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Well, how about that, there is a word defining how it is and how I feel — an unhappy marriage.

Who knew?  Although other words define where I am within it — sad, lonely, depressed and mostly stuck. 42 more words



I have thought about leaving you

but for my belly’s sake I stayed

You have ways in the kitchen

’Tis how you found your way to my heart. 78 more words


The E-Mail

Lori forwarded to me Mr. K’s response to her e-mail. She was angry. She titled the forwarded message, “Read at your own risk. Call me later.” 1,738 more words


A Call From the Moon

“No Caller ID” my phone flashed.

I looked at the screen, deciding whether I should answer it or not. I remembered that Lennon Glasses had a phone with no i.d. 678 more words


Unhappy marriage

  • Sun, opposition or conjunct malefic marriage, disturb especially in female and if afflicting planets in 7th lord.
  • Sun opposition, square to moon, no harmony-if afflicted worse.
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love and marriage

You know, for a minute there, I actually felt something other than fear/hatred/anger/resentment towards him.

He came home from work, and I was super tense because about 20 mins prior, he sent a text, “traffic blows”. 478 more words


Finally crying, but it’s just sheer anger and doesn’t feel cathartic at all.

So a couple of months ago he put the playard instructions on the table in the basement and left them there. 620 more words