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Monstrous Valentine – Unsure of whether you’ll be spending it with Jekyll or Hyde?

It’s here again, all that red, all the reminders of how wonderful it’s supposed to be. You’re approaching it as you do every other day, on eggshells.   372 more words

Bittersweet Valentine - The slow drip poison of emotional abuse

It can be so subtle, creep in so slowly that you don’t realise it’s happening until quite far into the relationship and then you doubt it’s happening at all because your confidence has been crushed to the point that you think it’s either all in your head or all your fault.   558 more words



(Some couples are busy growing together . . . Some couples are busy dying together.)


Ever after

She wedded him

Her joy and laughter… 137 more words

How to Build Your Strength To Leave

Hands down the greatest fear involving divorce is the fear of the unknown. It’s the fear of walking away from something you have known for years, maybe even for decades, simply to walk out into the great unknown. 195 more words


Both the end and the beginning

In Rome, it had been the restaurant she chose, where his vitello tonnato wasn’t hot enough. He stabbed his fork in the air. His lips moved, but the words were just a furious rise and fall. 597 more words

Flash Fiction

55th Amazon Review of Avoidant - "The Most Helpful Book I Have Read in My Entire Life."

Avoidant: How to Love (or Leave) a Dismissive Partner has sold tens of thousands of copies since it was published two years ago. I am gratified by the number of people who have written me to tell me it helped them, and the thriving community at the… 392 more words