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80,000 Suspects (1963)

D: Val Guest / 109m

Cast: Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson, Yolande Donlan, Cyril Cusack, Michael Goodliffe, Mervyn Johns, Kay Walsh, Norman Bird, Basil Dignam, Arthur Christiansen… 681 more words



He propped his elbow on the bar and put his head on his hand. Everything about him was on the diagonal, including his story, which had been getting steadily weirder since he started. 709 more words

Male Protagonist


He remembered a time in Damascus, drinking the late Lawrence’s health in a little hole near the Ummayyad Mosque with Ashford and Peters from the embassy, observed by a tight and correct Salim. 579 more words



It was Trinny and Susannah, that horrible pair of southern English women who attempted to bully and cajole what they clearly saw as their social inferiors into stylishness, who pointed out that no woman is sexy in a cardigan. 1,482 more words

Female Protagonist



Monopoly isn’t like chess. You can’t tell which way it’s going to end from the first movement. It’s the element of chance, you see. Not in terms of the dice – that’s only about the same level of chance as you face crossing the road to get to the office. 1,028 more words

Character Study


He hadn’t realised mud walls smoked as they burned. The last rider, on a beautiful pale horse of a kind he had never seen before, had thrown a brand through their single window, catching his wife’s loom. 1,140 more words

Short Fiction

More Than One Face

She wakes up in the morning, a man to one side of her, a young girl on the other.
It’s a day like any other; a day she will wear two faces. 488 more words