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Foggy Morning Train

The summer months were approaching and vacation plans were emerging.  While the excitement and final plans of a train ride to Washington, D.C. were complete, the family of four would only be three on this trip.   350 more words



The dark clouds have been over our house for years.  The feeling of laughter, fun and joy is missing and becomes a place of hibernation for the both of us.   148 more words


My Marriage Lasted Eight Months, and I Have No Regrets

Some people think divorce is taking the easy way out.

Sometimes, I think it takes courage.

We met when I was 19.  I had a decent office job, no plans to go back to college, and a confused future.  624 more words

Thoughts And Pieces Of Me

**REVIEW** ~ Living the Dream, by Celia J. Anderson

Contemporary Romance

Living the Dream, by Celia J. Anderson is a fabulous read and I know that the characters and their story will stay with me for a long time! 652 more words


A Scold Too Far

HEre’s a short piece that makes me glad I live now. Because before divorce was widely available, many people were forced to live together even when they were clearly incompatible. 51 more words

Real Life

Doctor things and finding happiness [Journal: Tuesday, September 15, 2015]

Dr. Derrig said my xrays came back normal and there was no sign of arthritis.  Which is funny, because when I had my MRI on my back a couple years ago, they found arthritis in my back and told me that’s why my back was hurting.   467 more words

The Waiting Game

So much unhappiness in the world. So many unhappy relationships. It seems like everyone I speak to is unsettled with their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, partner. 356 more words

The Thirty-Something Crisis