I had enough inner strength to stand up for me… 67 more words

Matters Of The Heart

Are you feeling unhappy in your marriage? And you are fast losing hope in it? Here are some basic truths you must know about marriage; 211 more words


UNHAPPY TOGETHER - Why Do We Fall Out of Love? And Why Do We Stay?

Have you noticed that just as quickly as you fall in love with someone, you can just as suddenly fall out of love? Why is that? 999 more words

Love & Relationships

Happily Married?

You know that clichéd movie scene (that I can’t find any examples of on Youtube…), where there is a woman sitting at a bar. A man comes over and offers to buy her a drink. 353 more words

Help with Her Daughter's Marriage

This post is inspired by a woman named, Marie, who asks The Council for help with her daughter’s unhappy marriage. The Council says how Marie looks at her daughter’s marriage will create what she sees. 1,057 more words

Questions & Answers

How to Support Your Children When Your Separation is Not Amicable

When my ex husband and I separated – it was a disaster

Nothing prepared me for the lengths that he would take to be difficult. 1,115 more words

Family Friday - What To do With Unfulfilled Expectations

Most little girls grow up playing house with a cute, tiny kitchen set and china dishes filled with sugar water in tiny cups.  We imagine we’re married to Prince Charming who is our adoring husband.   817 more words

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