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Let's Pop the Cherry

OK, Here goes. First time blogger here and I am a bit nervous. I wonder if anyone is going to read what I have to say. 916 more words

My Affair - Don't Fall in Love

Once again I awoke to the sound of a coal train in the distance and a racket of chatty birds outside the window. The sun had barely begun to break on the horizon so the east facing windows of the bedroom were still dark. 1,133 more words


How To Save Your Valuable Marriage Relationship Advice

It is not hard to understand why when you have a marriage problem you start to ask yourself, “Is it really possible to save my marriage, because of the rate at which couples are getting divorced? 585 more words

Relationship Advice

My Affair - It Has Happened Before

This morning I awoke, alone in my bed. Through my fog, I instinctively reached for Eddie, only to further rouse and find that he wasn’t there. 866 more words


My Affair - Let's Start at the Very Beginning

I’m really not quite sure how to start this blog. Like most affairs, mine can’t be summarized in a few paragraphs. There are twists and turns, high drama, and peaceful moments, so I decided to start another page dedicated to my story. 1,085 more words


I'm Done!

Funny how I can go and go around the house, whether it be cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc., and even singing and dancing around when he is not here. 304 more words


Revelation of Aspergers

Finally, I have a clue with what I have dealt with for years upon years.  I feel elated with joy knowing I am not crazy. Do you hear that world?   27 more words